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running for president of these united states:

 Platform:  kick out the fed, stop all wars, greening of america’s interests, legalization of pot, end to income tax, and deep cuts to the military budgets, ending the tax free status of religions that lobby for insurance companies, or against women’s right to birth control, or against our gay and lesbian troops, and their rights, and restoration of the complete bill of rights to citizens, and an end to the bogus war on drugs that Clinton enacted under NAFTA for no other reason than to enrich drug war lords in Mexico. peace and freedom–THE GREEN TEA PARTY OF AMERICA, (A THIRD PARTY), based on the concepts of THE CHURCH OF COMMON SENSE. 


  1. Oooo……….I like that one.

  2. i prefer to be queen, as I have the bloodline to do so, according to the western world’s critieria–based on the bible, and the house of David. I am from that tribe and share the same blood as Jesus, the Christian Leader. I will establish a constitutional monarchy–it is the only way to get things done–the buck has to stop somewhere, and I volunteer to be that ‘somewhere’…David the King of Israel speaks to me deep inside my chromosomnal memory banks–his wife, Batsheba, was the great grandaughter of the last Goddess Queen, CLEOPATRA–
    this war in the middle east is actually at its core, a war to gain access– to loot– artifacts and libraries, to put the stuff of museums into private hands– the treasures of the Queens.

  3. Thank you for making me laugh with your quick wit—
    While I cry. The reality the war is going on 20years starting with the Operation Desert Storm….. if you haven’t seen hidden wars of desert storm-
    I know a repeated link i recommend.
    This sadness has become irony, for so many of our brothers and sisters around the globe.
    And it will end once people awaken and a acknowledge what their own course of action will be.
    So ya’lls in Hilo Aye? UnRealz..

  4. There is a video about the making of Mr. Sanders chickens. It is disgusting. If you have a soul and watch it, you will never eat chicken again, at least not from a bucket.

  5. There is video that everyone should watch about how Mr. Sanders chickens are made. It is the most disgusting thing. If you have a soul, it will make you quit eating chicken.

  6. My last name is DRUGG,(Seriously)
    We can be Drugg sisters ;)

  7. if you listen to my presidential speech, I call out Colonel Sanders and other members of the prison and military industrial complex whose goal it is to serve the fried corpses of genetically mutated headless chickens to the world as being the worst of the Patriarchy’s war against humanity.

  8. It is hard to understand tone and intent on a blog.
    Rosie’s personal experience on teenage pregnancy brings with it not only an understanding, but great wisdom.

  9. Tina, I only sensed distress in what you wrote. No shivers went down my spine.

  10. Mother “Barrs” often take a swipe at their cubs if they think they are out of line.

  11. if you like your brain, say no to aspartame.

  12. James, self deprecation is great. I love to poke fun of my self. But I don’t ever (well…hardly ever) call my self looser. It injures the soul. I believe that most of us do the best we can at the time, and do better when we are better able to do so. All the best to you.

  13. Tina is such a great name. Nothing wrong with Just-Tina! While I don’t know you yet, from what I see and read, I wouldn’t mind having you for a sister. Sis-Tina!

  14. I agree. Maybe a good start would be to have those who do the regulating, be barred from holding stocks on their regulated products.
    Like for instance Rumsfeld who has tons of controlling stock in Aspartame, and Tamil flu.
    aspartame, is a neurotoxin and I highly recommend all neurotoxins be injected in the third eye instead of being ingested… (roaring applause)
    Tamil flu, made from Anise trees, well of course Donny owns all of them across the globe.
    Conflict of interest?

  15. Hi James, Technically speaking, I am a male and wouldn’t fit into the alternating gender requirement- although you could argue that alternating gender comes in one package with me. As for my politics I’m not left or right, and often off center. If given power to create a system, I like constitutional monarchy. A head of state that is symbolic but that represents the country and gives counsel and encouragement to her/his people. I like the constancy of it. The real power I would want in a legislative body (only one house) elected directly by the people, with a prime minister to run things. The only real power I would want the Monarch to have would be to dissolve an ineffective government and call for elections. I must admit, that I don’t understand what you are trying to doing with this parliamentary party thing. Is it like those games that people play on face book? My son used to play something similar where people “run” invented countries. I have never considered running for anything real or imagined. I would rather be the among those behind the throne so to speak. I also think I might do well in diplomacy. If you can get me a job heading up the consulate in Tahiti, I’m interested! Be well.

  16. just another reason to take control of our lives and not consume so much shit that requires regulation. satan working directly with god to make us more aware.

  17. While the FDA certainly needs to be reformed in a major way, I believe there must be a government body that monitors quality, effectiveness and purity of what we consume. We can’t leave it to unscrupulous profiteers to regulate themselves. There is too much snake oil and too many contaminated products now.

  18. Ladyjane Green says:

    As long as we dont catch you eating your own soul! snippy canyou! Can you believe we have been at war for 10+ years now, with no signs of stopping? makes you wonder what would happen if we just deprogrammed the killin machine? pretty sure our economy would collapse, since all we make here in the us now are burgers and weapons. Oh and the pink paste does the killing from within! All age groups. Now i wonder where all the militare would go if the wars did cease? Many with brains fully scrambled from all the drugs and percussive injuries, but nothing “visibly wrong” Oh yeah, they will be manning the mobile scan checkpoints and shiny new private jailing communities! (dont that sound official)… Freedom is Slavery…. Welcome All FEMA Guests….i never thought id be wonderin what would happen when all our Wars End? Plural?Wars! We Cant Afford to live like Ancient Rome, but the illuminati are puttin Caligula to shame! The Decadence of our times, contrasted with the bleak poverty that can be found in all americant towns and cities. People are still starving as if they deserved it! Or so the callous may express… Lets feed the hungry at least, if we are to consider ourselves a “civilized society”. Many vendors(farmers market) i know give food to hungry customers, knowing they will pay when they can. People do still care, its just most of us are really broken by what society has put us through. Some of us realise, some dont.

  19. Madame President,
    Please also include in your platform:
    Tax Corporations…Stop Frankenfood.

  20. House votes to proceed on Patriot Act extension
    Roseanne, can u do something about this crap too? Hurry, before Secretary J changes the subject and leavez a long-ass dissertation.
    Oh no, was Tippy just snippy? Again?

  21. I’m know that i can b difficult to read…. One minute I’m talking about eating my own, (and i have for the record)
    and the next, I’m congratulating the arrival of a new soul.
    It may be contradictory,
    but that is what I am.
    A “Tippy Canoe”

  22. in fairness earlier Tina, my brrrr remark wasn’t exactly at you…. I guess i felt intimidated by R’s comment and re-acted to that.
    i know that it must be devastating to have a pregnant teen…
    I definitely didn’t want to minimize that and R was protecting your feelings by tryin to school me.
    and Dashus is Christ because she just wants everyone to feel loved-a true virtue.
    It’s sometimes hard to understand intention and tone when we r typing to each other……hard to see when someone says things in sweetness or bitterness, so there’s room for misunderstanding each others words.

  23. Wrong through, lol.. Mr. Bill threw a wrench into my plan. Some things in school I excelled at. It wasn’t easy to get a ninth grade education living on a bus.

  24. In school, i thought, “Typing? I’ll pay someone to type if I ever need anything typed,” And then Mr. Bill through a wrench into my plan.

  25. dashus christ says:

    Thx Tina,and you in mine-middle fingers-i roar on that,yes i just tried it and it isn’t easy-HA HA-Love your emotion you share here!

  26. Hey SJO, thanks for the information. Even though I’m totally ignorant when it comes to politics, I’m beginning to sort of understand how the whole election process works, and I like the name thing. I wish I had a cool last name so I could run for an office and help chop off peoples heads.

  27. Thanks DC, you are pretty cool in my book :)
    I type with my middle (Saturn) fingers only. As a hand analyst, i know it means I put a lot of emotion into my words, lol..

  28. dashus christ says:

    Oh and the Truths Im talking about are all political and not personal what so ever-rest assured

  29. dashus christ says:

    Oh No Tina you never did ever come across cold-i was just trying to reassure Tip how much she is Loved here-nothing else-i very much also do so much better talking in person,so get exactly what you are saying-i think you type up splendidly! We are MEDITATING for what is going on w/ you right Now!

  30. It is winter, but it is never cold in here. Sometimes I find it hard to write what I’m trying to say. I’m much better to talk to in person. It was never my intention to come off as cold to anyone, God that is the last thing I would ever do, believe me. Sorry Tip if you felt anything but love.

  31. dashus christ says:

    THX So much Tip for live stream Egypt link,and all your info following it-it’s never cold when you’re here,no matter how ugly some Truths can be.

  32. I know the name sounds uber-nazi but i believe he escaped nazi germany.
    He made it rain in the midwest with a “Tesla machine”<-(another name to note) when rain was most needed.
    The FDA locked him away in prison.

  33. Yes, the FDA MUST GO!!!
    Check out the works of Wilhelm Reich who was put in prison for his amazing works.

  34. They always seem be running amuck.
    look at the problems they’re causing in Egypt.
    Naughty little hench-men, always plundering and pulling off their little coupes..

  35. Maulana Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, the VP of Egypt
    is a torturer.
    Can u do something please about the CIA???


  37. BARR 2012
    Vote for solutions

  38. Got my vote Roseanne. :)

  39. Would you advocate for the National Initiative for Democracy? It would outlaw corporate campaign contributions, for one (sorry, Supreme Court).
    I see you did a radio show with Mike Gravel, but I’m too late to download it. Dang it.

  40. Yeah GREEN TEA PARTY! I love it, and you have my vote. I like what Johnny said about dumping the feeling of hopelessness. My first reaction when you listed your action items was, “yes, but…our economy is based on war money, oil money, income tax, the Fed, so how do we bust through ALL of that?!”
    But Johnny is right — try in every small way to be part of the solution. If enough of us change in small ways, it leads to big change, and we can eventually shift our entire economy away from wasteful consumerism and war, to…hmmm….creativity, support, um…freedom and equality…free energy and homesteading. Hmmm…can anyone help me out here in envisioning a sustainable productive future that doesn’t sound really abstract and fluffy? ;-)

  41. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    I want to head up the Campaign Headquarters for you in Florida! We need t-shirts so the small minded people can have their narrow little eyes opened to your movement! Ro Barr is our National Star!!!!!

  42. “Spectator Democracy” as Noam Chomsky calls it”
    So, so true!

  43. Johnny Argent says:

    The world’s leaders REALLY know they have a tiger by the tail in the wake of these upheavals in those despotic nations. If they’re not a little paranoid – they’re not paying attention. It really brings to mind the saying that: “One tiny spark can set the whole woods on fire.”
    Whenever I fly and observe that miracle we take for granted, or even as I type these words that will be transmitted through ‘thin air’ – it reminds me that the solutions ARE here, already. We have more than we need in terms of resources and know-how to mitigate lots of the suffering and desperation on the planet. Let’s try to dump the feelings of helplessness and try in every small way we’re able to be part of the solution and not the problem. In just a couple of minutes, we can sign internet petitions, email or write our reps in gov’t. – let’s not just lay here and be the quiet lumps that mutely languish as part of ‘Spectator Democracy” as Noam Chomsky calls it.

  44. well if you are serious,then i wish you good luck. you will more than likely be up against one of our{SD}boys by the name of thune . IF YOU GET A CHANCE IN A DEBATE ORTOWN HALL MEETING with mr. th. ask him how his press secretary from when he was just a lowly representative is and if he still has contact with HER. I BELIEVE HER NAME WAS OR STILL IS IVERSON,kristy or something like carefull though,because you might ruffle some redneck republican feathers and have them bring the wrath of GOD AND EVERY RELIGIOUS NUT,along with oxy.boy rush L.and his sidekick hannie on your ass.

  45. Oh, Roseanne. Way to make my day! Escaping the mainland after 53.5 years in the golden state. We bought a place near Laupahoehoe last month and can’t wait to be there. Wish I could pick up your book in Hilo this Saturday, but thankfully they are mailing it to me next week. When I told my man I ordered your book he asked me to ask you to “write something dirty” to us, when you sign it. The nerve of him! : ) Much love and gratitude to you for being a brave, bright light in this world. Anne (and Glen)

  46. Please consider eliminating the DEA and put that money towards drug abuse treatment. Give the power for all drug regulation to the FDA. Also consider what I call “Tit for Tat” trade agreements that give our exports equal access. Don’t forget to require that organic foods be made available to the poor in the inner cities and to make fast food joints pay a fat tax. Peace and freedom “Barr” none! I love it!!! Let us pursue!

  47. Good luck on the campaign!! I agree with everything you just said and if your running then I may actually vote this year.
    This country is just corrupt on too many levels, even down to elections… its not even about what the people think anymore because we really don’t elect our president but its mainly the electoral college that decides who our next president is. They say the popular vote is suppose to have an influence in their decision but I don’t buy it. Take George W Bush for example, the American people by popular vote didn’t want him in office because he didn’t win the popular vote… but was elected anyway.

  48. dashus christ says:

    Yes,THE CHURCH OF COMMON SENSE-The Church i am a member of!!!
    BARR 2012 and NOW!!! WE LOVE YOU ROSEANNE-You Will Save Us ALL