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  1. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    American politicians should not be allowed to accept money from foreign organizations! Our government should not be obligayed to any foreign power. No wonder the middle east people dont trust the US.
    I became interested in the plight of the Palestinians back in the ’80s when I met a Patestinian refugee. I didnt know about what happened to these poor people because we were not taught what happened to them in school. We were only told about the genocide of the Jews by Hitler and other European governments. The palestinians were kicked out of their homes and led on a Trail of Tears in to Gaza. They could only take what they could carry, many were killed, and their valuables were stolen.
    We must face the truth and make world laws which protect humanity from the evils of the human mind.
    When I see what is happening over in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and all of the middle east, it makes me have hope. I see these peaceful protesters waving the peace sign (two fingers in a V) I cry because the movement still continues.
    Why cant we share? Such a simple solution, a solution only a mother or grandmother could come up with when children are fighting over something.
    Let’s vote on it.
    Wake up America!
    Give Peace a Chance!
    Peace be with us all.

  2. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I hit the one hundred hole on Bing Carniball.

  3. dashus christ says:

    Yes Dizzy-it is the Sounds of The Season!!!

  4. Walk like an Egyptian…..