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More from the Oprah show…

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  1. Hey Roseanne,
    A couple of things: 1. when I watched the Oprah show I realized that you were the first woman I ever saw stand up to her husband – I was raised in a submit-to-your-asshole-alcoholic-husband Mormon house. I realized it changed the trajectory of my life. (I have focused on empowering girls) 2. When you said “The Courage To Heal” and that part about “if you feel like it might have happened then it did” well, me too. I mean, really, me too. You’re the first person on the planet whom I have heard ever admit this. Which, seriously, has been a huge detriment to my family relations for the last 15-20 years, not to mention a huge source of guilt and self-loathing. I was coming out of a very seriously abusive relationship with a boyfriend, being only 17 and a therapist handed me this book and encouraged me to confront them. I’ve never been able to reconcile this “therapeutic” episode with who I am. Thank you.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Dear Roseanne,
    I fucking LOVE you and your show. I broke my ankle and watching your show while I heal has kept me laughing and the pain less. I totally wish you were my Grandma, your children and grandchildren are very lucky.
    My girlfriend really loved the heels you were wearing and I hope you can tell me where you got them so I can surprise her.
    Peace and Love,
    Jackie 0

  3. Roseanne,
    Loved you on Oprah! You look amazing, makes me fear aging a little less haha.
    I too would like to know where you got your lovely glasses from. I’ve been obsessing over them since I saw them.

  4. Dear Roseanne,
    I was so touched by your candor about your mental illness when you were a guest on Oprah. Although Oprah didn’t pick up on it, I heard you when you remembered how hard it was to function during the hard times. People are so cruel when a celebrity is suffering. Getting help in a mental hospital still carries an inordinate stigma. Everyone like you who stands up and says “this happened to me” helps the rest of us, and future generations too.
    So, remember always that there are many of us out here who do understand. And thank you for your courageous admissions, and gentle reminders that this particular illness is closer to most of us than we’d like to admit.
    Finally, I went to my local Stop & Shop supermarket tonight and could not find macadamia nuts in the store — can you help us out here in this cold northeastern state?
    Best to you,
    Maria B.
    Middletown, CT

  5. Especially someone like Roseanne, who I’m sure can afford to hire the best of the best to advise her on her appearance and is paid highly for her publishing’s, hell TMZ reported that she makes somewhere around $300,000 a month. LOL

  6. HINT: When your trying to beat around the bush and basically ask someone for a job then it may help to at least get their name right, especially when you had to type it into the address bar of your internet browser, and its probably not good to poke fun at their appearance as well. hahahahaha.

  7. Roseanne, the many faces and places you’ve been, the grief you carry and unburden, the way you smile and brighten the world, your interview was so great to watch!
    I watched with gardening/small farming friends nestled in the Canadian woods…We hear ya! No worries we read between the lines too….legal speak is what it is so is truth and love and light and moving beyond tortured realities into calm and happy hearted…blessings for you and yours on ‘da journey.
    I loved seeing clips of your country abode there, little ones and the way ya’ll play…yea!
    Do you have hiking trails through your nut farm? The 4 wheeler thing here has been a part of my life for decades, raising sons in rural home, many friends and some fun rides on the freakin’ things. But my first choice is walking through nature quietly observing listening in to all that is )))))))))))))

  8. its roseanne

  9. You know what Roxanne ? I’m real funny like you except I haven’t let my hair go grey. You might want to rethink that, of course, said by a person who once had egg plant color hair,so there you go. I’ve been published but never paid; now that’s funny as sh–. Anyway if you need a helper writer, well, I’m your gal. I’m not a member of writer’s guild, but am willing to pay my dues.
    A kiss, and a hug, and a smiling’ mug;

  10. beautiful, stunning and breath-taking = mind, body and spirit of you roseanne! inspiring me to not color my locks and just chillax out…

  11. beautiful, stunning and breath-taking = mind, body and spirit of you roseanne! inspiring me to not color my locks and just chillax out…

  12. wow, im your twin, im a sex symbol too puh! – i finally met you well at least via the oprah show…you are exactly my inspiration, i have never written to a celebrity b4 you so now i say i did it !!! i love diggin’ in the dirt and you have opened my heart to let my hair go ole’ grey naturale’ – thanks for the fun time on oprah!!! ciao and lvyabi – jackay

  13. macadama nuts are so good I have heard also are better for a person than anything to cook with.Will you just sell NUTS OR SELL THEM FOR WHAT EVER THEY CAN MAKE WITH THEM OR MANUFACTURE AND MAKE BREADS COOKIES CANDIES AND THAT.iTS SAD BECAUSE WHEN i FIRST MOVED TO HAwaii in 1988 in between Kapalei and town their where nothitng but sugar cain but I guess the world started buying from south america for chepper so they cut all that down now there are raods and condos, track homes in Kapalei they wher sopose to replace the suger cain with nuts papais but never did now I hear we are having a suger shortage and the prices keep climbing of course they made a deel with us then as soon as we cut them burnt them down they socked it to us..I also noticed the water on Oahu when I moved there would get a flurecent blue alomst every day even ala moana beach and each year it gets more murky Iknow they had voted and on rather to start drilling for oil off the big island because its supose to be rich in oil but I hope not because the platforms leak and leaves depositits on the beaches.Their is a place near hilo osme where where you can get into these natural hot tubs you park and take a short hike then get in these lava pools then you cana hear and se the ocean below I did thaqt once and luved it could have stayed there for ever im not sure what they call it when I firrst moved their I was in hilo town and got talking to some guy and he took me their you might inquires twlight is best.WEll SWeetty will look through my floppies latter Iv been under the weather the last few days.Mt.home is a small town so I get board im not working at the moment but that wil change withen a year or so.Waiting for my mom two dogs to pass then I can move back my cat Nani comes on the plane with me everythime and my moms one cat but cant travle with two dogs and two cats and now no quarnten but its costlly to get them their and I would not have the heart to put her dogs to sleep and they are to old to give away so thats what keeps me from moving back allready..Have a wonderfull day!!

  14. Hello Roseanne! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed you on the Oprah show, you were lovely & very fourth coming as usual! I have been a die hard fan since my teenage years (when I had to sneak around to watch your show!!)
    (I am 34 now) I have to say that the thing that struck ME the most was when your sister Geraldine said that
    she had learned that “HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE”
    DING! A lightbuld went off in my head & so many things just made so much more sense to me. Just that one sentence from Geraldine gave me a whole new perspective & for that I am thankfull!!
    Love You Roseanne…Keep doing what your doin!

  15. Loved you on Oprah. I would be glad to buy your book if you would tell us what brand of glasses you had on. Really and nice look for you, and maybe me too!
    Thanks, Sophie2

  16. when you go their the cam the far right botom works the best that the west side of Oahu farrington Hwy I lived at the towers resort over looking a golf course and ocean.

  17. your well read and stupid you said Rosie I dont think so I need to get back into my aximatical copitualtions as I sort of feel out of anything logical or that requried cognitive challanges.I’m afraid for this counrty, world news tonight hit the nail on the head just as we have started to recovver now there will ba massive cuts les jobs and opportunites and inflation will stifel progress Im afraid things in all areas are on a major revalution even technology withen the next few years mind bogling developments.
    There thinking of cutting housing for the poor when I left Hawaii their was tents all over the west side beaches and honolulu one morning I had an early appt and they tye shoppoing carts together and then sleep out side the merchatants then leave before bussiness starts if they cut housing our country may begin to look like India.Its scary and to think this country really had so much money if it had been managed rite this would not be the case I think like Hawaii the Us in general will become a rich poor society.But I agree with your input on Hilarley. im dislexic so please excuse that.I really do need to get back to exerciusing my mind as I had a very inovative way of thinking but have been in a sever depression for the past few years and am a recovering drunk hehhe oh well true not a lush though. Been through alot and as u know picking your self up again is often hard but Im a s serviver and luv knowledge I need to start reading and hanging around people who use their minds on a deep level.I hope you dont mind me writting in im just lonily have no family here nor friends since my mom I have become a recluse really but im tryirng to break that too little by little.Im a nice luving person Honest compassionate no games type person.WEll entertainment tonight is on luv that.the sun just set here in Arkansas I go to this sight in Waianae where they have live vedio feed at the comperhensive medical ill give you the link kind of neet get to check out that side of oahu and the lovely sea..Have a nice evening..

  18. i voted for cynthia mckinney of the green party—but now, I just feel obama is a man and the lobbyists who elected him did not want a woman (hillary) in a position of power in the middle east–arabs (who own our banks and all the oil) are not comfortable with that. Obviously Obama was given the job because the people who own america needed a black man at the ceremonial top in order to preside over the total decimation of the african american middle class–a white woman in that position would have caused riots. This way, the masses are placated and think they are “progressing”. Any kind of revolt in this country is going to end up with marshal law and mass imprisonment. As they roll in the nuclear waste into the poorer areas, and let people die there with no health care, or jobs, or police or schools, they wanted to make it look as if this is a post-racial environment. America is all about bullshit fantasy and lies now, a corporate fascist state…our country has been stolen and dismantled…it gets closer to its zenith every day– which is a racist and modern version of auschwitz–de-population, death prisons crime drugs rampant murder and elevated levels of cancer from gmo and chemtrails.

  19. To be honest I waS TOO FOR hILLARY FOR A FEw reasons I wanted to see how it would be to have a woman president whos husband was once president and I thought the clintons while in office did a good job and thought are country needed them as Im not so much for no thrid term I think if a country that has a history up extreem ups and downs when we get an administartion thats working keep them in.Im also so much against just go vote that to me like just go take the SAT exam forgettong to tell people if you dont study and hard and get valid information then why bothewr I think people vote for the wrong reason another reason we often get such bad results and the reason we keep the same policies is because the courperate greed continues who supports these palititions and these the coruption that is killing our country.Rather than watch these multy million dollar add compains these candidates raise in the hunderds of millions of dolars to tear the other apart and thats abouyt the extent of info we get as well as a debate then we vote if that moeny could be reaised to pay our dept or help the needy and then each party and person for each office they are running as wel as the propistions and they printed a fare logical information like what the have done in the past who is behind them and not what they plan to do but more like how they plan to do it.Then we could start voting more logicaly we muct change how our coiuntry runs or we will sink fater all we are young and look at countries like europe oe even mexico they have been powerfull at times in history and have been poor.And it not the poor that drain this country its greed and polocy I mean the ones that have money now are copurperations and banks If companies lay off people and thhere unemployment runs out they rersort to the government and most often these comapnies have an abundance of money they shouyld be paying for the food stamps not the country this is a very broad subject.But the government does it because whom ever it peyed to get in promised them.Every one wanting to get rich over night I think is a prime reason we get so inflated.But I think Obama is aalot like the clintons he takkes ppride in his job and does want to be honest and fare do rite by america.Where so many just wabnt the perks and the prestege and could care really as long as they and therr familes do well its time couperations start more profit sharing and take over some of what lays in the governments afr as small bussiness well some subsidy by larger comapies tell they grow or fail then merge.It takes many little bees to suport a few large pockets..Any way im loosing my train of thought.Would also be courious what Rosie and he boy friend might like to chat about I enjoy your comontaries excuse my lake of spelling.They are nice Roaie you are far from stupid actually yoi have a since of brillance about you!!

  20. hopelesslyredistricted says:

    Roseanne, I did watch you on Oprah – although on DVR. I’ve always enjoyed listening to you and was happy to learn you have a blog for those of us who wish to keep up with your “badger like” thoughts. HA I, like others here feel a kinship and wished to hear you further express why you had changed your thinking regarding Pres. Obama vs Hillary. I honestly had quit recording Oprah after her huge push for him. I did the same thing regarding Keith Olbermann. My reason for changing was seeing how pathetically he was being treated by the Repubs. Honestly, I was glad it wasn’t Hillary being pummeled and also, had she caved to BIG INSURANCE, it would have devastated me. Would you have time to explain your reasoning further? I’d be interested.

  21. Hi just me again cant sleep and just got to thinking I remember when i lived at the makaha valley Towers In waianae and lived on the 16 floor and could see the moon reflecting the ocean and just thought I bet Rosie gets the same moon often although my ocean view was from the west the kauai channle.Im sure you have, but go to all islands I know my luver keokie bless his heart we went to molokai once and to me one of the prestest beaches I have ever been was their just breath taking.See I left Hawaii in 2003 to be here for a year my mom got better had just settled back in to life their in Hilo and had to come back in 2009 if I had knowen mom would have only lived 3 months after i got here i would have just came for that and would have been back home actaully when I look back I should have just came to stay awhile and not have packed up shipped my car should have knowen once u know Hawaii and even clesayishly become complacent you miss it so much if not the weather the local people their ways the music the weather.Im now in Mt.home arkansas the north middle west we had a cold snowey weather and when I look out and see that I cry becaUSE i use to swim and tan in the winter now I cant even drive then being from southern california any way one gets spiol but we have warmed up they call it the pineapple express when we get a warm current from Hawaii its 58 the low and will be 70 tomarrow I hAVE ME CEILLLING FAN again just reminds me of Home.
    What ever happned to yourt reality show you had for awhile with your kids that show looked fun this vanished.I amagine of hope you have enough money to last your ;life time just cause man to have it then loose it cant be eaSY IM AVERAGE BUT TO ME THATS GOOD ENOUGH Id take money.But like you could never be happy per say but contentment is as goosd as life seems to ever get for me to just to m uch pain in life if not mine who could turn their head to the problems of this world.Im glad you have your family new boy friend and Hawaii you will the more you are their fall in luv.My lover of 12 years sister still lives their in puna deltha lopez if you ever run accross her cauise hilo is a small town wow you came about when I left dam hehhe lol.god bless ya Richard..

  22. Mike Fishman is so hot now! I wish he was single and gay. :( I’d be all over that.

  23. I too like so many others on here saw you on Oprah and just wanted to say you are great. Thank you for being you. I grew up with you….I love your attitude about life and people in general. I have never commented on anyone’s blog but felt so inspired seeing you I just felt like I had to tell you I think you are great. I wish you the best in life, love and happiness it seems that you found all that on your own finally. I hope I am able to find the same things in my life the path you have chosen is the same one I am in search of farming, self sufficient and calm. Keep being you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. new picture

  25. Your sister looks alot like you do you have brothers or any other sisters you mentioned your dad passed is your mom still alive..Are you back in Hawaii all ready?? I ALSO lived in Hilo near the humane society.But mainly in Waianae and Honolulu.When i move back will be Kona.I always said Hawaii in a bad mood is almost perfect but when its in a great mood, “picture perfect” you cant find any better.
    Have you ever thought about a reunion show that would be so cool cant wait fro your reality show I also liked your show cant remembee then name wher it was late night you played a diva on a sofa and the guy who played your son on the show was on it by the way do you stay in touch with him as I always felt that you really cared about that kid as maybe even like your own..Long flight from chicago to Hawaii I know use to to make that flight yearly to come here to see my mom.. My face book is under Richard Louis Minjares or kanealii 45 if you may like to see what I look like Im German and Mexican with some english and Indain.Well if you back in Hawaii lucky you..stay healthy with luv and best regards Richard

  26. double dragon says:

    I loved watching you on television and just loved your show, “Roseanne”. It was a unique show that actually showed what a typical family can be like. It was something I could relate and laugh to because sometimes I feel and acted just like that. I once smashed caked to my mouth and turned around to my kids and said, “I didn’t eat it”. Of course my husband thought I was crazy, but I just got tired of the kids saying, “not me”. And of course I had to prove a point with them just because you say it wasn’t me, you cant fool me.
    You are a strong and open person and I admire you for it! No matter what people say, you are unique in your own special way. I’m glad you found your way to the Big Island and made it your home. It may be a “wet” island, but it is beautiful!
    In all, it was a pleasure listening to you during your recent book signing in Hilo. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter. Thank you for you time for being there. As my daughter bellowed out, “have a good day” as we walked away, I left with a chuckle and smile to end our day.
    Our local paper said you’re making a new show here. wishing you the best on your new adventure….

  27. I agree!!!! If you find out about them please let me know!!!!!

  28. Roseanne,
    I loved the eye glasses you were wearing and am due for a new pair shortly (annually for insurance you know).
    Please let me know the manufacturer and style if possible and I will see if I can get the in North Carolina.
    You look great – us older women rock!
    Good job with Oprah!

  29. Rosie, you look absolutely great! I guess living off the land is GOOD for you. Looking forward to seeing more of you on TV.

  30. OH MY GOSH!! It was soo good to see you on Oprah on the 14th. My boyfriend SWEARS my eyes lit up when I saw you on the screen and they remained there-glittered and all until the end of the show…I LOVE YOUR WORK and you’re personality and in someways, I’m a bit like you AND I LOVE IT!! After finding out about your book, I BOUGHT IT!! Yesterday!!! I’ve only gotten past chapter one, but I love IT! (LOL). Most books believe they are funny but I can honestly say (or type) this book actually IS funny. Congrats on your content-ness and success, I hope to join you there too! MWAH! Much love and support, Ashwana.