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no white person can say this better:

Thank you black agenda–a true voice of america’s left!  


  1. Not every president has been stripping our rights since Reagen. When Clinton (Hillary) ran the country we were actually a lot better off. The economy was booming, we weren’t in any wars, and the main focus of the country was who Bill was sleeping with (which is nothing in comparison to our problems now)

  2. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    Reagan was a corporate president. He was groomed for it. It began when he became the spoke person for GE. Watch the documentary about him on HBO. It tells it all. Reagan was a union buster. I remember him ordering the flight controllers to stop the stroke or lose their jobs. Reagonomics was a “Trikle down Method” which amounts to we get their crumbs.
    As I see it, by looking back to the past, the protesters of the ‘60s and ‘70s were really becoming a problem. Their parents began to side with their children, the media covered of the movement was positive, and John Lennon was taking down some big guys when he sued the government for phone tapping and harassment. We were a political force to be reckoned with as we ended a war. Martin Luther King won the segregation battle which helped to integrate schools and insured their right to vote. But look at what happened to those who lead the fight. Bobby Kennedy was making good things happen too. President John Kennedy was a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Assination.
    Nixon was sacrificed to pacify the rumbling of the people of the United States. We got to impeach Nixon! Nixon was impeached so we could believe our form of government works. He made a great villain because he perspired under the cameras and had shifty eyes. So he was a perfect patsy. He had to take the fall.
    This pacified the angry people of America. John Lennon was given his green card (which was actually blue). And all was good in the world.
    meanwhile as we reat assured that every thing is groovy. But it isn;t I ok your ok. The powers in charge have stripping away our constitutional rights. Every president (except Carter) has sold the United States right out from under us.
    It just saddens me that Obama has sold out too. I had hoped he would get universal healthcare, raise the taxes on the rich, and creat jobs in the public sector for the purpose of education, environment, and improve infrastructure.
    The first thing Jimmy Carter did once he was elected president was to give amnesty to the draft dodgers.
    Peace and love be with us all.

  3. now we are on the same wave link,what about koch bros?? is that the same rupert that was on survivor,tie dye boy?

  4. could be the aryan brotherhood, mossad or putin or the cia thats launderin’ the money and selling it back to hugo chavez and the shining path commies right straight to george soros and rupert murderoch, hand in hand with the fucking chinese mafia!

  5. just call me synical,but does anyone know who finances.or who the shareholders,etc. are of black agenda report

  6. Thank you once again Roseanne for sharing that. How ironic on President’s Day. The reality is we are living under the third Bush term. Thank you for being the voice of reason in an insane world Roseanne.

  7. Thanks for that link/I’ve shared it.

  8. Loved your Oprah interview, Joy ,Bill and Craig…You are the voice for a whole bunch of us out here…Thank you sweet, sarcastic, outspoken Roseanne of the macadamia nut farm. My story is long and I wish i had your writing ability… I don’t, but I have a story about a little girl who would pee in school, after school and hide her underwear in the bottom of the laundry. Who was always talking to herself in the mirror and would see heself outside of her body, but talking back to herself.. she danced and sang at all family gatherings as the only daughter, niece and granddaughter and still does.. in her livingroom,alone. Reading you book is really letting me know I am not alone. Thank you for just being you :)

  9. its amazing to read this and think of my mother saying so similar things as i grew up.
    i actually just started reading roesannearchy and im enjoying it. it refreshing to hear someone talk about.. well anything without dumbing it down. america needs that blunt fist in the face.
    people do need to wake up. as i have previously stated my mother talked a lot like this. my father was the type to tell her what to do and when she decided to work he had an ego trip n went out and got a new woman that listened and this was in the 90’s!
    im also a gay young man out in this world. im not a woman but i see so many similar fights both women and gay/lesbians have to fight for.
    this country does need to wake. its stressful trying to go thru it the way its is. i went to high school. i had str8 A’s but after 3 years in high school i started to get the D’s. it felt like i didnt know what if was for and i still dont. i recall in history when my teacher told us that people learn form the past and grow from it so the same outcome wont happen again. i remember after class i said that was utter bs. i just got blank look in response.
    i learned he was a tool to the now rule over ppl. and i didnt wana be that. im only 24 and i feel i have learned more out here in the world than anything “useful” in school.
    it would be so much easier if ppl would swallow there pride and think.

  10. I heard or was watching something that when our country was new and the government was started it was intended that the public servants, were just that, that people where to donate their time to vote issues and think tank movements positions problems then go to their real jobs no money was never given. It was not tell the world bank of america was started then they eventually became the actual rulers of america and that’s how the corruption began.. I also sometimes wonder I was raised by my maternal grandparents and in about 1969 my grandfather supported us grandma stayed home.He worked lockheed air craft tool & die I asked grandma how much dies grandpa make and we had a nice four bedroom home in woodland hills about in 1962 boughtfor 11 grand a lincoln continental boat camper never did without and she said after taxes and insurance he brings home 175 a week to-day if a person makes that a day good luck having al that we did what does it keep going up tell one day a home will 5 million and to feed one person will be 100 a day??