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real target in ariz:

it really is starting to get on my nerves that the spraying of dumbing down gases from airplanes is making americans unable to access what is happening here!!!


  1. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Yes, I agree deeply he was a great judge, we could use 100 more of his statue if we could find them… and I also agree that they try 24-7 to remove them from the bench all the time…the trend now being to attack the appointment process…and yes he was under protective services due to the case you mentioned until he asked for that protection to end…Roll was a great man as an individual as well… he heroically jumped into the bullets path trying to shield and save the life or Mr. Barber I can not imagine a more heroic person than that…he was one of the few who honestly lived as he preached…that is rare….

  2. Hey DUDE…
    Check out what happened today In Iowa.
    Every time A Judge (or In this case the Supreme Court of Iowa) makes a Ruling some “conservative activist” runs a dog and Pony show (that they have no grounds to do) in to court, to try and remove Judges or worse yet, try to change the selection or Process in which they are appointed. Or file complaints over trivial issues to get them impeached, or threaten to require Marshel Service protection.
    John Roll was a true Jurist, a Great legal mind that made FAIR rulings, and allowed EVERYONE with a valid case. Keep in mind John Roll and his Fam where under marshel service protection for 6 months, all over his druling that allowed Immigrants to Sue a Rancher in AZ.

  3. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Wasn’t trying to debunk anything…nor did I say that information on any executive orders were not correct…at the beginning of this thread my question still remains: What would make one think that the judge was the primary and direct target in this attack and not GG? That is the question I had at the beginning of this thread and the question still remains unanswered to me…maybe the question has been answered to your satisfaction…and that’s great if it has…but I am saying that to me…it has not…

  4. whew, thank goodness you debunked that article in it’s entirety. we can all sleep better tonight

  5. FDR Executive order 6102
    1917 and then was somewhat changed and reinstated by FDR in 19033
    So what about that document was erroneous and ignorant?

  6. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Not only is the word “chilling” overused…that has to be one of the most erroneous and ignorant documents I have ever read in my life…

  7. some people are alleging that the judge was the real target–remember how bush and rove got rid of all the judges too?

  8. I posted this in the giffords thread, will repost it here.
    The word “chilling” appears a few times in this article. It is not overused.

  9. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    You did good, you always do I enjoy reading your comments…and I understand the points you make as well as the vid…but I do not understand how the judge could have been the target instead GG…I understand the many reasons that someone would make him a target but I don’t see the proof or anything pointing to the idea that he (was) the primary or intended target…

  10. How’d I do?

  11. Hopefully I will do an OK job of even trying to articulate my own interpretation of your question.
    yes the judge was the target.
    You should know who sheriff Mack is to understand what he states in the Brass Check TV vid.
    Sheriff Mack took what was known as “The Brady Bill” to the supreme court. The Brady Bill was a mandate that all Sheriff’s in the United States were mandated by the Federal Government to take orders from THEM.
    Sheriff Mack took the matter to the Supreme Court and won, under the simple idea that the Sheriff’s Oath, was to the Constitution and the civilians it protected, and NOT the FED.
    Hence, “The Oath Keepers”.
    If the Fed mandated that everyone should take the H1N1 flu shot-the local sheriff could protect your right to not have that shot….
    ….and more….
    according to Sheriff Mack the Judge who was shot, was a strong constitutionalist, and very instrumental in the success with the Bradley Bill…..
    and Gun rights.
    Probably one of the few Judges who was not an Illuminati, or a “New World Order” bad guy, but instead a patriot.

  12. People have no idea how easy it is to come up with and execute a plan like this. These same people (the mass) are addicted to victimization and tragedy. Admitting the truth would stop all of that. Tragedy is the opiate of the masses. Tragedy is their religion.

  13. dashus christ says:

    My hope is that film makers or otherwise don’t try making $$ glamorizing this tragedy in AZ.maybe Jesse Ventura could do some of his great work on uncovering issues involved here !

  14. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of the link to Judge Roll from brasscheck tv in this post…Am I to understand that you think he was the primary target of the attack?

  15. Do you think that is what chemtrails are? Those are literally everywhere — it seems like I can’t go anywhere without getting them in my vacation photos — and the government won’t say what they are. Also the stuff in the food most people eat will literally make us insane… not to mention TV and computers!
    Roseanne — Your blog is one of my favorites on the web to read A) Because you are one of my favorite stars from one of my favorite shows, B) It is constantly entertaining, and C) You promote meditation as being the answer to everything. About that you are absolutely right! I have been meditating for about 5 years and it has completely turned my world around (although I have learned of course you can’t turn to meditation to solve your problems completely and must do the work for yourself — on the other hand, meditation teaches you what to change and leads you to the work you have to do.) Meditation teaches you that you control your own life, which forces you to get rid of your scapegoats.