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Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP’s War on Women

1) Republicans not only want to reduce women’s access to abortion care, they’re actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven’t yet. Shocker.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to “accuser.” But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain “victims.”

3) In South Dakota, Republicans proposed a bill that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (Yep, for real.)

4) Republicans want to cut nearly a billion dollars of food and other aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids. 

5) In Congress, Republicans have a bill that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life. 

6) Maryland Republicans ended all county money for a low-income kids’ preschool program. Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working. 

7) And at the federal level, Republicans want to cut that same program, Head Start, by $1 billion. That means over 200,000 kids could lose their spots in preschool.

8) Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women, and Republicans are taking aim at them too. A spending bill would cut funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.

9) Congress just voted for a Republican amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers, one of the most trusted providers of basic health care and family planning in our country.

10) And if that wasn’t enough, Republicans are pushing to eliminate all funds for the only federal family planning program. (For humans. But Republican Dan Burton has a bill to provide contraception for wild horses. You can’t make this stuff up).


  1. Lol!

  2. More like she’s a complete idiot. She couldn’t even name any newspapers that she reads, which wouldn’t be bad if her major wasn’t in JOURNALISM! She probably sums up her views on conserving energy by saying “America runs on Dunkin!”

  3. Sarah Palin is such a… dick.

  4. sorry for the double post, that happens when the cia has to read everything 1st lol..

  5. also if I may here is a short youtube clip from your pal George Carlin who really breaks it down. xo

  6. I am so happy to see your blog numbers growing daily Roseanne , especially your local neighbors reaching out to you, I am doing everything I can here in NYC to get more people involved with your campaign too,I am willing to do the work to get you elected, I really believe and trust you , something I havent been able to say about any candidate since Angela Davis ran in 1980 and I wasnt old enough to vote yet.
    These Republikkkans are just further signing their own death certificate, even the most conservative women may say one thing at home in front of the husband and actually cast their ballot pro choice and pro woman in the voting booth.
    we await your next move domestic goddess, a double bill with you Cynthia McKinney would do real well on The Green Tea Party ticket and , after Hillary and Obama we now are in a political age where anything is possible.
    America is ready for Reform as well as real change and now people are ready to listen to reform from someone outside the DC machine.
    thank you for all your great work here

  7. Duhhhhhhhhh indeed.”Idiocracy” is a true story.

  8. Just ordered it! Thanks for the reading info! If I ever see you in Malama Market i’ll have to say hi! Last time I saw you in there I didn’t believe it was you! until I saw something about you having a Mac nut farm up the road! lol.
    I think brave blogging is needed more in this world, along with brave reporting, brave politics, brave.. everything. We need to have backbone and dignity in ourselves as a people else we end up where we don’t want to be.

  9. And I completely agree, you are the better version of Sarah Palin. We don’t need someone to just look good on camera and appear to be what this country hopes for while the ones who truly run it are in the background feeding them what to say. In my opinion, Republicans and Democrats should just hire comedians to be their figure heads so we can at least have a laugh as we’re being screwed out of our rights and money.

  10. As I’ve already said, you have my vote. The only thing unfortunate about our political system is how biased it is towards third party’s and the probability of you actually becoming elected with the increased difficulty of getting your party on the ballot in every state, seeing how every state has its own terms as to how to do it.. and plus the popular vote is mainly just a formality since they can be overturned by the electoral ones can override it, as George W Bush proved in the 2000 elections. If a third party gets a considerable number of votes then it just goes to the House of Representatives anyway, in which case are mainly composed of Republicans and Democrats.

  11. this is also why i’m running–i am as cute as palin but twice as smart and I offer solutions that will help america’s economy and strengthen the dollar–our only hope of surviving. buy american!

  12. you are right–and that is why I am running for president –plus the fact that I indeed have solutions to the problems facing our country, and I am for fair elections, not bought elections. May I have your vote?

  13. Well that too, her views help them on that front but it wasn’t really her political views they were interested in seeing how she was only a governor for a little over a year and before that just a mayor. She couldn’t even make it thru and Katie Couric interview.
    In the eyes of the McCain campaign Palin running would’ve been the equivalent to Jackie Kennedy running for office. She’s great to stand there looking good but is a bumbling idiot when she opens her mouth.

  14. it wasn’t ‘minority’ votes, it was christian evangelical votes (many of those voters are black). She was picked because she is a shill for the oil companies, anti indian rights, female and anti abortion, and last but not least–a christian zionist–so she is for slavery, murdering iraqi fetuses, stealing from the poor and the cold hard worship of money above all else, as well as the eventual murder of every single living unconverted jew on this earth–in other words, an evangelical christian.
    ‘–a hybrid of ‘fascist/ fundamentalist feminity’–the total opposite of feminism. “I won’t let any big government tell me I can’t live without health care!” DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH–let’s watch the Kardashians”.

  15. The thing they negligently forgot to check tho were her credentials, and how she was not ready for media attention on a national level and how to handle that politically to where there were no backfires that could have hurt the campaign, which is was hurt them after journalists like Katie Couric tore her apart. Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to become a politician and have to no all the answers, George W Bush as example after he can be seen many times stumbling on his own words, but the difference between Palin and politicans like this are she probably didn’t have advisors and writers to inform her of issues and prepare what she’s to say like they do, which is what hurt the McCain campaign. They ONLY wanted Palin because of her minority status with her gender and son, Trig. Palin was an unknown name before the election and her and John McCain didn’t even know each other before the campaign, nor did they even really communicate during the campaign. She was just there for show. They even gave her a ridiculous clothing budget just to glam her up for the media, she was just all about votes and they knew she wasn’t right for that position.

  16. No, Sarah Palin was nominated for the GOP Vice Presidential candidate because she’s a woman and has a child that’s mentally challenged, which was the GOP’s way to try and win minority votes. Its what they had to do to battle Obama because of the black vote he already had and the womens vote he was gaining after Hillary was out of the limelight and offered her support.

  17. sorry that name kathleen Prasad came from my “paste” I must have accidently clicked on my “paste.”
    We need an “EDIT” button.
    How do we access your previous blogs? I want to make some very important comment on gardening the organic way.
    I believe that if Sarah Pailen were elected president, it is very likely that she would be assassinated.
    I believe that she was chosen to run as vice president as a way for the Republicans to avoid winning the election. They instead wanted to elect someone they could blame all the mess they made on. Someone preferably the democratic party and a black person.

  18. Roseanne,
    How do we access your previous blogs? I wantKathleen Presad to make some very important comment on gardening the organic way.
    I believe that if Sarah Pailen were elected president, it is very likely that she would be assassinated.
    I believe that she was chosen to run as vice president as a way for the Republicans to avoid winning the election. They instead wanted to elect someone they could blame all the mess they made on. Someone preferably the democratic party and a black person.

  19. And that would be a bad thing? This planet is completely over run by stupidity. The more we breed, the more this planet gets destroyed and the more people there are starving.
    Hell, half the population in the states is to stupid/ignorant//lazy to learn how to grow their own food and prefer to have the FDA in charge of telling us it’s safe to eat chemically processed crap that will eventually kill us all. It’s complacency at it’s finest.
    So yes… no more procreation and “thinning the herd” so to speak, would be a good thing, lol

  20. Roseanne, that same Georgia representative wants there to a an “investigation” when a woman has a miscarriage in order to prove that she didn’t do it to herself. As if a miscarriage isn’t devastating enough, he wants to send in the uterus police. Horrible person.

  21. Hi, Everybody,
    I’m new. I never thought I’d join a Roseanne blogsite, but after seeing you on Oprah, Roseanne, I thought, ‘Jesus, I think like this woman…how strange is that.’ Thanks for giving us a place to speak out against the bullshit of the Right. I contribute to all of those nasty organizations that defend the rights of women and people in the working class. I’m the daughter of working class people who busted their asses so that my brother and I could get college educations. I teach at a tiny little community college in the Midwest, but I’ve lived in Chicago and Los Angeles. Where I live now, liberal thinking could get you shot by a deer rifle in about five seconds. At least, I can speak my mind here and know that people will hear me, debate me, and not kill me. I’ll vote for ya, Roseanne. Hell! We need you!

  22. if you neutered all the men at birth and have the women all spayed at birth then no more procreation LOL …..

  23. I have used Planned Parenthood over many years because I did not have medical insurance and couldn’t afford a regular doctor. Many women don’t use them for abortions or even birth control. It is sometimes the only place a woman can go for medical care.

  24. I wouldn’t necessarily say ANY grandma should be President, and only because Sarah Palin is a grandmother and if she gets into office then I’m taking advantage of my dual US/Canadian Citizenship and moving back to Montreal.
    It would be scary if she were put into office. I never liked her since when I was driving to work one day when I lived in Montreal and she was running for Vice President and on the radio was the prank that one of our radio stations pulled on her. The Masked Avengers on CKOI-FM were actually able to convince an aide that they were the office of French President Nikolas Sarkozy and connected the call with Palin, where she talked for all of about 6 minutes with what she thought was President Sarkozy. I mean, really Palin, I know your foreign policy expierence consists of standing on your porch and staring at Russia, on a clear day having Todd pull out the ladder so you can check out Moscow, but you don’t have the common sense to know that the President of France is NOT going to tell you that he enjoyed your recent movie “Nailin Palin” and that he’s like you and can see his ass from Beligum?? They literally had to tell her it was a prank call before she caught on and then you hear a voice in the background saying to hang up the phone over and over. Hilarious but shows how dim witted she is.

  25. Hawaii in general is a very compassionate state even some of the same programs Like the life foundation for AIDs and just in general. even I hate to say but had to apply for welfare once there and when ever I applied for any of that on the US mainland was always made to feel like the person handling me was in charge and giving to me them selves and would really make you feel low never once did I ever get that vibe their never,never never people are people where ever one go’s but that Aloha way stands true for the locals and the the kamianas to be excepted usually fallow..
    Back to the abortion issue did you see on world news tonight a few weeks ago where a doctor was found with refrigerators with dead babies rapped in plastic I guess he was giving poor people what they thought where abortions when to late some in their fourth trimester he would sedate them then born the fetus cut its spinal cord at the neck then freeze the poor things and then awake the people most poor emigrants who thought they had just had an abortion and yes this is the stuff that will happen more if they outlaw it.

  26. I truly, truly believe in a Grandmother for President. Preferably Roseanne but any Grandma. I see it here on the Rez, they are the only ones doing anything. They are raising the kids in multiple family ”homes.” They are keeping the culture and the language and they are not afraid to stand up to men. The men here are useless. Except me of course! No really, there is something that happens to a real women when she reaches a certain age and grandmahood or whatever. Hope that does not sound sexist it is not. It is truth.
    Head Start is all we have on reservations. Mostly it is daycare so a mother/father can try to work. It is awful but if we lose Head Start we are fucked again. The schools are so bad on reservations. Head Start, if there is even one good person there, is a big help.

  27. yes i totally hear you on this–it is all based on eugenics racism sexism pedophilia and theft, murder torture and war profiteering. we who see and know are the only ones who can offer solutions that work for people and not for dogma pushers. yes!

  28. I don’t think defunding anyone is the answer to any problems. These people are liars. The only answer is to arrest the bankers and give everyone their money back.
    After the bankers get arrested and the money changers get chased from the temples, most of the other problems will solve themselves through spontaneous community effort.

  29. I’m not quite in line with palin because I’m not fighting to defund anyone. I’m just saying I don’t support them morally because they were founded by a racist eugenicist. I just want that to be part of the discussion.
    I fully support leaving in place what is helping people while creating new organizations to handle things differently.
    We need to think differently about everything; which is alot of work.
    This is my own process, just as you said you transcended the left. I was raised to be a rabid liberal hypocrite. So, I am trying to understand and define things for what they really are. I’m sick of the liberal left ignoring their history with eugenics and racism.

  30. I’d gladly help get you on the ballot, if I can. In 2008 I volunteered for the Obama campaign and I’d love to volunteer with your campaign offices if you can get it off the ground. If he can get a grassroots campaign going then I’m sure you can, we don’t need CHANGE but REFORM. In my state you need 8,000 signatures to get an independent party on the ballot so best place to start with that is create a Facebook group, which reaches to the masses.

  31. Plan Parenthood is more then just for abortion. It provides lots of other services and is the only health care to lots of women and children for preventive testing. It provides health care to more then 61,000 in Minnesota alone, as this clip of Senator Franken explains who spoke about against the funding cut.

  32. throwing the baby out with the bathwater, like the left always does…come on now–support pph at least until something else is in place–there is no difference between you and sarah palin at this point on this issue–come on now!

  33. agreed, pedos and abusers run everything–but we all have to figure out a newer safer way of preventing pregnancies too, but–safe abortions are mandatory for any kind of female power –not all of the right wingers who are against abortions will be able to continue having them when they need one (they get more than pro-choicers by a factor of 2–acoording to statistics–which are based on true numbers and not on religious bullshit hysteria). Not all white women like crystal and sarah palin can make 12 million dollars per month and support their illegitimate and special needs infants, nor can they hire nannies to do all the motherwork for them. They simply cannot afford to be rich right wingers!!!

  34. I just started this afternoon! I just finished your book and logged on to your blog after the last page. I am old like you. And pissed. And tired. But I can’t seem to stop….

  35. get me on the ballot please–thanks!

  36. you need to read my blog –all of your statements have been addressed there this past week.

  37. thank you so much for your very brave blogging! without planned parenthood, thousands of young girls-perhaps millions–will die in back alleys of botched abortions by crackhead sadists who take cash and not insurance. the white republican mormon and catholic women who have most of the country’s abortions will continue to go to mexico or canada or perhaps cuba too soon—where they have socialized medicine and do things correctly for humans. there is a book–how abortion saved america —that you should read–check amazon, it is all based on actual statistics and no emotional drama based diatribes.

  38. You would think that the republicans would be FOR abortion, then they wouldn’t have to worry about schools and meals and heating subsidies and old people sucking off of the government tit. Their idea of population control is bigger ammo clips for everyone’s guns, which, I am sure will be mandatory for all of us to carry by the time this congress is finished. Roseanne, you may think that Obama is the right president for these times but I am really beginning to regret not sticking by Hillary. What the hell can we do? We can’t fight these Koch boys and all their money. There just seems to be an endless supply of idiots…….and a very limited number of human beings.

  39. Once again i’m from hawaii, so where ever these bad ones are… (I can believe it every time I go to the mainland and see people’s bad attitudes everywhere, I feel blessed i’m coming home to the country side of Hawaii) all I know is that our PPH in Hawaii has always showed community care and Aloha.

  40. My experience with Planned Parenthood has been very good. When I was 18, I had a abortion there and yes, I did pay a good amount, but to me the price for a child at that time would have been much more. I worked 2 jobs, went to school, and was trying to start my life with my partner, we weren’t ready and our child would have suffered with our inability to provide.
    The Aloha (love, patience, understanding) that Planned Parenthood Hawaii has is amazing, I was very scared and everything was explained, talked out(I WAS given the talk about keeping my baby, and how they would help me if I wanted to keep it).
    In a world where moms just feel too weird to talk about these things to their daughters, and the media portrays sex as something desirable to 10 yr olds, they are a great place.
    **(Side note, I was a vacation Nanny for many years and I met alot of children of the world, and the awareness of self image is so strong these days even to the very young children. Even Disney channel pushes girls to “glam” up and chase boys, and boys to “metro” up and chase little girls. Mix that with standing in a grocery line staring at sexed up glam shots of beautiful women and men with big quotes saying “how you can increase your orgasam” “how she will make you moan in four different lang” all blasting at them while mom buys dinner, what else are they to do? And if you don’t believe it why would MTV have “16 and pregnant” and “Teen mom” or ABC family’s “Secret Life of an American teenager”.)
    Now many years later I have a beautiful son (with the same wonderful partner) and we have the means and ability to give him a great life and I thank planned parenthood for continuing to be there and giving me the birth control I choose (i’m picky and research which one I want and just ask them, and they get it for me so I don’t believe they push the most expensive ones).
    In my opinion they are a great institution and have helped more than they could/have ever hurt. As for the abortion pushing, I don’t believe they do that.
    I say anyone who has a problem with PPH, should take a visit to local foster programs and orphanages (or world wide adoption agencies) and see how many babies are left alone or hurt in this world after being brought here, and not all of them get that fairytale adoption that we all believe happens, in fact majority don’t. Then walk into a PPH and just see how much information is available for you on all sorts of topics you might not have even thought about until then.

  41. Barr in 2012 all the way!!! If the Green Tea Party can get on the Indiana ballot then its got my vote for sure.

  42. I worked in a Head Start through a third party agency once. When I reported the abuse I saw, I got fired. I would never let my child attend a head start.
    In addition to the abuse I saw, I also saw the state workers stealing from holiday charities and giving thousands of dollars worth of toys to parents and telling them they bought them on their own as gifts.
    In addition to that, the child I worked with did not need drugs or services, but the third party state funded agency told me to “finish out the hours” and kept her on drugs when she had no diagnosis at all. The agency received funds from the state to keep each child in their “care.”
    This story is not unique.
    Planned Parenthood was started by an avowed racist eugenicist, so I don’t support them. I have seen two states combined give a friend 4 abortions in 3 years. And while I support the right to safe access, getting abortions as a method of birth control is probably not a healthy way for a society to live.
    I believe we need new organizations for these types of services because the roots of them have poisoned the trees.

  43. Roseanne,
    I’m in total agreement with population control. I will vote for you if you pass laws castrating babies at birth. Humans are destroying the planet. Last week, I was having a conversation with one of my neighbors about the fact that he no longer sees bugs nor toads here. We believe it is the pollution that humans are making that is killing everything. We will eventually kill ourselves with the pollution we are creating. I believe the pollution also has an affect on our health in very serious ways and even adding to our already angry state.

  44. Dan, sorry, I did not make myself clear about the condoms that are passed out by Planned Parenthood. They intentionally have a high failure rate in comparison to the ones sold at the store/pharmacy.

  45. Dan, I believe that a lot of men don’t like condoms to begin with and so no one needs condoms that are intentionally made to produce pregnancies.

  46. I ha ve always been a person that holds equality dear for men, Woman people & equal and fare justice. And I agree as I have always said if a man could get pregnant can one imagine then our population troubles. And have also thought abortions had there place and for people that say life begins at conception well ask any man who has been circumcised if they remember the pain they say it causes so if at that level it did cause some distress had they lived to challenge the problems of life they would not know that the experience had happened.

  47. “They will push condoms, which I understand have a high failure rate. Again, I think it’s so that they make money off abortion.”
    No. When used PROPERLY (and it’s hard to get a man or a woman to do this), they’re not prone to failure. What’s most prone to failure is abstinence, which is what Republicans keep pushing.

  48. When I came across this article it just appalled me. Most political action groups I won’t get involved in but this is one that I actually donated to. Women are the backbone of this country, as without them there would be no men to create ridiculous laws like this.
    I myself am a man, but after growing up in an abusive household and all the men that I’ve come across in my lifetime I hold a higher respect for ANY women over any man any day and acts like this that the GOP want are just uncalled for. In any election I’ll vote for a women over a man any day, hell in the 2008 primaries my vote was for Hillary. This country was a lot better off when she ran it while her husband was busy making headlines with Monica, Paula and whatever female aide he had at his disposal.

  49. you are so right about all you say–when I am elected, all males will be neutered upon their birth, along with the circumcision they are given in hospital. All females will be spayed as well. Having sex will be taxed–like pleasure boating is taxed. untaxed sex is punishable by required community service

  50. When I get stalked by a man, I tell his wife or call the police on him. Then his wife can deal with him by giving him hell. If the govt refuses to respect our bodies, I hope that the women will at least go after their husbands.
    My experience with Planned Parenthood is that their main objective is for women to get pregnant so they can make money off abortion. I went their on three(3) occasions looking for birth control and they wanted me to have only the most expensive birth control method so that they can bill the govt (Health Access). Their preferred method of birth control would have been over kill for me since I was not sexually active. I just wanted a diagram so I could prepare myself in advance just in case. On three different occasions at three different clinics, they refused me this option.
    They will push condoms, which I understand have a high failure rate. Again, I think it’s so that they make money off abortion. These 3 clinics were run by women and all of the doctors were women. I had such a terrible experience with the clinics that I believe I got an infection or I suffered in someway because from then on I started waking up with horrible menstrual type cramps. Fortunately, I started treating with a homeopath for my Fibromyalgia and she was able to help me with those horrible cramps.
    I’m not against abortion at all. I am against women being abused. I’m even more against women abusing women. I’m against only women using birth control. It’s time that men start endangering their health and start using birth control also. In fact, in one of my health classes, there was a mention of a birth control pill for men but I have never heard of it.
    Roseanne when you become president, make the men use birth control. It’s time that they make some sacrifices and ruin their health with chemicals/hormones.