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Jon Stewart invites Glenn Beck on his show, but will not book me–that says everything there is to say about Jon Stewart:


It’s really kind of depressing to think that the one voice of liberal american comedy has shut me out, since that is the exact same audience that is my audience.  It leaves me to wonder if Jon Stewart likes women comics at all (other than Tina Fay who has the weight of Lorne Michaels behind her.)  I do not like the way that Jon’s show is constantly referencing right wingers, fox and palin and offering no substantive solutions to any of our country’s problems.  Jon, you are a talented guy, but don’t let them use you as a shill to cross promote the abysmal messages they push.  You can do better than rebut the worst segment of america’s commentators–you need Roseannearchy–(solutions to capitalism).


  1. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    That Rally in DC was suspect in my mind when the camers focused on a tea bagger. Colbert is an odd fellow and he usually pisses me off within five minutes of his show. I alqays respected Jon but after seeing some of that rally I have been wondering about him.I believe he is disillusioned too.
    He should have Roseanna on his show!

  2. But Roseanne…..Its about reaching people-No matter what station your on, if you get your message out, thats what really matters. Its about gaining your audience even if it takes going on a network you loathe-there are still people watching that would like to here you. You were great on Bill O. He always has both sides and debates are what educates each side. Richard Dreyfuss, who I agree with to a point but mostly in politics, we are on opposite sides of the fence was on Fox Morning news pitching his book this past week. He got an audience to hear his take on why our education system is failing. I think its important to speak out to all audiences.

  3. the thing the left does that infuriates me, because it works like counter intelligence, is to try to herd its most radical folks under a male controlled political umbrella, and I can’t live like that. The Green Tea Party is my creation, and I am happy to include any who wish to be included, but–I am the center and I will not be moved, because I know how easy it is for men to co-opt everything that women do. I welcome your help on my bandwagon, but will not go anywhere but where I am standing.
    I get my ideas straight from my maker, and respect no human’s constructs, but my own, as they are garnered from intense prayer and meditation, and not to build any misogynistic systems where women are peripheral and not at the center. Anything not run by women who are committed to solutions before politics will never work.

  4. Roseanne…You have to remember……ratings matter-look at the ratings of Fox compared to other big stations. ” Fox and friends” in the mornings beats out even the night news shows on other stations. That shows how many people watch. Jon knows that and knows those followers will watch his show if people like Bill O and Beck go on his show. You need to go on Beck ! See if he will talk about your book on his show. That would be a great debate ! The only way to hear each side is to go on together. Thats why people loved seeing you and Ted N. on CNN together…..spiced it up ! People get bored hearing one sided TV all day. You and Beck would be interesting for people to see on the same show and that would sell your book even more on the other side of the fence ! You have always known how to draw an audience………just a thought

  5. Jon, Jon, Jon…

  6. I just want to add, I never trusted John either….I’ve bummed out long ago when he had on Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!” and asked stupid-er questions than Joy Bear-hair asked Roseanne…….if that’s possible.
    Now seriously, with the slew of government shillz he has on everynight…
    would he and the net works have on Real-live-Roseanne?
    Nope- that why TV, and John Stewart, suck.

  7. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised–ZFtjR5c

  8. WORD!!!!!

  9. Ive never trusted them, they are double agents that work both sides to spy on anyone in the left and stewart and co. are just too much a part of the machine.
    The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised.

  10. dashus christ says:

    Yes,i believe this pretty much says it all-Hey Jon Stewart,invite Roseanne Barr to guest on your show and then i will watch-otherwise i won’t watch your show anymore and hope others will follow. anyway Jon-what are you afraid of,maybe the TRUTH!-or the Govnot.