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obama is the right president for these times:

It would not have looked right to have a white woman, or a white man presiding over the savaging of the working people of color in this country, and of women’s rights, and of children’s rights, and might have alterted the masses that the war on the poor black and disadvantaged was about to get worse than ever.  It was better that the working classes were fooled into thinking that ‘progressive change’ was possible withiin a rogue capitalist Ponzi-scheme.
   Obama as the President was a good thing (for the oligarchs and billionaires who own this country) because that way, black people would be hesitant to call out the first President of Color, and they might have done something about it, or showed up to protest, or gone on strike, or even rioted, as they have done in the past when all good things within their communities were shut down, and stolen.
  These time instead called for silence from the victims, as they naively and ignorantly supported Bush 3,(obama) and the further dismantling of the safety net that made this a democratic and prosperous country–something that the rich hate. 
Nice job, Rove!  


  1. Uhhhg! I feel Your pain.

  2. would’ve *ever* been able to interpret such code

  3. Oh come on, Roseanne. First of all, I will always hold a special place in my heart for ya (and I thought the Oprah hour was fantastic). But let’s get real here for a second, shall we?
    You can say this is what you meant by your “Obama is the best president for these times” comment on Oprah all you want, but we both know that’s not true. And neither Oprah and the millions of people watching all over the world (myself included – and I’ve been visiting your blog) would’ve never been able to interpret such code.

  4. needing less that’s what this guy is talking about

  5. I agree. Except that Hillary wouldn’t have been such a pushover.
    Black Agenda Report has been good reading for the last few years. They never fell for Obama for one second.

  6. You can not Greenman because you wer’nt born in this country!!!!

  7. I’m not sure of what government website you could verify this from but all the major media outlets have reported on ALL 10. Here’s a link to what the Huffington Post reported on number 9, the action to cut funding for Plan Parenthood.

  8. thank you very much.
    Love the message.
    Will try using and see where it gets me.

  9. Newblogger, youtube should tell you what you need when you click on it. If you’re still having trouble, message me in the forum.
    For now, here is the transcript:
    REPORTER: What do you think the most important thing is for Barack Obama; obviously you’re here to talk about, uh, the anniversary of U.S./China diplomatic relations, but if you had to say this is gonna be the country or the conflict or the place that will define the Obama administration, what would it be?
    KISSINGER: The president elect is coming into office at a moment when there are upheavals in many parts of the world simultaneously; you have India/Pakistan, you will have, you have, uh, uh, uh, Jihadist movement, so he can’t really say that it’s one problem that it’s the most important. Uh, but he can give a new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when really a New World Order can be created; it’s a great opportunity.

  10. I’m in total disagreement with number nine. Sorry, but that article seems a bit unreal to me. Is there a govt agency where we can go to verify this information?
    Health Access is a govt insurance that will pay for any and all types of birth control. I seem to remember they will pay for surgical sterilization as well.

  11. How do you view youtube? Every time, I try to watch a video, I get now where. Maybe I don’t have the right software. I’m missing out on a lot.

  12. My American History Teacher, Mr. Treantos, in high school during the 70s used to always tell us that the USA will have a black president when things get really tough so that he would get all blame.
    I’m sure a lot of his students remember his words.
    Present Obama can’t fix all the mess created by the previous president.

  13. Republicans War on Women.

  14. I totally agree. He is the right one for this job. He is a trained agitator. Henry Kissinger agrees as well.
    Here, Kissinger says straight out that Obama is perfect for the job of using global upheaval to bring in the New World Order.

  15. hey Lady Jane Green , lovely to hear from you , yes,I know that NYC will be the 1st to go up in flames when the mess starts, but I still plan to do all I can to stop it ..
    Visiting Hawaii is one of my dreams and hopefully will end up out there this year , aloha!

  16. I think thats the key, turning the TV off, staying out of
    “chain” (slavery) stores, and going to yard sales and thrift stores to satisfy that urge to need something new and shopping.
    I am trying to be hopeful that we can still turn this around , otherwise America is going to turn into a modern day “Gone With The Wind”…

  17. I was confused when you told Oprah that on her show. Now I totally get what you were doing. Keep up the good work.

  18. if you have a train wreck you dont bring a tow truck to fix it,if you have a compound fracture a rubber band wont help,menstual pain,cramps lickamaid wont help,ship wreck kayak,no good for rescuing,all of these are like a pimple on a elephants ass compared to the problems g,w.left for the next person to fix,world wide economic turmoil,which would have made the big deppression look like marda gra,perfect no,disallussion sum,maybe,piss some off,of couarse,right person for the time,i believe so,maybe.

  19. I agree Roseanne! The best thing we can do right now is need less. Advertisements sure are making us even more crazy by telling us we NEED things…all we need is food, shelter, and water. The feeling of “want” is the cause of most of our problems. If you watch the news channels, their advertisements are about buying more and more drugs. Anyways, I’ll ramble. I just want to say you were amazing on Oprah and it truly brought a smile to my face. I can’t wait for your new show!

  20. Kayla Holliday says:

    Oh and I would give anything to meet you!

  21. Kayla Holliday says:

    Hi Roseanne! My names Kayla Holliday. I’m 16 and I know this has nothing to do with what you were talking about or this blog but I just want to tell you that I am your biggest fan. I have watched your show “Roseanne” ever since I was 9. My mom grew up watching you and I remember one night she was watching it and I saw it and just loved you and your humor and of course the show. Ever since then, I watched your show every night. The show has actually helped me deal with situations in my life. I have seen all of the episodes and I even have some of them memorized. I’ve seen your comedy too. I just think you are an amazing, hilarious person. I look up to you and I’ve been trying to reach you for about 2 years now but I could never find out how. I just recently watched you on Chelsea Lately and Oprah and I screamed when I found out you were on both shows. I found this website from the Oprah show. I hope this is the real you and I just want you to know I think you are really inspirational and I love your work. I also read your book and it helped me threw some things too and I gained a lot of respect for you. Thank you for making an amazing show and being someone I look up too.

  22. Ladyjane Green says:

    The oppressor loves to use the oppressed as the agents of their own subjugation….Part of “Snitch Society” ( thanks tipi) that has overtaken our “culture”.

  23. Yeah, the bitch put on UGG boots too, blew that shit for everyone I know, and I’ve been wearing them for 15 years or more..
    oh yeah, not anymore now that I can’t afford them!
    F-ing Popeprah.

  24. Roseanne i saw the Rachel Maddow show last week and she spoke about how the republicans are trying to get rid of the unions because they r the last competition they have left in election financing. If the unions go there will be no demrocatic funding for elections. How scary. Its a dictatorship happening. I’m sure u knew this but I hadnt heard this before so
    I’d thought id share.

  25. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey mr dj,….. Tenn that is… i just watched the oprah interview myself… i was a little scared cuz Oprah really does “change ” everything she touches..kinda like king Midas.Definitely not always for the good. She already owns a shitload of Maui property… A little q and a between oprah and donald trump in the early 2000’s permanantly changed the nature of The Big Island.We Cant go back in time, the secret was out, and real estate prices shot through the roof. Thank goddess me and my gal got here when we did! Cuz now its unaffordable fer our kind of” fringe elements…” lol. R said it on oprah bout obama and explained it here( blog) i knew she had levels of meaning on that statement bout Obama, cuz i couldnt help thinking messed up pres for messed up times. But boy does that sound super negatory. mullin it over on ride home, check rw blog and there lies the answer….Confession…I had an obama/ biden shirt and wore it ! Oh yeah, ill admit it. Of course hed be the perfect agent to crush the poor. His unique status as first african american prez. puts him in a league of his own, beyond reproach by many who fear being called names like racist, traitor, or even race- traitor. Hearing your posts from frontline harlem helps with much needed perspective…..Get ready for the active decline of Western Civilization, ( lovin the oxymoronic nature of that one) You are in a prime pole position, in the heart of NYC so assume crash position….

  26. there is so much we can do–the most powerful thing is: to need less.

  27. I know its just like Rome, crumbling from within, its funny because it looked like that Oprah was happy you stated that you now felt we had the right president at the right time, unaware of what you really meant LOL..
    Other than marching and online organizing,returning to farming & putting our $ into local credit unions I wonder if there is anything we Americans can do to save whats left our nation .
    Thanks Roseanne!

  28. yes this is what I meant—this is the death of our country that we are witnessing.

  29. Aloha Roseanne,
    “The more it changes, the more it says the same!” I never really understood that saying so well until we got Obama and two years of Alarm and disappointment! No More Hope Here!
    I have just watch your YouTube video at the white house. I just loved it! If you ever need a running mate let me know, I live next door down the road towards Honokaa! Really!
    Green Tea Party for “Common Sense”2012

  30. Well of course the rich that own the USA hate it to be democratic and prosperous because their not even Americans, their foreign billionaires, usually Saudi, like Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who owns a majority share in News Corp and will even publicly acknowledge that he forces Fox News to edit any coverage that he doesn’t like, does that sound democratic?

  31. Roseanne , is this what you meant when you told Oprah that Obama is the right president for right now?
    I want to thank you for being brave enough and Lenny Bruce enough to say what so many of us are thinking.
    Living in Harlem, its amazing to see the complete dismantling of any progress made during the economic “boom”.
    Black people are confused about what to think or do for fear they will be called out for daring to criticize too..
    We are told that if we dont support Obama , we get Palin , or worse , so We The People are confused on what to do as well.
    The Govt.s playing of the race card is one of the best scam they’ve ever did !
    McKinney/ Barr Green Tea Party 2012.