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reprint from ’06:

  Watch as she will expose hypocrisy, restrain untruth, bring data and information in a revolution only prayed for over the last ten thousand years of human history…  breaking down the barriers between the human being and the highest knowledge… no priest, no state, no pope, no shaman needed any longer… the death of darkness, a new renaissance, a true renaissance, where light waves bounce off of transmitters and beam a billion transmissions to a billion different locations at once.. this is magic, true magic….she brings us the human will focused, and directed, she brings us bloodless revolutions she brings us evolution of the highest order, she brings us all the gifts of the ark of the covenant… information is god, and god is mind…the goddess is matter itself.


  1. Hey Roseanne,
    Im in Sydney Australia, im 25 and have grown up watching your show. Your character is my mother 100% !!
    Just purchased your latest book, laugh my whoo-ha out everyday, absolutely brilliant!!
    Also, I was diagnosed Bi-Polar last year, have been finding everything in life beyond difficult, but funny enough, when my mum suggested Meditation (due to you), I gave it a go, and its changed my world. so i thankyou for your insight and wisdom.
    much love,
    from down under,
    Teegan xxxx

  2. dashus christ says:

    i Love the way you explain the magic of the LIGHT Waves bouncing off of transmitters Beaming Billions here Roseanne!!! and tonight,another very important Shared MEDITATION.

  3. “Because time and space exist between a field of equilibrium, like a blank canvas there remains a foundation for infinite potential.”

  4. “she brings us all the gifts of the ark of the covenant… information is god, and god is mind…the goddess is matter itself.”
    i thought this was relevant and sorta interesting.

  5. I actually still think Hillary Clinton would have been a better President. After 48 years in this country, I became a citizen to be able to vote for her.
    Oprah was wrong and Oprah voted for Obama because he was black. No matter how many times she may say it was because she was inspired, she voted for him because he is black.
    I also voted for him; I could never vote for a republican, but I did it with pain in my heart.

  6. Awesome! Next time I’m on my kindle I’ll probably download the book then!

  7. You absolutly need to read her book. I am almost done reading it and I am thinking about getting her previous two books. Roseannearchy is an absolute gem.

  8. Oh ok, sorry then. From what I’ve heard about your book I had just assumed it was a biography. I may have to read it then, you have some interesting views on politics.

  9. Oh Roseanne, I’m sorry that you still have to be put down by that piece of dog shit! He has and always will lead a very lonely, pathetic life and will die lonely and unhappy.
    You on the other hand have always been one of my heroes! For me you have always stood for what a real woman is! I have followed you my whole life. Thanks god for the Roseanne, your show made me LOVE how “not normal” my family was. All my life that show has been a corner stone for how i wished to live my life with my family, with laughter, love and TRUTH.
    I just watched the Oprah show and I could not stop smiling the whole show, you looked so beautiful, happy and at peace! Thumbs up my friend
    Roseanne you deserve every moment of happiness and peace you have in your life. Can’t wait to read the book
    Much much love

  10. Hey Roseanne,
    Thanks for all the years of pure, honest entertainment.
    Just saw you on Oprah. You mentioned you will be doing a reality show on your macadamia nut farm, called Roseanne-astan. I remember an episode from your sitcom, when you said “welcome to Roseanne-adu”. I thought it would be a funny possibility for a name. Just a thought.

  11. My book is about politics and the world, and religion. It’s not a biography.

  12. Ladyjane Green says:

    im not recognizing this as funny…….is this another humorless dyke moment for me? Tom Arnold deserves a karmic payback for the shit he continues to spew….Roseannes book explains how it went down between them. Surviving a cokehead boyfriend is enough of an ordeal, having to be with them while theyre quitting, torture! This is a testimonial of Rs inner/outer fortitude
    ….we all have our xs from hell, some are higher level demons than others. Others are just plain pussys.

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  14. In no way did I mean to offend you ma’am. I just found that a little comical and obviously not true. My apologies tho. :(

  15. Your mother didnt think it was funny when those guys were sticking their things up her butt last night! She loved it–

  16. Nothing like having someone hurt you and then blame you for it. I think you mentioned this in an earlier blog. I have been dealing with that all of my life, but all I had to do was move away and then I no longer had to hear it. It sucks that you have to deal with it in the way that you do.
    Much love from Chicago!!

  17. Oh I doubt it actually happened too but its just kind of comical to think about. Its kind of like reality slap stick, how would you even get a 911 dispatcher to take you seriously in a situation like that. “Tom: My wife just stabbed me” “Operator: Whose your wife and why’d she stab you?” “Tom: Roseanne Barr… I took away her cookies” “Operator: Don’t worry, SWAT is on the way” hahaha
    I agree tho, Roseanne is the greatest! lol

  18. dashus christ says:

    a miserable little man trying to make more $’s off Roseanne’s Name-flapdoodle for those buying.he should be ashamed,but i highly doubt it.
    Roseanne is the Best/Finest comedian ever imo!!!

  19. Roseanne is by far one of the best comedians. I read this article today about Tom Arnold saying she once stabbed him with a butcher knife for smashing a bag of cookies and it was so hard not to laugh! LOL

  20. billyjoe36863 says:

    Roseann, You are unquestionability the worlds funnyist woman of our time. You are up there with Luciel Ball.

  21. Ladyjane Green is 100%! Today was special. Ive always been a fan, and to finally get to say hello (all be it a very rushed one) meant alot to, as Im sure it did to everyone else. Thanks for taking time to sign and talk with everyone today. I have another year of school left in Hilo, and I hope to one day say hello again, hopefully under not as rushed circumstances! :)

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hairy Monkey Booksigning was really something special, so many kids, men, and women of all orientations and colors! We all united in the midday sun and splendor of a Big Island Winter.. 82degrees! to hear R work her magic with talkin story story and wickedly wonderful words… Great to see u read this locally flavored selection about the”repiglicans”attacking yer nuts! The audience loved your telling of this ancient, primal conflict…that they have witnessed many times, through yer witty and quick granny eyes. Got so excited i forgot to take a picture with the Matriot! On the way home we stopped at Mackenzie Park to chill for a second and saw Whales breaching! No kidding… then we saw a baby repiglican run across the road…. full circle! Thanks R for being gracious, real, and still so damn funny! What a great day! The Girl called Meat had fun too! (that would be my smartass girlfriend)

  23. Hey Roseanne and fans…….Just bought a copy of Roseannarchy and began this book a few hours ago. Pure genius so far! I urge everyone to go buy a copy ASAP. I actually had to put the book down several times due to excessive laughter and I am only 2-3 chapters deep. I am currently at my dead-end low pay office job from hell but this book actually made my day amazing so on behalf of all of us lower middle class folks, thank you Roseanne for sharing your gifts once more!!! Please keep writing! –Matt

  24. Thanks for staying after 2 pm today at the bookstore. Much appreciated.

  25. This is very powerful!!

  26. Like the wind, the internet is free and crosses all borders. Oppressors erect virtual walls in an attempt to block the information it carries, but like the wind, it pushes around barriers one way or another, increasing in velocity as it blows past all who try to stop it. The song of freedom is not written in staccato tones. It is written in legato. Lets those notes be carried by the wind and reach all corners of earth.

  27. Cant wait to meet you tomorrow in Hilo :)

  28. Ms. Roseanne,
    Throughout my life your show has brought many hours of laughter and smiles. I thank you so much!!!!
    I turned 50 this year and lost my job – some days the only thing that keeps me going is my Christmas present from my family of your show.
    Love you so very much!!!! Thank you also for making me laugh during “the change” – you are simply the best!!!
    Barb Crushshon

  29. dashus christ says:

    WOWEY ROSEANNE-This Is You Shared!-W/ Your BRILLIANCE of LIGHT!!!
    You Are The Beacon of THUTH