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disgusting mormon


tries to steal money on behalf of his church from taxpayers who are gay. Look out blacks and jews and single mothers you are next—none of you are allowed in mormon heaven either, so therefore you are fair game and so are your children.  


  1. Yes… LET FREEDOM RING from State house Hill Annapolis in the FREE State of Maryland!
    You are my Fairy Goddess Mother-Sister-Movie star-Person-Entity. I hear ringing, and it ain’t Tinnitus!

  2. your words are ringing and zinging and need to be shared in the public marketplace! you go hon!

  3. Tomorrow the Maryland State Judicial Proceedings Committee will hold a public hearing on SB 116, The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act. This bill intends to end discrimination once and for all and to permit gay and lesbian couples to legally obtain a civil marriage in Maryland. I plan to be there to support this cause. I have had enough of wishing and waiting. I fully expect that this great state-THE FREE STATE- with it’s long and noble history of religious tolerance, and its shorter but no less noble history of of racial and gender based equality, to once and for all embrace ALL of it’s citizens and ensure liberty and the pursuit of happiness bar none.
    Sis, your radical doing nothing comment has inspired and energized me (see… I listen). I have never done anything like this before. I am excited and a bit scared, but I’m going! I’ll need your great spirit to watch my back so…(Metaphorically speaking) Granny, get your gun! Excuse the drama folks, this is BIG

  4. just like most pedophiles seek refuge as scout leaders church camp councilers phys ed. teachers etc. this lil piggy chose the moron oops morman church to hide in. wasnt he on t.v. lately dressed up in a diaper being spanked by some gal.

  5. LOL, Ladyjane Green and TippyCanoe. You are cracking me up.

  6. I like the holy bloaster-fartley idea you have going… guess is he has a few secrets i’m’s what his personal add would look like….
    Cross dresser needs dildo-training, humiliation, spitting, kicking and “hog-tying”…;
    Likes boot dirt.

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    This holy bloater is also all about supporting legislation denying gay parents rights and services for their families…as if being gay and raising kids in our homophobic society is a big bowl of cherries, or something….The Hits Keep Coming! Regulate the foreigners, control the homosexuals, put the women and children back in the factories, and mines, we turnin back the clocks to the Goode Olde Patriarchal Times! May his tongue swell in his mouth… till it looks like a Big Red Delicious…

  8. He’s Rush Limbaugh’s brother from another mother ….. Reminds me of a slick car salesman. An apple is right. Jesus would have a fit :,)

  9. dashus christ says:

    and then he will be ready for the spit-good i’m vegan now!

  10. Ew! Shove that pig an apple!

  11. It may be terrible but whenever I see the word “mormon” my mind always sees “moron”… Maybe I’m more intuitive than I thought.

  12. Who is this guy?