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the green tea party of america

is the umbrella under which all other socialist groups stand in unity with the working class the unemployed, the dropped and the fired, and the downsized, those falsely imprisoned due to their race or because of poverty.  The abused by priests, those raped who got no justice, those whose children have been kidnapped or murdered by psychopaths and sadistic pedophiles who have been purposely unloosed on select communities by the Prison Industrial Complex of the united states of dick cheney.

Those held as slaves in this country by middle class women in their kitchens and laundry rooms, and it also speaks for all the women of every class who live in fear of loss in this country.  It speaks for all the dispossessed, and there are none so disposessed as the mentally ill, who are the guinea pigs of social scientists who study the Satanic Method–eugenics.  The Green Tea Party of America represents all those americans suffering from cancer and being charged blind to die.  It includes abused children and raped children who live on every block of this country.  It includes American mothers living as single parents in war zones that exist in every major city of this country today.  The Grandmothers of Gang members, who try everyday to turn children around and help them to succeed in turning their lives around, and who have been robbed of all social resources. I say to all of you, “We may not win, but we are right!”  We have been promised that one day doing the right thing for the right reasons in the right way, on behalf of righteousness would count for something big, would cause a seismic change for the better in all things.  HERE WE ARE NOW!  let’s get this done.  we will never again have the chance to stand together, and get up off of our knees.  We will support the people in Egypt who share our democratic values…
(all democratic values extend to all women, and that effectively will destroy the evil of endless waging of wars for profit.
for kabalists:  MOTHER LOVE, binat in Keter!!  binah is in keter now!  baruch hashem, this is the day of declaration—this is the dawning of the age of aquarius.  They have changed the weather and the crops and killed the bees the birds and the fish—anything with beating wings is an angel–they have killed the messengers.  welcome to the tower of babble.
 Yes the green tea party of america has a dream that a black president will be judged not on the color of his skin but on the content of his character:  He spoke to us of unity at a time where he could have divided us further, but he knows that he cannot do that, because it will not help anything.  Bush sold us down the river and now, done with politics, he taunts Obama to “tidy up his mess”–an old racist canard spoken by the rightest of right wingers who really own this country.
Obama must move this country’s workforce into a place of competition with the workers of China and that is actually great for everyone if it is executed correctly.  We can have unions that are worldwide and which do not allow slavery of any kind to exist upon this sphere, God’s physical world. (malchut) 
   We can be the Messiah now!  We can unite and help each other or simply, we can perish.  Remember what the prophets have told us:  to be kind first, to share, to stand united.  according to physics, at the highest level, GOD IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE UNITED!


  1. i feel compelled to acknowledge the contribution our middle and working class families have made in the quest to assure freedom for all americans by sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters. It is a sacrifice that we can never repay.

  2. There are two humans on this earth that truly know the price of freedom, that I am in awe of. Aung san suu kyi and Nelson Mandela. May their spirits continue to guide us long after they leave this rock we call home

  3. Great words Sis, I am sorry that you didn’t have a bigger audience. I surely would have attended had I known. Your words go down with the words great men like JFK, Johnson, Reagan (sorry; I liked”tear down this wall”), Clinton and Obama (Oprah picked that apple while it was still green). The problem is that our democracy limits the powers of the elected leaders (and for good reason). So many of us have great Ideas that can’t be achieved because of these well intentioned limitations. So where do we go from here?

  4. search ‘elect me!’

  5. Is there a link to the speech? I could not find it when I did a search.

  6. No, I have not seen this speech. I admit that I have not looked at everything on your website. I am always open to listening. I will take a look. I am ready to march down the freeway of revolution if it is all inclusive. Let us both sing a new song of freedom,dialogue and prosperity for everybody.

  7. yes–what i am saying is we need a NEW SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR PEOPLE! not for leaders and the rich only at the expense of everyone else–and not national socialism either (fascism). We need a whole new system based on real values—starting over with what we have in place is the cheapest and fastest way to accomplish our goals–that the earth can support its population. there is enough to make this happen right now…have you watched my speech on mothers day? all solutions are in there…my dc speech on mothers day.

  8. The man in the photograph with me and my mother preached freedom and socialism and delivered oppression and misery for his people. It will be hard to convince me of the glory of socialism. I don’t have a problem with the ideals of socialism, it is oppression I have an issue with. Still, I believe in you sis.

  9. More Tracy…”every day is born a man who hates what he can’t understand” now me… Freedom comes at at a great price, but it comes in the end.

  10. another one, “By any means necessary”.

  11. I will quote an astute negro lesbian. “Every day is born a fool. One who thinks that he can rule. One who says tomorrow is mine. One who wakes one day to find… Prison doors open and shackles broken and chaos in the streets. Let us all be free… Freedom for every one, FREEDOM NOW”. Thanks Tracy; I hear you. Another great negro. “Ain’t none of us free till all of us is free.”