I am quite interested in interviewing people who are out there on the front lines of the battle for america’s soul–contact me here!

 GO BADGERS!  GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!  you are my heroes that you are making the voice of the working people heard!  YOUR GOVERNOR IS A WEASEL NOT A BADGER!!


  1. Hi I am not even sure you will read this, but I promised the “kids” i would try.
    I am a RN at a home for chronically ill and yes dying children, we try so hard to make it a home, last month someone donated your DVD of childrens songs. Let me tell you that my morning goes much easier now, the KIDS LOVE IT
    they cant talk, most cant walk, but when I say Roseann I hear squeals from every corner.
    You are so energetic, your Bob Marley rendition made me cry one morning, I wish it was true for some of my “kids”
    Just wanted to say thanks and wish there were more like that out there, mr wiggles and barney only go so far.
    Becky Trudelle

  2. I have a good friend in Wisconsin who has kept me informed daily of what has been going on there…you know, since our CORPORATE owned and operated media likes to hide all of it from the rest of the country! Not that anyone would pay any attention or believe it even if they did tell the story. I am just so fed up with so many in my country. Why the hell are people not outraged? Why are they buying the BS? These politicians, wealthy and corporations are doing far more damage than the terrorists did to our economy and what this country is supposed to be…and once was.
    I was watching Michael Moore’s movie Roger & Me last night and am amazed at how relevant that movie still is today. Have we not learned anything since then? WE have remained complacent and allowed this to happen. WE are just as much to blame as the politicians who have lined their pockets and sold our souls.
    Sorry to get so worked up, but I already lost my job to outsourcing. Paying someone in India .50 cents an hour for what I used to support my family doing. Now my husband is most likely going to lose his trucking contracts to Mexican trucking companies who will be charging a quarter of what he has to charge. It’s as if they want to break us. Make us worker bees, drones. Make it impossible for our kids to go to college and their only option being some minimum wage, dead end job or the military so these corporations can get even richer selling arms to our enemies who are shooting at our kids. It’s all a game to them…it’s all just greed.
    Sorry to rant on and on like this. On a sidenote I grew up in a not so good home…bad, really bad. It was your show that taught me what a family could really be like. The Conner’s were my escape every week. Not to sound nutty or anything I used to dream of being in a family like that, where no matter how crazy things got you still loved each other. That show saved my life, and broke a chain of abuse in our family. I hate to think of what I would have become without that influence in my life. I just wanted to always thank you for that…and sorry I couldn’t find another way of contacting you to send this message directly.
    Keep up the good fight for those of us with small voices. I agree with all of your views. It’s all just common sense…something we seem to have lost along the way.

  3. Amy 'What Me Worry?' B says: