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I am quite interested in interviewing people who are out there on the front lines of the battle for america’s soul–contact me here!

 GO BADGERS!  GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!  you are my heroes that you are making the voice of the working people heard!  YOUR GOVERNOR IS A WEASEL NOT A BADGER!!


  1. Hi I am not even sure you will read this, but I promised the “kids” i would try.
    I am a RN at a home for chronically ill and yes dying children, we try so hard to make it a home, last month someone donated your DVD of childrens songs. Let me tell you that my morning goes much easier now, the KIDS LOVE IT
    they cant talk, most cant walk, but when I say Roseann I hear squeals from every corner.
    You are so energetic, your Bob Marley rendition made me cry one morning, I wish it was true for some of my “kids”
    Just wanted to say thanks and wish there were more like that out there, mr wiggles and barney only go so far.
    Becky Trudelle

  2. I have a good friend in Wisconsin who has kept me informed daily of what has been going on there…you know, since our CORPORATE owned and operated media likes to hide all of it from the rest of the country! Not that anyone would pay any attention or believe it even if they did tell the story. I am just so fed up with so many in my country. Why the hell are people not outraged? Why are they buying the BS? These politicians, wealthy and corporations are doing far more damage than the terrorists did to our economy and what this country is supposed to be…and once was.
    I was watching Michael Moore’s movie Roger & Me last night and am amazed at how relevant that movie still is today. Have we not learned anything since then? WE have remained complacent and allowed this to happen. WE are just as much to blame as the politicians who have lined their pockets and sold our souls.
    Sorry to get so worked up, but I already lost my job to outsourcing. Paying someone in India .50 cents an hour for what I used to support my family doing. Now my husband is most likely going to lose his trucking contracts to Mexican trucking companies who will be charging a quarter of what he has to charge. It’s as if they want to break us. Make us worker bees, drones. Make it impossible for our kids to go to college and their only option being some minimum wage, dead end job or the military so these corporations can get even richer selling arms to our enemies who are shooting at our kids. It’s all a game to them…it’s all just greed.
    Sorry to rant on and on like this. On a sidenote I grew up in a not so good home…bad, really bad. It was your show that taught me what a family could really be like. The Conner’s were my escape every week. Not to sound nutty or anything I used to dream of being in a family like that, where no matter how crazy things got you still loved each other. That show saved my life, and broke a chain of abuse in our family. I hate to think of what I would have become without that influence in my life. I just wanted to always thank you for that…and sorry I couldn’t find another way of contacting you to send this message directly.
    Keep up the good fight for those of us with small voices. I agree with all of your views. It’s all just common sense…something we seem to have lost along the way.

  3. Amy 'What Me Worry?' B says:
  4. Aloha,
    Glad to hear you are on the Big Island…I have a live blog at every Tues 6:00pm to 8:00pm,
    it is a call in show that centers on food soveriegnty issues…I have my own farm (in So. Kona) and have put on workshops throughout the islands and have consulted for some of the larger coffee, macnut and papaya growers who were trying to make the transition to more sustainable practices. I have even traveled to Thailand(for Greenpeace) to make the case against the introduction of GMO Papaya…I would love to talk with you about the numerous issues we seem to share…
    Jon Biloon

  5. waltymcnaulty says:

    Hi Roseanne!!!! I’m a 21 year old college student in Wisconsin. I live in Milwaukee, but I’ve been in Madison several of the days to be right up in the action. My mom is a middle school teacher, and my grandma worked for a state-run nursing home. This whole bullshit mess affects our family a pretty great deal. If the bill passes, I could be looking at a 26% tuition increase…that’s like more than $2000 a year for me. I don’t know if I could even stay in school at that rate. My mom’s ALREADY looking at up to something like an 18% pay cut this year, before this shit even goes through. Also, we’ve heard now that for our bus systems in Madison and Milwaukee to keep federal funding, they have to keep the collective bargaining. 144,000 people in Milwaukee get to work on the bus, and the routes they’d have to cancel would cut something like 45,000 people out of the loop?? Somethign like that. I’d LOVE to talk about this bullcrap all day. It SO directly affects me and my family, and lord knows I have plenty to say about it.
    Meanwhile…we’re trying to hold down the fort on the front lines!!

  6. Starbucks IS Satan!

  7. hey, i’m not in wisconsin, but we’ve got our own class struggle going on here in philadelphia. a great woman is running for sheriff with the green party – she organized protests against the RNC in 2000, she was a homeless mother at one point, she’s been fighting for the poor her whole life, and now she’s running for sheriff on a zero eviction platform.
    you should check it out (just click my username)

  8. was not directed at you,touche on the native remark,being from s.d. no all to well there plight.and to j.v.sorry for being a ass.

  9. the third world has been part of this country ever since we forced the native people into reservations–did you forget that? by the way I never go to starbucks

  10. who picked the coffee beans for your latte,splitting hairs,i think shortly the 3rd world will include us,everyone will be shopping at w mart,hope you can organize a protest for the home boys&girls,if its not to late. teachers,firefighters, cops, streetcleaners,meter maids,etc. i dont think have the luxury of buying designer.

  11. thats how ponzi schemes work—

  12. I would never show up to a union protest wearing clothes made in China as I think that would be an abomination to God. Instead, I have organized protests to raise awareness of the slave labor the American conscience has shipped out to helpless third world countries. I couldn’t get 10,000 union teachers to give a crap about that.

  13. F orever O n X ANAX

  14. btw FOX is lying about us

  15. I am proud to say that I live here in Madison and have been taking part of the protests every day this week. Please come to Madison Roseanne!

  16. Satan took their conscience don’t let him get their soul. Run Roseanne, Run.

  17. FYI All of our clouths were missing tags as we used them for wet wipes when we ran out !

  18. Fawn has been there every day as has many of her students and parents. Most folks here understand that times are hard and early on let it be known that they would make concessions regarding healthcare and retirement contributions. Collective barganing is now and will remain non-negoitiable .
    Everyone I talked with would have done anything to avoid interupting these kids educations. If the Govenor wins, the quality of many of their lives will be effected not just their education.Keep up the good fight !

  19. dashus christ says:

    That’s why you Roseanne Will be president of these united states.-it just can’t happen Soon enough

  20. Yes, but Satan is winning

  21. Does America have a soul?

  22. on a local, big island note… here’s a link to help stop FURTHER desecration of Mauna Kea:

  23. false revolution. i was one of about 100 people to protest the bilderberg meeting that obama and hillary attended together and i consider that to be the frontline. any protest that attracts spooks is the frontline.
    every single person at that protest better check the labels on their clothes. if they aren’t union made, they need to leave that protest and repent for their violent selfish hypocrisy.

  24. Correction – Our Dad ;) I love you Fawn.

  25. My sister Fawn (A Teacher) and my Dad ( A Great Dad) are on the front lines in Wisconsin. I’ll let them know.

  26. On, Wisconsin!!
    Going after the working class of this country and NOT the bankers and the war mongers is absolute insanity. Fight the powers that be, sister.

  27. This is just the beginning of all the shit the pepiglicans are going to try to do,under the false pretense to reduce the defecit. It’s all bullshit,they the filthy politicians and the bankers created the deep hole we are in now. And now they want to punish the working, tax-paying citizens of this U.S.A. They are a bunch of crooks, just like Mubarak.

  28. WISCONSIN,that is where the front line is!!!make no mistake about it,about 20 of the new govenors are republican,at the gov. meeting you can bet that carl rover told them that the best way to take out the for them to go back home and kill organized labor.tell the masses that it is because of your states defficet,but make sure you take away the bargaining was 100% correct on last nights pro.[very smart lady]take away the MONEY and take no prisoners,make all the workers our serfs,starve and freeze the poor,send women back to the coat hanger alleyways,and shovel the money to our fat cat republican donors ,that is carls philosophy,and may GOD ,THE QUEEN
    ,OR SATAN HIM,HERSELF strke me down if i am wrong.wisconsin IS THE i outam of breath