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It’s so hard to stay calm and keep your head together



  1. Your grandmother is right…… they are drugging the tap water with Flouride & ? Wonder what’s in the chemtrails. How about Frankenfoods? Then you have the cultural programming on top of it all, OY Vey! No wonder people are depressed, etc.

  2. Thanks

  3. Debhop I always get the message too that the PM wasn’t sent. But Roseanne replied to mine, so …. it did get through.

  4. I put your name in the username. I hope it went through.

  5. dashus christ says:

    Good Thoughts on your words of wisdom JB!

  6. I am trying. it keeps telling me user name is wrong. I will keep trying.

  7. I can soo now see why it would be hard to keep it together!! this cia stuff has knocked me out of my reality.
    what if i go get my crazy Grandmother and bring her here and put up with all her crazy and then find out its all bullshit shes no victim shes just crazy. I better do some more research first.lolololol I cant stop laughing at the thought!! lolololol I better Pay Leona a visit.
    if you did not see my other post. my grandmother who as been in a few white jackets has been claiming the Cia drugged her for yrs as long as i one ever payed attention to her. She was written off as crazy when she was still young.that part is sad. Maybe it was true.

  8. dashus christ says:

    the bright will shine forever and always!

  9. Jason Bagshaw says:

    The Hope Diamond.

  10. Jason Bagshaw says:

    Yah I am excited about this year. Reminds me so far of a train on the go that is being heavily protected.

  11. Nichole Rose Marie Winton was already named prior to her first appearance in this world the day after Thanksgiving 1994, one day late (Fat people won’t miss a meal at any cost) which makes her too smart, or just smart enough to be a danger to herself, and that pisses me off.

  12. they are little demons sometimes. but their brains have to do what they have to do.

  13. you can go to the old forum and register and send me a personal message there (a pm) this is the best way to reach me, thanks

  14. I tried not to raise my voice this year as resolution, but like all resolutions, it lasted about one week or until my power chakra burst and words flooded out in less than perfect pitch. I hate teenagers.

  15. For real … staying calm hasn’t even been a possibility lately for me … so head is CLOUDY .. ready for it to be clear skys again soon!

  16. !!!!!!!The info has to do with the future of the arts! and what someone is doing to change things in a GOOD way!! I want to give you a name and contact info For this person. if you are curious you can contact them directly.I want so Badly to just tell, but who knows who might be lerking here and pass the info to the enimie.

  17. Roseanne, when I am at wits end.I drive. A nice long drive in the country it clears my head.
    But its to icy outside so I just want TO SCREAM!
    I have the inside on some stuff I believe you would be very interested to know! I am a domestic Goddess and am way out of my element here! what am i doing? trying to contact Roseanne Barr. I am not going to ask for money!!!! I just want to share some inside info with you. I got the information from my husband first hand. He got the information through his bussiness.I can not display the information publicly!
    I am no doubt a nut for trying. Will you hear me out Roseanne?

  18. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Everyone I know is freaking out right now about one thing or another , whether its no job , bills piling up , son /daughter in Iraq/ Afghanistan, health issues, and if its not any of those the rest of my friends are absolutely on edge and flip out so easy … its just right now is a very hard time for sensitives, intuitive people & anyone with their lights on paying attention to this world.
    Its morning and I am beginning my day with meditation . Also I meant to tell you at the book signing , I have been volunteered at a recovery clinic in The Bronx that uses 5 point ear acupuncture , Ive used it before but its great along with the breathing exercises you mention here to keep me from freaking out .
    Stay calm and do nothing everyone as Roseanne sez , dont act , just meditate , watch and wait.

  19. Yes, for sure. And I thought 1/11 would be sublime.

  20. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I was thinking about lime juice . I had a bottle of sweet lime juice and a bottle of carbonated water . I mixed them and made my own soda. That was last month . Tonight I am drinking Welch’s Sparkling non -alchoholic White Grape Juice Cocktail.
    I’m not sure how things would be to pour white grape juice all over , but I do know the lime hasn’t been that bad.

  21. I took your advice and bought a huge order of Macadamia Nuts. I’m not shure how many to eat daily, but will give it a shot. Thanks for the information on The Talk. It was a pleasure getting to see you on television. Keep on rockin’, Roseanne! I (heart) you!

  22. I find myself in that situation more than I like. Being a mother of 4 (you met the youngest one last night at your book signing) I don’t have many “calm” moments haha. I cherish my five minutes on my patio with my cup of coffee to come back to myself, and thanks to your book I now get to have some laughs added to my time of reconnection! Thank you Roseanne!

  23. Sure is. But sometimes, you have to just let go and get it out of your system. Then you can calm down and move on.

  24. dashus christ says:

    Right On LADIES-all so true–Let’s Meditate!

  25. I hear THAT (*/*) ! Roseanne you have so many irons in the fire, you’re an amazing person. You’re probably accomplishing in 1 lifetime what 50 average people might be able to do.

  26. i think people are freaking out right now Roseanne….
    and i know how that can feel…..
    I just hope that we all find the ability and strength of spirit not to react to harshly when are fears confront us.

  27. true dat