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what a wonderful review of my book, and the event of the signing:

You can hear the reading and the q and a if you scroll down.  I loved this woman, she was so intelligent and warm.


  1. Your book is not only brilliant, but hysterically funny. Thank you for being a truth teller.

  2. Just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta on Wednesday! I enjoy your books very much and I hope there are more in your future.

  3. She did a great interview with you, very intelligent and warm. And your answers are right on.

  4. Like Ed Sullivan, its a very big shoe.

  5. Would love to get Roseanne on my internet radio show to talk about her run for prez, just cant find anyone to contact. My shoe is on, and boy oh boy i would love to have you on the show, hope you can find some time for us.

  6. dashus christ says:

    Agreeing w/ you Tippy!

  7. The pictures of you are awesome…. you always look cute….how is that?
    The article really was, intellegent, and warm as you said!