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m knight shlamtheham (whatever)

is the worst fucking film maker of all time.  He should be prevented from writing or directing anything ever again upon pain of death.  If I run into this cornball hack at a party this year, I will tell him right to his face that Devil, his new movie blows dead dogs.  What an insipid waste of a sleepless night in NY. I should have taken the ambien instead it would have been more entertaining.  I am going to file for a court injunction to keep this guy away from film.  Also, I noticed that carrie fisher, who got so angry at me when I outed Rosie O, has now outed Travolta.  I hope it’s not true that Travolta is gay,because I have been going around telling everyone that I know him and he is not, and I say the same about Tom Cruise.  I do not think they are gay because they say they are not and they sue people who say they are, so that is all the proof I need that they are not gay.  

 Yet now everyone says Travolta is, including Carrie Fisher. If he is gay, then I hope he is living a fantastic gay life and doesn’t feel that he needs to stay cloaked and hidden in order to star in movies.  Movies are the worst thing in the world, and everyone in them is a nutcase and everyone who makes them is a psychopath, and everyone who writes them is a drug addict.  It’s a shame that the gays have to hide so that the idiot public can buy into a big fat lie.  M Knight Shlamtheham is just one of a number of wack jobs who cannot write worth a fuck, and despite that FACT,  are shitting money for wasting ninety minutes of a human viewer-victim’s life!  shit!!


  1. Caitlin–
    TOTALLY agree! And, to me it seems strange that acceptance IS such a radical idea in our world, but apparently yes, that is the case :(
    And, I too just bought the new book and am very excited to begin reading it!!!

  2. i love you roseanne and what you say about hollywood
    it disgusts me to see billions every year spent on production of meaningless waste of time movies, instead of feeding children and helping people in need…

  3. Hawaii Photo Guy says:

    Thanks for outting M schlamaham as a hack. I was thinking I was alone with that opinion.
    Cruise & Travolta gay…why do I care again?

  4. I didnt know scientologists could be gay.
    CArrie fisher love her but wishful drinking the play Eh

  5. Hey Roseanne! It’s great to see you on TV again. I recently moved from Hawaii so it’s great to see you’re doing your part to preserve and contribute to helping the islands and beyond. The islands has it’s challenges of diversity and acceptance in itself. It’s not just a “vacation” place and really should be taken more seriously by all. I agree with you about M. Knight Sham… and that’s what he is, a Sham! If J. Travolta is gay, he sure does love women too! He was filming a movie in Santa Rosa, CA many years ago and was busted by my bf security guard at a beach resort with 2 B E A U TI FUL women in an after hours romp in the pool one night. BF wasn’t thinking he was gay. But JT did throw out the “Do you know who I am” card and just became another Ass like many other Celebs. So based on that info, I don’t think he is… but again, so what if he is.
    I’ll be getting your book this weekend! BTW, there’s many ways to “Eat Crow”, I have lots of recipes because I eat them all the time. Drop me a line should you want me to send them to you…LOL. You brightened many a sad nights for my family when you had your tv show and you continue to do so. Take care Roseanne.

  6. Totally agree. After sitting through that painful, disengaging, horrible 90 minutes I wish the old demon lady would of popped out of the elevator and took me to the depths of hell with her.

  7. I thought M Knight was why those Scary Movies were so good. He did a good job with those. That scene where the blind redheaded cult gal takes a crap in the church gets me every time.
    I kid…

  8. He did sixth sense?? I liked that movie alot. cant remeber the movie i saw back when but it was a dud.

  9. You’re totally right!! We watch that piece of crap this weekend. He should have bailed out gracefully after the Sixth Sense.

  10. Wow. I just started the new year in a good way. I saw the USA Today article about your book which guided me to here. What an awesome blog — M. Knight and duck lips — I’m ready to sit back and enjoy. Rant away, you’re wonderful. Happy New Year!

  11. I suppose this is off-topic, but just wanted to say hey, Roseanne! I got your book today, and I’m so excited to start reading it. I’m a young feminist, activist, and student from Virginia. I write for a couple feminist blogs, and I’ve been spreading the word about your book’s release. The feminist movement is as strong as ever, and I just wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration to us.
    And I totally agree about what you said in your response: “we need to see diversity in order if we are to respect it.” Social change happens when we stop being afraid to be who we are and learn to accept others as they are. It seems simple, but it’s actually quite radical.

  12. What about Horshack??

  13. I remember back when having to see a knight shamolon movie and being thourouly saddened. SO I get itt. Im not not runn’n to the next hit.

  14. DJ,…
    Hi, do you mind me inquiring about your TV show? I grew up in Missouri, worked out of Memphis as a teenager on a towboat (I loved catching Red’s Boatstore passing through
    I’d like to do something with your show, provided you enjoy my memoir and writing. I recall that Tennessee has some of the clearest, sparkling clean rivers you will find anywhere in the world. The Tenn river has sensors every mile or so, and the CG knows exactly when trash and shit got dumped into the river, and who was on that spot of the river….they tolerate no dumping, no shit. So the river is clear to the bottom,….or it was
    thirty years ago,…haha! My memoir is called Webster Groves, and is written under the name of RJ O’Guillory.

  15. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    hey dont be shy or hold back Roseanne , tell us how you REALLY feel.. lol
    I have to say Im in complete agreement, I mean , one decent 1st film and some AMEX commercials and M. Knight Shamalamadingdong is working forever..
    really the 1st film maker Ive ever seen to actually get progressively worse and worse with every picture .
    I think Travolta is just sexual period. the church of Sciencrazology is what makes him so closeted and ashamed to be gay me thinks.
    hope you will come to my TV show and share your opinions. left you my contact, etc in the other thread HNY
    look forward to your book tomorrow xo Tenn.

  16. dashus christ says:

    i most definitely agree here w/ Roseanne and Tippy-i would Love to see ALL gays come out! The govt.(s) is so afraid and intimidated w/ this idea-one being that the world has been blessed w/ many,many gays-Beautiful People! as been said-there is STRENGTH in numbers.Why keep hiding from this TRUTH-let’s enjoy what we can/have and what is Right and RIGHTFUL-it is ours! Love the links TC-Thx! i love JK Killing Us Softly-harsh as it is,but told w/ some humor-all women need to wake now and realize they are trying to look like something that has never existed and at what cost and for no good reason.Women need to understand that being born a female really is all it takes in any world.! Tho it is taking some doing to set the record straight. It is Woman that make the beauty w/ just being who they are,& the wisdom that comes from within! We are not shallow objects like hollywood would like us to believe.

  17. Tom Cruis plays part of “Gay Unicorn”

  18. kanya, travolta and cruis in the closet

  19. I am an out gay woman and I’d also like to say as a gay, JT and Tom C also are men and I might add as Jean Killbourne who wrote “Killing Us Softly” said, ” that making a person a “Thing” instead of a human being is the first invitation for violence as it is easier to harm something that has been “Objectified”…”
    So yes, our sexuallity should be acurately portrayed in films and movies for us……..
    which…..aint happening.
    don’t mean to go off topic but it seems relevant.

  20. My X-girl friends brother took the lead in “A Chorus Line” in the LA run back in the 70’s early 80’s. He said that John Travolta grabbed his ass in the bathroom. The brother of my X said, “yes, definetly gay”….
    …. I have a feeling that he is bi- but yes, I agree with Ro, hiding your sexuallity to get work from Holy-wood (the devil’s PR) is not only draconian it’s implications speak volumes about the idea of “selling your soul”

  21. yes but they are our business in as far as the pervasive violence against the gay and lesbian and bi sexual and transgender population. We need to see diversity if we are to respect it.

  22. …..btw,…..I have a beautiful daughter in Georgia, 25,
    Lesbian, politically active regarding her sexuality,….. of my proudest moments as her Father,…when she quietly mentioned that she way Gay,…(no one suspected),
    I asked her why she thought I was interested in who she slept with, and then we moved on to lunch. Later on, we
    talked a little about the encounter and she told me, “I knew you would have no issues, raised me,”…. it not amazing that we waste such energy worrying on other peoples happiness, habits or lifestyles? If you are harming no other soul in some tangible manner,…why do we care so much about other’s business?
    My goals for me kids were fairly simple,…be happy,..and
    as ethical as the world will allow you to be,….whether a brief sexual encounter,..or a long-term relationship,..
    it amazes me that anyone thinks that those decisions are anyone else’s business, in any way……

  23. ….I’m unsure if a movie worse than, “Case 39″ can be
    produced,……but, I am sure that if you wanted to hire a writer to write a script for a movie worse than Case 39,……hiring M Knight Sillyman would be a succesful move…..hell, I sold hamburgers for a living, and I have more vision and imagination that M Knight will ever acquire,…..however,…..he did make some majic with one film,..and made a place for himself,….too bad he doesn’t have the creativity to expand from that level of success….