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leave AT%T and other Tea Party supporting phone companies!:

I am going to switch to Credomobile because they support PROGRESSIVE POLITICS AND not the politics of the right wing!! 


  1. I just checked out of ATT and will call thx for the suggestion and now I will be paying less-Yeah!

  2. I had credo for a while because I really like what they stand for. However, they have really bad coverage and their tech support blows. I still continue to sign the petitions that they send me through email.

  3. libertarians and I agree up to a point! I feel we need the right kind of regulations and not the wrong kind.

  4. momofthree i see what you are saying is true and right! I need to let AT and T know that I do not like their profits going into buying lobbyists who are for the striking down of Abortion Rights for Women! I will let them know by blogging about it right now!

  5. totally agree Debhop… sounds good to me! am going to vote in 2012 on the person who is for the people not what party they are affiliated with……bring on the Independants……..bring on liberatarians………..bring on the middle ground

  6. snot, I came from the right to the middle and now I can watch both side from the center.I see why both sides feel the way they do.But I wish people would understand how powerful words are. The devision in this country must close!!
    What would happen if everyone moved center?
    I tell you what. This country would start moving forward.

  7. Its a little hard not to take offense to “out of my freakin mind” I am not out of my mind……I gave Roseanne advice that calling A T & T and letting them know why she was leaving or writing to them could not hurt. I get a little tired of going over everything I post on here because there are some people that take every word I post and turn it into something totally different. What did anything I post have to do with Clintons, Bushs’, Obamas ect…. I do not bow to them, any of them and never will. I actually posted facts about what happened to my family when we went to a smaller phone company……if you dont like what I said……do not read my post and for God sakes, learn to stop calling people names you know nothing about-And you are totally in the dark to think all left wing Govt are trustworthy. (since you had to comment on the right) And I do go on FACT based websites but my post had not one thing to do with that. Find some other conservative to bark at, to call names to…….

  8. Lighten-up. Do you ever get a point across without verbal fists?

  9. No offense Momofthree, but you’re freakin’ out of your mind!!! There’s no equal ground to be had with the Right Wing, they’re just poisonous. The Bushes, McCain, the Clintons, Obama – they’re vicious war-mongering jugglers, and you and your kids’ futures are the bowling pins they’re juggling. First thing you should do is learn to read, and then check our, Counterpunch, Alternet and the like. Hurry up!!

  10. oh…also…..we changed to a small phone company near our hometown to get away from A T & T but then we have recently found out -if we have a problem that requires a technician to come out…….they send an A T & T tech anyway…….its a monopoly folks !

  11. Thought we were all trying to come together? Always division……..why not call AT & T (which I do not use because they treated us unfairly on a contract) and tell them how you feel. We do not need left or right wing big business …if it is a business all americans are using-They should play on equal ground. But in my opinion, no big business (which all of us really own) should play politics.

  12. Cool! I’ve had Credo for a few years and the service is great, and it’s a huge plus that they support progressive causes.