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At the Booksigning in Hilo – It’s Lady Jane!



  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    i love that you are here taking care of your ailing Mom. You are a hero…. ps i love hairy monkey too! Im on their facebook under a different name. Me and my gal have been here for ten years and we love it, still… there are major adjustments of course…but all worth the island lifestyle and natural beauty. There is still connection here, to the land, the culture, and The Goddess Pele herself!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    No worries, dude, i knew what u ment. Thanks for enjoying! Maybe well meet on the big island….

  3. I think I understand Roseanne. Everyone has a right to some privacy and a sense of protection in their own home. I currently live in the middle of nowhere on acreage and would not appreciate someone strolling through Mom and my no property sign!

  4. I had no idea someone violated Roseanne’s property. I thought I was just giving a fun response to video of a lady singing a fun song about Roseanne running for president at the Hilo book signing. First time blogger, my apologies.

  5. yes. she has no right to trespass on my land, despite the good work she does.

  6. LOL! Why not get a life and stop harassing people? Allow me to also give you a news flash: Hawaii is no longer an independent nation but a state to the United States of America and in case you didn’t know this country allows individuals to purchase property and what they want to do with that property is not a community discussion and you have no say in that
    As for what you said “its just another vehicle for your reality t.v. series=$$$$$. Shame on you roseanne!” … if you think Hawaiians have a problem with camera crews and television networks filming on the islands then why don’t you take a visit over to Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu and voice your opinion on that—make sure to ask for Duane “Dog” or Beth Chapman. I’m sure that if they actually gave two shits for what you have to say (which they probably won’t) then they would have a camera crew right there why they voice what they have to say to react, and then have your ass arrested!
    Another thing you probably didn’t know about America: Harassment and Stalking are illegal!

  7. Well Good Morning to you too! Actually Roseanne, this is not your neighbour talking! I don’t live in my homeland and, if you have my IP address, you’ll know it! What, we pupules (apologies, I didn’t know you spoke our language), aren’t allowed to comment on published media articles that span the international media circuit? Are we only here to heap praise upon you? Is this what your webpage is all about? People like “Richard” who need to feed their ego and feel like their your best friend? Oh Please! I’m glad you have Hawaiians working for you, I may be related to some of them! Are you going to invite them to your parties, so you can say they are your friends too! Roseanne I would meet you up front and tell you what I think of what you are doing to your face. Like you, I don’t shy away from things and, if what you are saying and doing is the truth, I would apologize to you. I would think that your neighbour does have “friends in town” as you state, especially if she has lived there and contributed to the community longer than you. I will check out the website QuackQuack as I too, am curious. there is no reason to have a ho’omauha’la or act in a pe’lape’la i’no manner. You really need to mino’aka or you’ll end up with minomino.
    Ho’okeke i ka ni ho

  8. Yea, since she’s now went online to attack you (the website QuackQuack provided has comments from one person even admitting that their your neighbor) is not only harassment and libel but defamation of character as well.
    What you should do is call the police and give them the IP address of the one who harassed you on your blog and also print out that and the comment board of the Hawaii Tribune and take it to court with you since she’s violating your TRO—should prove interesting as judges usually aren’t too happy when their orders are defied.

  9. I think you are right. She is talking and libeling me and setting people up to come here and harass me. I am going to call the police. They do have strong anti stalking laws here, which is good. She has friends in town, and libeling and slandering me to town people is on the TRO. thanks you are right!

  10. Well normally in a restraining or no contact order it includes her having any 3rd party contact you as well. The way I’ve understand them is that they are to have no contact with you at all, including having people contact you for her. Try to have her arrested now!
    And you shouldn’t have to explain to me or anyone else what you do on your land, as long as it meets city ordinances then you should be able to do what ever you want with it. Regardless of your celebrity status your still entitled to privacy just like anyone else and shouldn’t be open to debate what you do, its definitely not for anyone else.

  11. I think she has put people up to it, and will use it in court too, as I do have the IP numbers of people who write to this site, and if they know her at all, I will name all of her contacts in the order as well, as they are libeling and harassing me.

  12. I believe you are a great person! I’ve been to Hawaii once and it seems like a great place but I’m sure like all places they have their not so nice people and gossip hens. Some appear to be bordering on obsessive when they seek out to even harass on your website. I read on the UK Daily Mails news website that you had already gained a temporary restraining order and I am sure that this would a breach of it if that is your neighbor.

  13. right on, this is a free country. I flattened a small patch of my land for a small garden. there are some terrible people out here in paradise. I have hired many hawaiian people and i pay them well too, so ask the people I hire if I am a good person or not–ask someone who knows me what I do–gossips are bad people.

  14. This is a free country called America, and it includes this island. Deal with it. The only reason someone like you sticks their nose in other people’s business is because YOU are doing something wrong your own self. I have your IP number, and I will turn it over to the police. You are threatening me in my own website. i have no such sign, you ignorant Pupule.

  15. Bitter? Sounds like a neighbor that could possibly be in violation of a restraining order, maybe? And its Roseanne’s land, if she owns it then that really shouldn’t be up for yours or anyone elses debate on what she does with it.

  16. Balls? Is that what you call it? roseanne should deal with her own back yard. Oh right, she’s busy bulldozing and tearing up her so called “nut farm” (hmmm…very appropriate place for her). You can stand up and scream at other people and ask them to be “barred” but, what about you? You have no respect for our Hawaiian land; its just another vehicle for your reality t.v. series=$$$$$. Shame on you roseanne! You are such a loud mouthed hippo-crit that sure doesn’t like anybody standing up to you. Whats this I hear that your accusing people of killing your goats? what about the damage (environmental & cultural) you are doing in Hawaii? and by the way, your no trespassing or you’ll be shot sign on your property is really friendly!

  17. Wow. I love people with “balls”. I hope we meet her there.

  18. I feel you. I am a lil nervous about the move with Mom. We found some remote spots we thought best to show respect and leave to the locals when there. It was more than likely in my head. I am sure trying hard to get started on working out with only five months left. We are snowed in again today and I have decided to spend my day in here, in Roseanne’s world! That’s kinda fun to say! Wow…I actually heard your laugh in my head right then lol! Can’t wait for all I find in here today.

  19. There’s a section of ocean that’s fed w/ a hot spring. You can access through the gated community in kopoho. No biting fish, but I have a scary sea snake story though near that area…

  20. once was enuff–those little fucking fish-bug things bite hard

  21. Go early AM when the water is clean. Great place for sunrise. Lots of staph infections there because of the water temp. Major breeding ground. :(

  22. i did go there and saw some rather large locals in that pond. i felt like twiggy over there

  23. sorry i was not on the island at the time. but go to pahoa to luquins mexican restaurant you will love it and get their famous margarita, its orange and i forgot the name!!!
    and don’t forget to ask the locals for the warm healing ponds. unbelievable and about 100 degrees of georgeous surroundings.

  24. I had a great time at the booksigning in Hilo. You are such a down to earth person. So glad to be sharing a little bit of Aloha with you, on this growing island. Alana always belts it out at the Seaview Market on Saturday mornings. She is a great singer and is always entertaining. Thanks Johnny for this video :)You are loved by all us Puna-tics. Please come back

  25. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    nice job lady jane i think you are very gifted. Johnnny good job shooting too. i like this a lot.

  26. I commend you on your Acorn work and I’m vary aware on your thoughts and efforts for Unions but Republicans are coming after these institutions in three different states. In Indiana, Minnesota and Illinois’s the wheels of protests are turning and I was hoping you’d take a stand for the working man! After all these are your constituents -Brother and Sisters that are preaching the same message as you!

  27. i was a member of acorn, and helped to raise the minumum wage in florida and ohio—i have a lot here on unions search it—thanks

  28. Ladyjane Green says:

    Thanks so much you guys! It was such a great day, and getting to relive the moment again thanks to Johnnys’ video is awesome indeed! as for making more music I would love to sing with you too…

  29. dashus christ says:

    What a Great Visual Tip!
    BARR NOW and 2012

  30. Way to go Lady jane Green!
    Don’t just sit on your ass, get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
    You can sing to them as we chop off their heads!
    In God’s name of course……
    and as directed by Roseanne.

  31. This is wonderful Roseanne a perfect example of a Roseannearchist in action but I was really disappointed to see you’ve yet to have blogged on labor unions. I’d hoped you would have already started being a voice for the union considering throughout history the Labor Union has build and sustained millions of middle class family’s!
    David Bell [Commonwealth Marketing]

  32. Amazing, Lady Jane!

  33. Nice sign, love the song, GREAT singing, woah!

  34. It’s probably homemade but though there’s a website online selling “Roseanne for President” stuff. I can’t remember where I seen it but I believe there’s a link from Perez Hilton’s website to it.

  35. dashus christ says:

    What a Beautiful Voice Lady J Green-Love Love This So Much! You have a Beautiful talking voice-it has been a dream of mine to hear it being sung!!!
    and we want Roseanne to sing w/you LJG

  36. This is awesome! Did she make that Campaign sign? Or can we get some to start putting up around the neighborhood?! ^_^

  37. Fantastic!

  38. That’s because the credibility is probably low and also its not uncommon for comedians and journalists to punk politicians and celebrities (for instance, when Sarah Palin ran for Vice President a radio show in Montreal called her governor office posing French President Nicholas Sarkozy and the office transferred them to Palins campaign manager who essentially connected them with Sarah Palin herself! The radio show hosts bragged in an interview about it saying that out of all the celebs they’ve punkd out of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Britney Spears and Queen Elizabeth II that Sarah Palin was the easiest to get on the phone because it only took them 4 days to do it! lmao)

  39. Omg did u see this?????
    Not one source is covering this! News is all filtered!
    Lady Jane bravo!

  40. what a voice! this vid represents Mr. Johnny learning to shoot film and post it here! We are old farts and learning this techno shit–blew my mind and i want to sing with ljg!!

  41. Gettin posted payment nuff, nice work Jane green.

  42. Pay the Lady…..

  43. wow.
    who knew Lady Jane could belt it out like that?
    awesome voice!