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i thought i was as funny as abe vigoda

and that my national anthem was better than xtina’s.


  1. know that any publicity is as long as some of these people still remember the natl. anthem thing this long after the fact good, bad, or indifferent is very good for you. congratulations. one last thing,before i bite my tongue off,all the ones that are critisizing(?} you are probably the same ones who lay in bed at night strokking there shotguns,while peeking out the window,to see if someone from the govn. is coming to confiscate there firearms because thats what (MOSES}told them as spokesperson for the N.R.A.

  2. Xtina is aligned with the dark forces.

  3. Well what about this Anthem.
    Oh and don’t for get this one by Carl Louis.
    But truly the worst I’ve ever heard the Anthem sung was when every one sang it together in High school.
    Most people where tin eared and who realy knew the words. We where all faking it. So lets not take it to serious and give any celebrity a break that trys.
    Of corse we could here U sing it if U prefered…!!!! God help us all! LOL!!!
    We’re only as high as our deepest laugh!

  4. There is a saying that goes, some people want to wrap themselves in the constitution and burn the flag, while others want to wrap themselves in the flag and burn the constitution.
    While I have much respect for our flag, If made to choose, I choose the constitution.
    I thought you were great in the commercial but I found the commercial unworthy of you.
    You are too important to american humor for such a trivial part.There are 3 great “queens” of comedy and you are one of them. Lily and Lucy are the other two.
    I also like your singing. It was just a ball game peeps! She wasn’t leading us into battle!
    I’m off to the hearings! Three cheers for free to be you and me.

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Beloved National Anthem! Come off it, any advertising jingle on tv is probably more loved than this unsingable piece of crap.heres my new version, short, sweet and ez to learn!
    ” Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders dont upset us, in the land of the freeeee, and the home of The SLAVE!
    As Janis taught us, Freedoms just another word, for nothing left to lose……go bang yer patriotic bullshite drum elsewhere… Our own “government” could even give a crap about those brave boys and girls who are about to be ground into pink paste, and served for lunch…

  6. Hey Linda,
    For one, put your shirt on. You are trying to look gay but look more like a pre-pubesent boy-thingy….
    and seriously, if you don’t like Roseanne and don’t think she’s has done anything relevant in the past decade, it’s because you get your same “talking points” from the same fax machine as the above ass-clown.
    Roseanne doesn’t need to apologies honey, you see, Roseanne is as powerful as OPRAH except Roseanne can’t be controlled or made to shut up….that’s why we haven’t seen her on TV in the last decade……..and nothing more.

  7. Oh, poor “butt-hurt” internet troll, don’t you some bridge to hangout under or do you have to “clock in” every time they send you out to “spook” on peoples blogs?
    You type is boring and obvious.
    P.S your above contribution makes you sound like an “ass clown”

  8. Johnny Argent says:

    I’m amazed at how many people still can’t accept the simple explanation that Roseanne started the anthem too high. She’s a comic, known for her gutsiness, and once she realized she was in trouble (pitch-wise) she did her best to plow through it, good- natured-ly, and let the chips fall.
    Whatever else anyone thinks, how could anyone be so dense as to think that one of the most successful women in the history of American entertainment, at the height of her fame, employing scores of people, would intentionally walk out in front of tens of thousands of beer-swilling baseball fans and insult the nation in which she’d worked so hard to achieve un-dreamt of success? Please …search harder for a clue, unforgiving critics! They let murderers and rapists out of jail in many cases, after x-number of years! Smarten up, and move on!

  9. You came here to bash me because you probably couldn’t find any other women around you to bash. Your photo of your abs says everything there is to say about you—you are madly in love with yourself, and you have bad taste.
    I left the limelight by my own choice and became politically active and helped to raise the minimum wage and teach Kabbalistic meditation, and live my life out of the sights of creeps like you. When and if I ever choose to come back I will. You however, will never really amount to anything at all, because you are a loathsome and piggish American idiot.

  10. why do you hate my freedom, and prefer a symbol of freedom to actual freedom?

  11. why must you hate my freedom?

  12. C’mon, now. Joss Whedon was lucky to have been inspired by Roseanne. Have you ever noticed how much Dark Willow resembles Darlene?
    He even nabbed Alyson Hannigan out of the diner!

  13. Of the top 10 super bowl commercials, yours is currently ranked #4 according to HUFFINGTON POST voters.

  14. Of the top 10 super bowl commercials, yours is currently ranked #4 according to HUFFINGTON POST voters.

  15. And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know my song is really awesome.

  16. I think we should all stop arguing about an event that happened 20 years ago that really has had no big affect on the world at large. And no offense but maybe you should take your own advice because spending your day making mean comments about a celebrity you don’t know makes you come off pretty bad.