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everything’s alright now that everybody’s dead:


  1. At one point in my life when all the kids were at home it was like , The least Deadliest catch, (We commercial fished for Salmon in the summer) meets Kate plus eight, plus three more, (We had eleven kids) intervention (Teenagers drink and do things that moms hate)
    So yeah.The sane part depends on who you ask, lol.

  2. Tina yes we all represent positive and negative….to address your comment. I rambled a bit above …it’s late!

  3. I doubt it was with a smile on your face! Except maybe when you had to slap a mosquito or two into next year. That’s the difference between us and Condie, Dick Cheney and people who know better but don’t care. If I had to raise 11 children there might have been days I wished otherwise. That sounds stressful to say the least! You deserve a prize for still being sane :)

  4. Hi Cacao :)
    One of the things I learned from having all those kids is that one represents the all, good and bad. I’m not pro war that’s for sure, but I am guilty of Death.

  5. Hi Tina… Cacao here. I was in rant mode as I’m feeling somewhat disgusted with living in the dark ages. I’m glad Roseanne chimed in here already. I will add that I haven’t supported any of the wars in my lifetime. Also my entire adult life I’ve shopped at alternative grocery stores, buying organic. And I’d rather buy a silk blouse from a thrift store than brand new clothing from China. I was referring to Americans who are pro war and the like…the unconscious and non compassionate.

  6. Alright, I will. No more driving through the Golden Arches of Death. Day one…

  7. we can all get clean in a hurry though–take a step back from meat and animal products.

  8. Much to some’s chagrin, we are all Serial Killers. In thought and or action. The blood is on everyones hands.

  9. Yes, if only we could kill all life & still exist, maybe ‘man’ would finally be complete. (NOT, but this seems to be the mode the world is in right now). Death culture. An example is how Condoleza Rice so lovingly referred to dead Iraqi’s: ‘Collateral Damage’ & Americans didn’t demand ‘her head’, sheesh! I’m publicly announcing that I’m disgusted with my own country’s mentality: SHEEP!! Your country was flushed while you were present, but you preferred to have your head in the sand. Your country has more blood on its hands than all the serial killer’s that ever existed.

  10. bullshit.
    Depleted Uranium or rather Uranium munitions are used everyday in the middle east.
    Yes, of course if your calling the “collecting old jewelery part”… where they accuse each other of stealing the other’s old ‘clip-on’ war heads than yes, it is old news like the bunkers of Kamacia showed us that no country pays any attention to the Geneva rules….
    so what’s your point?

  11. Yes, please tell.

  12. is it because the warmonger investor class stole public resources to enrich themselves by poisoning everything, subverting our consitution and building a dome on mars and venus, as well as Dubai with taxpayer money?

  13. tell us please!

  14. Nuclear weapons are the biggest hoax in politics, war and managing the “masses who don’t think”, cornerstone of politician BS as soon as an issue leaves the homeland border.
    Collected by countries like old-fashioned jewelery you will never wear. The fun part of governing and biggest single lie-tool since Reagan’s star wars.
    They will be in museums in 10 years. proof: when was it ever used in wars since 45? only tests hours flight from any shore.
    Why all the above? you will have to ask me if you care …:))

  15. Sheep in the slaughter house. Do you think they ever had a chance?