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egyptian sisters! we see the images of you in the streets, heads covered

uncover your heads to show the world that you are not slaves, but free thinkers.  this is the woman’s revolution, and not the patriarchal religions revolution.  LET’S GET THAT STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW.  freedom from religion is what GOD WANTS for us!

  No slavery to men, and men’s women hating laws.  RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN NOW !  IN EVERY COUNTRY NOW! 


  1. Roseanne,
    I should mention that although I live in the USA, I feel like I’m living in a third world country when it comes to women. I have stopped dressing nice out of fear of being attacked and hated by women. I oftentimes feel I could cover my head and face with a black veil in hopes of getting a bit of freedom. But I can’t even stand wearing a hat because I get so hot.

  2. Roseanne,
    What advice do you have for women who hate other women? There is some of that going on at Lisa Ling’s website, secret society of women. I thought that for once I would be visiting a website where women would be kind, understanding and compassionate towards each other but I was totally wrong. I’m so deeply dissapointed to see women hating women so much so that they wouldn’t think twice about killing another woman just because she is female.
    I also went through some very, very dark times in my life that was caused by hateful, angry women in the workplace. And the male boss was such a whimp he didn’t do anything about it.
    I’m afraid that if women ruled the world, they too would make a mess out of it. Women are believed to be the caring, nurturing and compassionate species, but I’m sorry to say that that is not true.

  3. dashus christ says:

    Moral Crimes to the worst degree-CIA (ugly evil parts) had to have had a hand in this. TY PJ for providing this link.

  4. When I first came out in the early 70’s (Not a great time to be gay) The first people to accept and embrace were women. Mostly black women. In those days being a black woman wasn’t so great either. I watched them struggle and fight for every shred of power they have today. They educated themselves and empowered themselves. They did not wait to be handed power. They took it, ran with it and look at them now. If we wait to be handed power we will do just that… Wait. I’m tired of “waiting” for some benevolent man or woman to tell me it’s ok to legally marry the person I have loved for 27 years. A shout out to all my beautiful black mamas, sisters and girl-friends. You loved me and accepted me when no one else would.

  5. You are insulting and don’t listen or stay on topic.

  6. question–why do you oppose scientific fact?

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    MLK, Ghandi, and Mother Theresa all walked into a bar……..Dickspeak Rhetoric is in the house! Again! Clearly while working for the “Government Man” sellin them corporate death-paste patties, og has seen a thing or 2… as i recall a whopper mass grave was thats abusin some MEAT…. but while here with my wide open yap, LJG must object to the generalization by og that the Philipines as a “male dominated” country. From what i saw, women were runnin much of the show, both inside the home and in the professional and government realms as well. Not just behind the scenes, but in the Foreground. Where we belong!
    ” Im a Tumbler, Im a Government Man!” The Talking Heads

  8. you lose because you come off as arrogant, you are never wrong ,have the answers for everything. your adult ego is passive aggressive, rude and somewhat threatening. you really dont listen and have some kinda chip on your shoulder. typical wounded male trying to live life in this unbearable circumstance called patriarchy. dude, its ok to be humble it doesnt make you less of a man.
    thanks for your time..

  9. You really thought it was polite to say that men let women have the rights we have. Come on, really??? You knew that was going to get a reaction and I am sure you know now that no one here would back anything you had to say after that. You came out swinging and lost, sorry for your luck.

  10. But they want slavery, rape and war over all peoples,….not just women…..
    RJ O’Guillory

  11. Ladyjane Green says:

    Dont let the Door Hit U where The Good Lord Split You! Words from a Girl Called Meat! But seriously folks…..

  12. dashus christ says:

    i should also say the men i know that i’m chums with,are all class act gentlemen.,and am not saying this only because i know some of them read here.

  13. I figured you did. I’m just using humor to lighten things up. Humor can heal and help to bind people together. You know I can’t be all bad…. Fried green tomatoes is my favorite movie and I think that Kathy Bates is hot! She rocks in her new show.

  14. dashus christ says:

    Yes,i know that men have their place,it’s those that don’t know it.-that OG, i say things,maybe i wouldn’t otherwise, or really mean even.-soory,couldn’t help myself for a few moments there.

  15. the men of course have their place–in service to women and children as Goddess meant it to be.

  16. agreeing with your thoughts—

  17. Sis, are you agreeing with my thought, or that I should shut up?

  18. A planet of all women?… Who would take out the trash and kill the varments? ; )

  19. try to listen to an opinion not your own! really really try!

  20. lol—of course i agree with you and i like men who know they are not the measure of all things at all.

  21. you are full of patriarchal propaganda–there is more rape and slavery now than ever before. patriarchy does not and never has “strove” for fairness or for even fake equality–it strives for slavery and rape and war. my argument is against all that. try to listen to what is being said–seriously try!

  22. dashus christ says:

    THUTH/LIGHT is the only thing that matters and will keep/stay afloat!!!

  23. Here is what I learned after 31 years of working in state government, mostly directly with the citizens. Men like to erect barriers and create red tape. Women like to break down barriers and cut red tape. I would like to see women have the chance to change this system. As someone born with unique qualities, a masculine body and a feminine mind and neither black nor white, I feel that gives me a different perspective than most. I can never accept the superiority of one being over another (a-holes come in all shapes sizes colors and yes, sexes). I have been stepped on too many times for that. In the end, we all tend to see what want to see and hear what we want to hear. Yeah… I know, Shut up!

  24. dashus christ says:

    This is the WRONG BLOG/PLACE to try and push/sell your book!!! If this was my blog,i would banish you from ever coming here again.

  25. I never said anything about myself……I said that from a historical perspective, “mankind” did get around to not allowing those abusive acts,… yes,…the answer is that “man” did get together and decide that certain aspects of human society needed to be considered and changed,……maybe not in the manner they should have, or always at the pace we’d like,…but my original point was that we, “mankind” does strive for equality on some basic level,……but your argument is not for equality,… but for some kind of “superiority” over the male member of the species?….
    …yeah, good luck with that…..!
    RJ O’Guillory

  26. dashus christ says:

    you have been nicely asked to not come back here until you have read ROSEANNEARCHY in its entirety-it is so obvious you have no respect or any regard what so ever for this BLOG or any WOMEN at all. you keep coming here to try and bash all WOMEN-wake the hell up,but then again,only if that is possible-some things just are not sometime.and so be IT then.

  27. I shared my book with you becuase I thought you’d enjoy the story-telling and the strangeness of my childhood,
    …..I have not attempted to abuse this site or your good graces rgarding my book,……in fact, I’ve been very sensitive and guarded in how and what I write about here……Im sorry if you are used to the suck-ups around you kissing your ass on every topic,…you’ve never struck me as that kind of soul,……but if that is what you expect of your blog-associates,…..
    ….well,..never mind….enjoy listening to yourself on the site,……
    RJ O’Guillory

  28. dashus christ says:

    OK Then-Not just an island of Woman,but more like a Planet of WOMAN-I KNOW it can be accomplished if Need be! There is a movie called Finn’s GIRL!-take a look at it-there are some mighty fine Ideas there. men need to be reconstructed in my FEM Brain,and i say whatever it takes for PEACE and EQUALITY starting NOW and through the Eternities!
    BARR 2012 and NOW

  29. …..well,…if I had been the one to devolve into name calling and false moral assessments,..I guess I’d feel bad,…but I learned a long time ago, that just because someone has power,… and a big voice,….it doesn’t mean they are correct or should be listened to in a serious way. I continue to come here because I thought you desired intelligent conversation,……not just passionate cliche’s that are not supported by law, or science…….
    RJ O’Guillory
    p.s.- I am reading your book,…but as I said, sometimes after a seizure I have difficulty recalling certain things,….only one quarter of my brain functions properly now,….and daily functions are sometimes a challenge,………however,…my brain is not damaged as to miss the anger and hostility in your language and communications.
    I am really sad for you that the wall you need to build in order to keep all those bad memories and the pain at bay is built on the reputation of the male of the species,…Tom Arnold must have really done a job on you……..

  30. Name me one legitimate scientific study that places women in a superior position than men, on any level, measured in any terms…..? What a silly statement. Any scientific study that considers the existence of both genders would obviously point out the neccessary complimentary aspects of both genders,…and I doubt some scientist sat down one day and set out to prove a superior gender……how embarrassing for your point of view.
    Do you mean intelectually, or emotionally,…I’m not sure how you define “superior”?…..but as I’ve been explaining,..from a legal perspective, both your proclamations, and your stated opinions would not last five minutes in a court of law,…so you should be prepared to defend that position when one of your male employees files suit for gender discrimination…unless you have failed to hire any male employees…..?
    …….and, historically speaking,……why have women not stood up to the “dominant male”….? Could it be the same fear of violence and pain that drives every other human on the planet? If you want to take the natural sexual act and turn every incidence of it throughout human history as “rape”,….then of course women have been abused,……but if you look at sexual relations as the natural instinct and by-product of a dual-gender race,…
    …….well, then,…not everyone is a rapist,…..I think it is sad you think such a thing could really be true,…or is true throughout mankind,..and the male species……
    RJ O’Guillory

  31. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    BTW…meanwhile you can follow me on Twitter at espressodudeseb if any of you you want…

  32. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Sorry for the absence…been busy…I would like to say that within this forum I have had no issues thrown at me because I am a male…or because I am gay…or even because I work in the DC circle…as it stands now Lady Jane and Tippy owe me a quad shot when I get back home…
    I thought that in the light of what we read on here…minus the moments of brain removal from some…I have found the baseline of thought to be true…This past week, without going into all the BS details an 87 year old woman walked into my life and rescued me…she had nor has any idea who I am or what it is that I do or where I come from…without cause, question or reason she walked up to me and took my hand and brought me to her home…which was a good thing because some of those in front of me didn’t make it to their own home that night…no one bothered us because they thought I was her grandson of sorts…and she walked holding my hand as if she were making me come home with her because I was a bad child and she was scolding me for being out of the house…she has no money, very little food, and lives in a place that is the size of my den…sans any accommodating necessities that we have gotten used to having…she made me eat before she ate, and sat awake while I slept…I will get back online and typing per normal in a few weeks…until then rest assured that not all people in this world carry stigmas, prejudices, and fears as some do…I know of at least one who doesn’t and for that I am truly humbled and grateful…I have found that the best way to live my life of sorts is to try my best to do the right thing and not to waste my time going in circles with the shit clowns that fall from the skies like snowflakes…sometimes the best plan when there seems no way out is to go deeper in…and sometimes a stranger who you have never met or will ever see again will change your whole world in an instant…best to you all, looking forward to being back in the forum soon!

  33. you have not listened to women here whatsoever, or you would be begging us to accept you and apologizing to us for your colonial patriarchal beliefs! You do not listen, because you lack the brain functions to “understand” what is actually being said. You have not “understood” what is said, because as a male you lack empathy for the female POV. You cannot hear it–though you say you listen–hearing is the reason we listen to others!!
    Your very low level listening skills can barely pick up the subject matter at all, and that is just so you can inflict your anti-scientific “counter opinion!” Facts are actually the most basic of communications. It is a FACT, a PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT—that all fetuses are first female and that the male is a mutation. you are complete idiots…it’s true! You and those like you have brought the world to this point with almost no female input allowed. zip it. I do not hate men, I hate stupidity.
    I find most men that I meet are respectful of women—(of course they are mostly gay, or genius level creators) and most of them agree with my views on gyn/anarchy. Why would you come to the site of a radical gynanarchist and yap against feminism and against gyn/anarchy? do you think you are smarter than me? obviously you do, and you also think that you speak for women more accurately than do I. The reason you think that way is because you do not listen, cannot hear, and have no empathy for feminism, women or diversity of any kind that you are not the “master” of.
    Come back when you actually read my book, the subject of this blog…and do not come back to talk about YOUR BOOK during my book tour. Can you be more selfish and obtrusive, possibly? I dont think so.

  34. i would rather die than work for a corporation, but if i headed one I would make sure that all males worked to their best abilities–lifting heavy things and repetitive tasks that require little intelligence. Males are best suited for keeping the big boat from rocking, and their slavish mentality for obedience to heirarchies that exclude them should be studied so that it can be harnessed by women for the benefit of all womankind.

  35. did you “allow” blacks to get free of slavery too?

  36. ps–i’m actually just mirroring the crap you spew. you are completely misogynistic.
    read ‘the natural superiority of women’ by ashley montague–(an educated man, who freed himself from patriarchal slavery).

  37. this is the most misogynistic crap i’ve ever read…scratch an “equality” espousing male, and you find a virulent sexist underneath as you have just proven. There is no equality whatsoever between the genders—women are superior and educated men can handle that fact.
    It’s not ‘sexist’ –it’s science–you like all fundamentalist patriarchal males cannot handle the scientific facts of female superiority–you hate data science and fact and prefer male mythology, long proven incorrect.
    Are you actually blaming the victims of rape instead of the agents? Are you unaware of the fact that you are degrading women as “not having the guts” to avoid rape culture? Do raped children lack the ‘guts’ too?
    You’ve showed your true colors.
    Bigots call fact “untrue”. Do some reading on the scientific facts regarding the superiority of the female. Calling superior humans worthy of “equality” with inferior ones is the height of ignorance and arrogance.

  38. …and even in a most literal sense,….that comment is true as well,… is not modern man’s fault that historically your gender-based ancestors,…..the women who came before you,…. did not have the guts to stand up to male domination,….and, since historically speaking,… it has been a male dominated society,….it is literally true that “man has allowed” the development of female rights in the society,….just as “man has allowed” that there should be no more slavery on the planet, “man has allowed” that there should be law and order,..etc…
    Why is discussing historical and natural fact considered to be currently sexist? To presume I share some sexist tendency because I can discuss historical reality…..
    ….and I’m supposed to be the agressive species,…?

  39. ….sorry about the Huh? thing,… was to the wrong message,…it was meant for someone else,…so sorry…
    RJ O’Guillory

  40. huh….?