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egyptian sisters! we see the images of you in the streets, heads covered

uncover your heads to show the world that you are not slaves, but free thinkers.  this is the woman’s revolution, and not the patriarchal religions revolution.  LET’S GET THAT STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW.  freedom from religion is what GOD WANTS for us!

  No slavery to men, and men’s women hating laws.  RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN NOW !  IN EVERY COUNTRY NOW! 


  1. ….all humans are terrible listeners,….not just men,…I mean really, that would be like saying all black people are lazy, or all females are unintelligent?
    Human beings are raised to be competiitive, and that competitive streak is strongest and most overt in the group of the species who have traditionlly been charged with feeding, protecting and providing for the clan,…
    ….in modern society, competitiveness translates into quickness of mind and perceived intelligence, which is often associated with getting ahead, getting promoted or getting what we want.
    (Getting what we want is the base motivation for all communications!)
    Most humans have no idea how to “actively listen”, as they are not really listening, but are anticipating the end of the sender’s message. Western society’s, quickness of mind and toungue have been considered positive attributes for a long time, though they are often covering up a lot of inadequecy and the need to control the conversation or the person being spoken to………often times, a communicator mistakes their attempt to finish the sender’s message as being involved and “listening”,…but they are truly just having and argument in their own mind as to how to respond,
    …..they very seldom listen to the true message or the ego-state of the sender,..and,…. whether or not the sender is ready to receive their return message,…..
    …..especially here in the west, where we think that if we can finish the sender’s message in our head,..then we have “listened”,…..when in reaility, all we’ve done is presume what the other soul was going to say, and we finish their statement for them, either in our mind, or off our lips,……..(male or female)
    Neither of those previous statements about blacks or women are even close to being correct or moral,…but if we males sat around on this site, proclaiming the same type thing about women,…..well,..we’d be considered,…oh, wait a minute,….sexist!
    I’ve been listening to women on this site for weeks,
    ….and there is a definitive anti-male vibe that is applied accross the board to all men,… I stated earlier in a post to Roseanne,…if this was the type of conversation taking place in a workplace, each of the women who have commented on “the superiority” of women,….well…you would have a hard time defending yourself in a court of law,……
    RJ O’Guillory

  2. I’ve found that men are terrible listeners & I’m a fairly quiet woman, non demanding too. Women are naturally more compassionate, nurturing & maybe even more connected to nature. Most pregnant bellies look like a woman has a world inside her, which is an amazing sight! When it comes to spiritual matters tho, don’t we all have the same chakras, spine, kundalini, inner gifts & spirituality available? In an ideal world, I see men & women glorifying each other for the gifts each brings to the table. But why are men such terrible listeners??!!!!!

  3. …….well,….good then… my memoir,…you’ll laugh your ass off,…..
    RJ O’Guillory

  4. Thanks Sis.. I have no doubts women can straighten things out, and make a better world. It’s just that inferior thing I have issues with. As a hispanic I had my fill of that. Well, we do make each other think don’t we? Oh, and that genius thing? Takes one to know one.

  5. dashus christ says:

    You make me laugh all over the place.

  6. much love bro just try to hear deeper what im saying—women can straighten things out!

  7. and you of me

  8. ….I was referring to “mankind”,…not “man” per se’…and in using that term, I refer to humans as a species,….I mean really,….you don’t see groups of gophers, lions, zebras or bears getting together to discuss the elevation of the female of the species,….so my point about “mankind” discussing and allowing the evolution to happen is literally true from a species perspective,…, do yourself a favor,…go back through everything I’ve ever posted here and find some other assinine example to try to prove your point,……
    ….the most ironic part of this conversation is the fact that as the male rep of the species in this discussion,…..I am not the person who has dropped into a child-ego state in order to name-call and compete within the conversation,..all very agressive behaviours..
    RJ O’Guillory

  9. dashus christ says:

    Soo Nice to see you here tonight PJ,-and later on @ 2AM also!! and Thank You So Much for thinking of me-you know!

  10. yes please do ,thank you.

  11. As a swarthy complected person, I have had more my share of being looked down on. I did overcome.

  12. I don’t think I can say in better words than I’ve already used that I have had enough of the good ol’ boys club. In the response to J.R., you said men were only doing what women tell them to so who’s on top? That would put the blame for the worlds ills on women and I don’t believe that for a minute. I’m confused on that one Sis. This is difficult for me because in so many ways, I admire you so much, yet you are adamant that I am inferior because of my physical gender assignment. I see so much of my sister in your face! In the dream sequence episode of the second season of your show, when you come out singing you even sound like her singing. It is like watching her and it makes me cry. I guess there will be no meeting of the minds here so I’ll just shut up on any thing involving the sexes and keep to safe topics.

  13. yes and white men think that blacks and browns and women can all “overcome”…but–it is white men who need to overcome their desire to look down at everybody else on earth–and think that they are the measure of all good and progressive and evolved thinking. in fact, they are some of the most backward and egocentric, eurocentric thinkers out there.

  14. i actually think that men have always known they are inferior (except for strength and sequential thinking–proven by science to be better in men) and so that is why they invented a whole system that refutes that fact, due to their egos being out of control thanks to patriarchal religions (always calling god male does that). they have sought to not acknowledge the superiority of female multi-tasking abilities and problem solving-(-proven by science). They are in denial and that is why their whole system is built on brute force–their only superior ability, and the only way to keep women from rising to the top.
    Underneath all the bravado though, and all the attempts to keep women in chains and helplessly enslaved to patriarchal breeding and servitude, they know they cannot compete with us, and they have til now also preferred death and destruction to the idea of feminist equality and governance, however, the x chromo is disappearing and men are becoming more feminized, so there is hope for our sons and fathers and brothers still. Hope that they will one day develop empathy for the plight of women under patriarchal violence, and rape cultures.

  15. dashus christ says:

    YES That is Right “Men Are inferior to WOMEN”–!!!!! That’s what i Know to be True!!! and am certainly agreeing w/ Roseanne.

  16. Thanks for not banishing me to cyber-purgatory. Does this mean I get to go on a ride through the farm?

  17. Roseanne’s comment to R.J. said just that. “Men are inferior to women.”

  18. Thats what the radical christian evangelists say about their faith. They think their intolerance is God’s will.

  19. Then none of us will never rise above what were are now.

  20. And what do you hear?

  21. I sure can’t argue with this!

  22. I’m all for women in power. Probably more than any “man” you know, since you don’t believe I am in woman in a man’s body. I worked with women who moved mountains in state government. I have seen first hand that they are better at running government than men. But I was always treated with respect, dignity and equality by the overwhelming majority of the women I worked with. I was never made to feel inferior because I was a “man” or gay. Maryland is a progressive and responsive government because of the huge number of women in positions of power in the executive branch.

  23. dashus christ says:

    No,i don’t think men get that they are inferior to women yet-why to they say that they listen,when they can not hear.

  24. Well, The first remark you made to me was to tell me my political views were all wet and yet I was still thrilled. I have not lost at all. I am open to listening. I just have to respond and speak out against thinking that a half of the world is inferior to the rest. Men have been doing that long enough don’t you think?

  25. dashus christ says:

    YES In Deedy—“women don’t need to “rise above” being female” TY R,i say bask in your Brilliance!!!

  26. women do not need to “rise above” being female.

  27. dashus christ says:

    oh yeah and BARR 2012 and NOW!!!

  28. radical do nothingism is the problem.

  29. another difference between radical feminism and patriarchal dismissal of women’s issues: we know how to create solutions, as rubbing our hands and blaming others, and re-stating the problems over and over and over is not in our ‘skill set’.

  30. one difference between radical feminism and all other fundamentalist patriarchal paradigms–women are on top

  31. i’m probably the only radical feminist you have ever read or spoken to–you are not persona non grata at all–you are here, but of course its not to listen or to learn, its to critisize and degrade, as per usual. Your loss.

  32. dashus christ says:

    except that it is the radical FEM that Will SAVE this Planet!!!

    2 Detained Reporters Saw Secret Police’s Methods Firsthand

  34. People who don’t agree with radical feminism seem to be persona non grata on this site. I don’t see much difference between this type of thinking and radical christian evangelists, radical muslim extremism, or racism. Radical beliefs are the biggest problem on this planet at this time in our history. I will remain a believer of rising above gender race and class, but I’m not naive. Peace and unity are possible but not probable. So much for repentance, redemption and enlightenment. The achilles heel of creative geniuses, weather they be “vageniuses” or “peniuses” is the inordinate amount of time they spend basking in their own brilliance. It always ends up causing temporary blindness. An interesting thing about the spanish word for genius (genio) is that it also means temper. The last reply you got from Roseanne came across as harsh intolerant , and not presidential. Fortunately redemption and forgiveness are available at least 70 x 70 times. Hope springs eternal.

  35. dashus christ says:

    10:06PM “the fact that man has allowed” yes,just that part-can you explain how that is not sexist-for the women here, and everywhere_ _ _

  36. dashus christ says:

    The Roseanne Show is ahead of its time even Today!

  37. i have been told they love my show in egypt!

  38. Oh,…I’m sorry…..I thought we were having a discussion,……I noticed your message did not include any specific responses to my Ghandi, MLK question,….
    ..nor any of the points I made about the same type of women as the men you describe,…..who also reap havoc and pain into the world…..
    Individual ethics are what is required to move our species forward in terms of liberty and fairness of opportunity. So, frankly, to be committed to the concept of liberty and opportunity,….I think one has to advocate for the bigger picture, as well as in an attempt to change individual belief systems, which in turn will change behaviour,…..even, hopefully, taking all of mankind past their natural “programming”.
    I grew up with rascist, sexist, abusive parents who also happen to have been corrupt law enforcement folk,….I went on to teach Diversity around the world and educated people on how to better interact with cultures and people different than themselves….I advocated and investigated so that my kids did not have to live in the same world I grew up in,……and so that I insured I would never dismiss or discard another human being.
    My “programming” will be adapting, learning and changing until I take my last breath……would I wish all souls on the planet had that ability……
    Again,…I thought you wanted discussions on your board,
    so I’m sorry you felt the need to tell me to shut up.
    RJ O’Guillory
    RJ O’Guillory

  39. your program is running you dude–women are superior in every way to males except for brute strength. Males do what females tell them to do with their brute strength. females tell men to fight in wars and to attack women that they do not like. I am offering males an opportunity to get behind a woman for once in their lives, and to listen to what she has to say. I am simply not interested in most things men say because they are complete idiots for the most part, and self centered as hell too. their penile protruberances block their ability to reason and to feel empathy for the plight of women of this world. shut up o’g. i love ya but shut up

  40. ….hmm….what exactly is irrelevent in my pov?
    The fact that you wish for the natural order of things to be different, does not make the natural order of things change,…or different than they are?……and, unless we have drifted off to another reality,….well, of course men are victims in the male dominated society in which we live,….we may not suffer the same abuses as the females of our species,..but unless we are living in some other, seperate universe…we are all experiencing the same society,..
    … fact, I find it interesting that someone with your level of experience and intelligence does not see the error of segregating your desire for rights and liberty,
    ….whether for men, women, gays, bi-sexuals, ethnic minorities or free, simple-minded white men,…..the right to freedom and liberty belongs to everyone… refer to that desire as some form of “androgenous fake pov” is really off-base. Wouldn’t that place Ghandi, ML King and Mother Teresa in the camp of “irrelevant”….?
    Besides,……my pov was very clear,….while I support and endorse those stated goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people,…including women…what makes you think that it can be mandated for all cultures on the planet? I spent over 20 years as a federal eeo investigator,….investigating violations of people’s civil rights,…..human behaviour is based upon human belief systems,….and those systems will not shift or change overnight just because we desire them to do so,….for example,…if you believe in the rights of gays and lesbians in a full and open society,…do you also expect all gay folks to out themselves….because it is the right thing to do?……I think not,…
    Read what I wrote,…..the opportunity should be legally, structurally available to everyone,…..but only the individual can decide to take advantage of those opportunities….
    … seems that you have a lot of issues with the men in your life who abused or took advanatge of you,…but not all men desire domination over others,…..and if we men were to generalize the same direction with regard to money-grubbing, lying, thieving women who have exploited their way through our lives,…we might want to be that angry at all women as well,…..but in reality,…nature made us the physically dominant member of the species, which throughout time, and into our evolutionary future, will be the reality…….so first of all, it is not our fault….secondly,….if women had been produced with the dominant physical powers,….we would be in a female dominated world,…the fact that man has allowed the growth and development of women’s rights and pov over the centuries is in fact a tribute to our desire to be lifted from our base-natural instincts and to create a more equitable world,……also,… to dismiss the power inherent in the female species, their form, their sexuality,…their intelligence,…to dismiss that as being somehow irrelevant in relations to men’s pov?
    You’re kidding me,…right?
    RJ O’Guillory

  41. I love the fake journalits who are crying about being attacked in the streets by Egyptians when the Egyptian activists who have taken to the streets (mostly women) are peaceful.
    This is the same tactic used in Haiti. The people resonalby protest, but the provacateurs(CIA) come and create their own violence, which the news covers with relish.
    If those journalists are being attacked-it’s because Egypt isn’t quite as brainwashed by our “media leaders” as we r here at home.

  42. i thought karen was pro capitalism…

  43. ok

  44. irrelevant –men do not live as victims in a male dominated rape culture. Males who seem to have a problem identifying the specific needs and and oppression of women are not on the right side of history. I don’t want to hear men lumping men’s issues in with women’s that is just a way to deny women’s realities.–men’s issues are irrelevant to anything having to do with women’s rights and/or women’s rites. The fake “androgenous POV” just leaves women out. All cultures are women hating and therefore need to be replaced.

  45. My friend said: “Just google “world food prices rising on speculation by Goldman Sachs” and see what comes up”
    Karen knows, trust me

  46. …..I’m unsure of the issue regarding head covering,…I understand that from a religious perspective,..and a male domination standpoint,….I get the idiocy of covering female heads to satisfy some male archtype expectation,…what a load of crap,…..
    However,……simply because the custom began in servitude or submission, it does not mean that women raised in that culture will be comfortable in a western style outfit,…garb,…..or relationship,…..we Americans are so arrogant regarding what we think the rest of the world should do?
    Yes, of course,…any culture that is directly (through law, intimidation or violence) supressing anyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,…yes, we should oppose those cultures,…if only to allow the evolution of the species,…..but I know plenty of Japanese women,…even “asian women”, well as arab
    or muslim women who enjoy the role they are playing through their own life,….and have either adapted, accepted or desired the kind of relationship they are in,……I agree that from a legal, structural standpoint,….every human being should share the same access to basic civil, human rights,…..perhaps we should focus on all human, civil rights,…while including women’s unique and peculiar needs in the argument,……
    now, whether or not all women,…or men for that matter,.. want to go along with the opportunity,….well,…look at the Amish…..
    RJ O’Guillory

  47. tell karen that people have been talking about birds fish and bees here for years—not 2012, but the last ten years~

  48. My friend told me he watched an incredible piece on the news last night on one of the stations. He thought it was fox but who knows. He said it documented that the price of food was one of the major if not the major cause of the people revolting. I’ll ask him to reply here to fill us in. Oh god. Karen said at shabbat 2 weeks ago that the birds were falling dead — 2012.

  49. please write more, what do you mean? there is enough food in egypt now? (of course goldman sachs is behind everything financial in the world…but we are all part of goldman sachs if we are living under capitalism).

  50. Oh god. Roseanne i heard that Goldman sacks is responsible for raising the price of food and that’s the reasoning behind the people finally having enough in Cairo!