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i pray for gabrielle giffords

who is a Jewish woman, and who asked Obama to broker a peace between Israel and Palestine.

i have written of mk ultra activation of the mentally ill’s programming here. It’s just all so very sad for the people who have been murdered and also for the people who are mentally ill, and for our country at large.  I hope that we can find a way to help and to reach each other and connect to goodness.


  1. More fun than is allowed by law ;-> I’m sure you are way ahead of me in thinking about linking us to any photos. Bet you feel like a kid on Christmas. Have fun.

  2. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    the little ones won’t stand still long enough they are all jumping about when i come near them…I will keep trying ha!

  3. dashus christ says:

    Can’t wait to see your new little goats also!

  4. Espresso, if your goat pics won’t show here on the Blog, they will in the ‘Old Forum’.

  5. Oh Absolutely!! Can’t wait to see them ;->

  6. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I would imagine it will be on CNN and FOX at some point over the weekend…It would probobly be on in the wee hours in the AM…I have not looked but it is possible to find it on either media outlets websites as well…
    PS: I am back at my home in the mountians today and I am going to pick up my new little goats here shortly…I will post you a pic…

  7. Espresso, I’m hoping there will be a rebroadcast of the Memorial service as I’d like to watch in full. I’d like to hear more from the media about all of the victims in this tragedy. The 9 year old girl certainly was a unique child, to already be interested in her community & society. I especially like your comment ‘all the hope in the world is within a child’.

  8. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    yes, it puts a (?)mark behind everything we do or say…asking did we say ro do the right thing… and so it should be…adding a little thought into our lives resulting in a more thoughtfull outcome of our actions is a challange…I for one should do it more often…

  9. thats was exactly the part of the speech that affected me. The words about the 9 year old….she was an amazing child and had so much to give.

  10. I’m sorry but Obama’s kind words and affectations do nothing for me anymore it all seems so fakee. Love how he pauses for emphasis we dont think so.
    Frkn dont use the 9 yr old for your own causee Freakk

  11. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I couldn’t recall one word of the speech if I had to…I just kept looking over the crowd and thinking that there was this nine year old child who was so interested and curious in changing the world one day…and by damn if she didn’t…even at that young age her life truly was not in vain…all the hope in the world is within a child…

  12. Heard Obama’s live speech tonight at Arizona memorial-best speech ever for him (in my opinion) and left me feeling hope and having more compassion…………

  13. Thanks Expresso Dude……i feel the same way……one sided views can only get boring! How can conservatives know other views without debating or hearing them and vise versa-(sp?) I am going to take the time to look into the MKULTRA project this weekend when I can really read it all-thanks for info……would have never heard about it unless I had come here! On that note……i did hear a quote from a highschool friend of the guy that did the shootings in Arizona that he never even watched TV at all and did not ever listen to talk radio. It was on the national news tonight but of course, we dont know how much this “friend” was around him? I do believe we have to stop making everything about blaming someone on the other side (left or right) I do wish Obama was better at drawing us all together-Bush had a chance to do that and didn’t do it either. We look to a leader to bring us together no matter our views as Americans-I think its important-There is way too much name calling and finger pointing in the US than ever before-We are all still Americans ! I think we need to get back to a place where we work together more for solutions………where we show more compassion on a daily basis instead of just when there is a tragedy-Thanks for your comments……they are always productive

  14. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    The concerns regarding MKULTRA are valid ones…the program did exist and for the most part what you might read about it are true…most of the data gathered in this program was destroyed and only a small cache of documents remain (which were only recently found)…the people involved in its experiments are now dead and gone for the most part…any names or numbers of the folks used in the program are non-existent…and thus it is impossible for anyone wanting to re-visit the patients or un-do any damage is moot…the one thing that speaks to the programs wide and abusive structure is the age range of relevance in regards to the people we now relate to “crazy”, “homeless” or “whacked out vet”…their age range and social level places them directly within the marks of the project and thus one has to take into consideration that their claims of such are not the mere ranting of a crazy person…most examples of what we consider out of the norm do not fall above or below this age range or relational time period…furthermore one will find that the existence of state and federal mental facilities were disbanded country wide all within the same time periods…not too long ago there were massive campuses scattered across the land which held and treated these patients…shortly after this time period as well not only giving the effected no where to turn but releasing the majority of patients being cared for (the word care should be regarded as a loose term) into the streets to fend for themselves…this was done under the guise of public outcry for political correctness…and as such has backfired on us…a true example of how you can be encouraged to ask for something under disguise you will one day regret…but the defense will always that you the public asked for it…if you have ever wondered why the majority of people you pass on the street that act strange according to your definitions are of a certain age range this is the strongest silent ghost of those experimental years of the MKULTRA project and its various spin-offs….Monarch etc etc…the project has left one un-dying legacy however and that is of people falling within this effected age range trying their best to parent children…and while the projects direct results are not inheritable the dysfunction however is…and it will take several cleansing generations to dilute its trespass on human life….while it is easy to take aim at the politics and governmental evolvement (and rightfully so) also remember that thousands of private doctors, college educators, drug companies, as well as private class investors took not only an active role but a major role it the projects fulfillment…

  15. dashus christ says:

    it’s always been happening-can not take my eye off the ball for a moment w/ that, but at the same time i use no energy on it-just Meditation-it is all positive,and i won’t have it any other way. CIA, [parts of it]MK and other evils ,just have tried so hard to make everyone think they don’t reALLy exist,Huh’where have we heard that before. They are however showing their cards openly now.-real smooth-i jest about the smooth.-how bout another email.IMO,it is not granny who is crazy for her knowingness.

  16. If this shit is real my Grandmother might not have been crazy!!! the last time my son saw her he would laugh and tell me how no one could leave a drink anywhere if you took your eyes off it she would dump it out,saying the cia would put poison in it.And alot of other crazy sounding stuff about the cia and sometime the notzies. pardon the spelling! I am very upset!! She is in her 80s now she got taken away to the funny farm for acting crazy the first time probably mid 1940s.Was it happening then??!!

  17. What to hell!!!!!! is that REAL?!!

  18. Was that u tube video about mind control posted by the shooter!!! thats &^%”)*^%%@#% freaky!!

  19. I second that
    Ive been glued for 2 days.

  20. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I don’t think that Roseanne is going to ask you to leave…She hasn’t asked me to leave and God knows I can unload my mind on here from time to time…it’s a community of folks that I think are of one accord…which is refreshing…I read this blog long before I decided to become active in posting here and after doing so I began to see a few parallel lines that coincided with my own thoughts on certain social issues…and that is when I began to post here…Some days I think that the marble floor under my desk will crack open and a mac-nut tree will spring forth with a little note tied on one if its limbs…and when that happens I might pour myself a stiff drink, quietly pack my briefcase and change a few of my stances…but until then I will go on posting what is on my mind and let the folks here help me round it out…their tossing around of some of my thoughts actually helps me define my musings and wonderment…

  21. That doesn’t sound like a legal minimum wage! Where do you live, India ;-> ?? Barnes & Noble sells the book thru their website for less than the bookstore. You can also ask your local library to order it, then read for FREE!