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some on the internet are calling me the anti christ

which of course the true enemy of christ would do—I am of the House of David, the same bloodline as The Prince of Peace.  I do say the things that God wants people to know, and I say them two years before they happen.  I am unmedicated and tri-polar.  I channel.  To many that means I am crazy, but I offer this blog as proof that what I tell them is going to happen does in fact happen, two years after I tell them.  Here is my new prediction for two years from now:  Women in this country will have figured out how to support each other and each other’s children.  A government for of and by grandmothers will have manifested by then.  Meet me in Lafayette Park on Mother’s Day again this year and every other year.  I will show you the signs of She Who is Mother Love.  


  1. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    The anti-christ is anyone who does not acknowledge the Light,the Truth and the Law of humanity. Palin personifies the anti-christ so do many other major players in the world.
    Roseanne is enlightened and speaks the truth!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    “Some people” sorry, not pointing fingers speaking in broad generalities to all….

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    There was only one man behind the screen, Oz the terrible and magnificent! And it would behoove any woman to keep her eyes on any group of men, behind the screen or not…. they have a terrible track record when in groupthink mode! As in hide your women and children, and livestock, and banana peels…lol….people talk a lot of shite when they first come on this blog, then many read and learn things that expand their world view considerably…We thank R Barr for providing this forum for diverse points of view…. If this causes some to consider her the anti christ, then good! one more conservative a-hole can go elsewhere. Personally, I find Sarah Palin to be quite” anti christ like”, especially to the radical lez feminists in the house(Holla back yo!)
    (Forget Obamas birth certificate, has anyone checked her or her spawn for the mark of Cain?!? lol)

  4. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    Alright! I’ll see you there. I was thinking I need to make a trip to DC again. To see how things are going over there.Miracles have happened in that park. I believe your prediction will come true.
    Peace be with you.

  5. Jason Bagshaw says:

    This is me & my sister Ashley in the photo.

  6. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I found some nice artwork some about the anti-christ at under media & then under art.

  7. Dont pay attention to those who judge others and call names Roseanne……..they just want to know you heard them… no attention to the men behind the curtain

  8. I think they’ve been calling you that since back when you started your sitcom, although then they didn’t have the internet to post it on. And that’s why we’ve always loved you! How scary it must be for them that you’ve become even more wise and outspoken. Roseanne you are a haven for sanity on the internet!

  9. You are. You are my Auntie Christ. And Granny Dude. Heh.

  10. Correction, i didn’t think peter the great was the anti christ, i read he was the anti christ, lol..

  11. Fuck em. I thought Peter the Great was the Anti Christ. Anyone with a name like that would have to be.