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in my book i write about how i gave my life to the light, 1999

at the wall in jerusalem.  I want to help peace manifest on earth and in myself.


  1. Contessa Christina says:

    oh, darling lady…i do meditate! love u, as always xoxo

  2. Contessa Christina says:

    darling roseanne…ur book saved my life (plus it made me laugh, for the first time in i cannot remember when:)i was psychiatrically diagnosed, basically as u were, and the stupid ass doctors, nearly killed me (26 weeks in the hospital from DEPAKOTE), although, they claimed it was “of unknown etiology”…as a nurse, i read an article in The Lancet (the UK vrsion on JAMA), which stated that the drug could cause, my “unknown” disease…i was paralyzed for 26 weeks, told i would never walk again (i do, albeit slowly), it destroyed me financially, which compared to mentally and physically, i don’t give a rat’s, but i totally isolate, and thank God for my dogs…being forced to move from my home, but i will surmount that, as well…so happy to have read ur book (own all of them:), but we get what we need, and i SOOO needed ur new book…i LOVE u ROSEANNE…ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL…oh, i TOTALLY lie to the F*head doctors, about meds i am not taking but need to, as i do need the occasional trank…all else tossed, and yes, got my mind back, thank u very much (until YOU, i thought that it was just me)…much love darling lady xo

  3. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    My favorite part of the book is where Tom Arnold sat down at your table and revealed he was Satan. Then you realize the price you had to pay to gain fame and fortune which was your soul. Tom was the personification or reflection, of the cost for this desire.
    Roseanna conquered Satan and won her soul back.
    Then – enlightenment!
    I especially liked the conversation with the rabbi… And your solution … “Why don;t you share it?”
    Perfect resolution.

  4. Karen Marie Romero says:

    Oh my God…
    Roseanne you are so good. You are a light to our world.
    Thank you.
    Karen Marie Romero

  5. jz knight recommended it to you? i must thank her so much–yes it is a book about spirit…thanks for liking it. i love you!

  6. Just finished the book last night, and this part (at the wall in Jerusalem) was my favorite. Made me cry, in a good way. Brought to mind Kennedy, for some reason (“…ask not what your country [God] can do for you…” ).
    I LOVED the book, and thanks to JZ Knight for the recommendation. One of the most spiritual books I have ever read.

  7. Meditation is great for the soul, spirit and mind…

  8. Meditation calms prisoners too, there is a new study out about meditation classes lowering violence in AL prison:

  9. Thanks! I just found this blog so I haven’t roamed around anywhere except your latest posts, but I will. I have a few kids meditation may work for, not to mention ME since I’m going bonkers dealing with illogical people in my life. I tend to want to fix everything and I am so not in control. Unfortunately, I have a few who are too oppositional to do anything but sabotage themselves at this point. I appreciate your comment.

  10. meditation not medication is what i recommend because it works. it creates new pathways in the brain, which drugs cannot do as effectively. meditation to heal mental illness is all over this blog–search it. good luck!

  11. Just finished your book today! Loved it – wish I could pick your brain about a few things – but I’m sure lots of people would. You made me laugh (alot) but you also made me think. What exactly do you think of mental illness and medication? I know you’ve been dx’d with various things and have been on meds, but do you do better on or off meds? I have children adopted from the foster care system that are on lots of meds and I don’t see much improvement. Four years ago I took them off everything and it seemed better for awhile – but then got steadily worse so now they’re back on and worse than ever. I guess I’m looking for alternatives. The mental health “help” in this country STINKS and I have a few kids who are gong to leave my house in the next few years (because they’re teenagers and know absolutely everything, unlike me, their very stupid MOM) and are going to be completely lost. How can I watch that? Keep in mind, I need the break from crazy it’ll give me, but I still love them (deep down, I think) and want good for them. Any suggestions?