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I love Iowa and Iowans:

I want you guys to make sure that Legalization of Medical Marijuana takes root in your compassionate arms.  You are truly the right people for the right time to make this happen.  So many of you have relatives in the prison system for a joint, or some small amount of marijuana.  You have seen the feds come to take the homes and businesses of marijuana users.  You have seen the truth of the federal governments failed war on drugs, and how completely unjust it is.  You know that sick people find relief in smoking marijuana.  You know it must be regulated–so that Butane and other poisons are not added to it.  You know there is no reason on earth that it should not be legal in a free country for adults.  Make this happen Iowa GALS: (great and lovely sisters).


  1. You need to do the molecular South-spin technique to ALL fluids before drinking! You need to listen to the FREE AMERICAN HOUR with Clay Douglas on or every morning!
    You also should eliminate beef, pork and all shell-fish like lobster,shrimp and crap from your diet.
    I think we all need to remember just what we are really supposed to be doing for the short time that we are here, and say thank you to our spiritual Mother’s and Father for it all. Now buckle your seat belts because the ride is nearly ready to begin.

  2. Martin Covax says:

    I like the Jubilee on taxes,
    Bringing home all military.
    I have heard from several sources
    there is more than one alien race
    that’s been here…./Sometime during the caveman
    days and of them
    could be set on destroying us inhibitants..
    Quantum Physics may make traveling instant
    so our space travel tech….. may be way underdeveloped.
    energy may be cheaper than we now know.
    I have been doing that Decharge with
    the hands on liquid…I’m open but
    is this for real? if we get
    water out of a creek…you don’t need to do it.
    It has to be piped water….metal pipes.
    Cocaine being smuggled in on oil platforms?

  3. My proof is the various videos done by people who care to produce these works, if for no other reason to inform and educate. It really isn’t surprising that we got the educational level we did,but that is no excuse for our children’s generations to continue to memorize rubbish. I have been chosen(or I enlisted in heaven)to set this country back on track, if the voters wish it so. Remember to write-in your ballot for the only independent that you can really trust this next time to do it the righteous way, vote for David L Kaas or all is lost here forever.

  4. Martin Covax says:

    Dr.Decharge.”This one is really going to blow you away!”
    I was blown away several posts ago.
    Why have you been picked for this mission?
    (in Sept 2015 to the dark side of our moon)
    What will the moon be like in the aftermath?
    ..and the Sun and planets after the Planetary Flip?
    So …… do not believe our moon
    was caused by a planetary collision..
    ..that impacted at the Pacific Ocean?

  5. what proof do you have of these claims you make?

  6. All right all ready! That isn’t all that’s been going on though. The Moon above was brought in by a Reptilian race long after the Atlantean,the Egyptian Pyramids,and the Mayan temples were built. They use this hollowed orb to make the planet Earth rotate at a 10 degree tilt and to drain the energy of it’s occupants. The Reptilian race interbred with the humans long ago and have certain genetic blood lines still in force today. Such as the Rothchild’s and the royal family. This de-stabilization also affects many other planets rotation around this Sun. The Galactic Counsel has informed me that they have a small package that I will be delivering in September of 2015 to the dark side of the Moon which will cause it to implode, setting off the biggest fireworks display ever since the old barn burners of yesteryear. Just wanted to update you on the breaking news. You can view now:
    Project Camelot/Kerry Kassidy interviews A’shanyana Deane
    ( This one is really going to blow you away!

  7. Dear Rosanne,
    I recently had the pleasure of finding the bottom of the rabbit hole, so to speak! It seems that our planet has been used, to be a place that has been inhabited by several races originating from different worlds in space time. Up until about 6000 years ago these different civilizations where improving things here by the increasing intelligence of the over-all planet in time. Then a race of reptilians came on the scene. They have been in existence for a long long time, and their motivations are to control through fear, need, and desire.
    This may sound a bit far fetched but let me assure you that it is not. The Grey’s have been brought here to Earth by these Reptilians in fact. They have also set them up at Dulce New Mexicos D.U.M.B. They have inbred their own DNA into various blood lines such as the Royal Family residing in England, the Rothchild Family, and various other leaders such as the Bush family, Mr Cheny and several others.
    The most revealing is the facts assembled by men such as David Icke. In his video entitled “The Lion Sleep No More-Moon Control” listed on the He asserts that the moon was placed at one time by the Reptilians and is a hollowed craft. Used to control the entire planets inhabitants by different methods.
    As I said this rabbit hole that I’ve been going down for sometime has finally reached an end. Since I have met with a member of the Federation of Planets, they have informed me of the problem from a galactic point of view.
    Hopefully now you will understand this problem a bit more clearly as well. I do hope you’ve got your seat-belt fastened now since the ride is nearly ready to begin!

  8. Food for thought Roseanne: I had a consideration yesterday concerning the Pyramid at Giza! The Kings and Queen Chambers where long ago used to house transport/receiving vessels(stone beds)to be used by men and women when transporting electrically from the planet Sirius. Upon arrival they used their knowledge of electrical energy to design large lamps to be used by the underground chamber mining, illustrated on tomb walls, as well as the technique used to carve out the large 100 ton blocks of stone which were then floated down the Nile River from the foundry from which they were cut. These devices had no source of power to plug into! Instead they were designed to operate by using the universal method of energy retrieval employed by Nicolas Tesla to light for the first time the entire Chicago Fair. This thinking may put a new light on solving some very old considerations. Keep the tractor running, peace & power 2U.

  9. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i want pot users left alone in iowa and ohio too.

  10. yes

  11. DrDecharge says:

    They have been collected there, that’s for sure! Have you ever read The Urantia Book Rosanne? If you access it on Google, read Paper 75 The Adam and Eve Story. It changed my mind about things forever, to this day!

  12. where are the facts to support your points? In your mind?

  13. DrDecharge says:

    Once again, I would like to graciously thank Rosanne Barr for all of her support in presenting this monumental information pertaining to this undertaking about to unfold.
    Did you know that this next election in 2012 has been planned for sometime by our own Prime Creator, spoken of as God himself? I now know this for a fact because he told me himself!
    Myself, having been raised on farms in Iowa, in a large family seemed to be an indication of my later limited opportunities in life, but not so!
    I am now going to tell you a story concerning us all which may indeed sound a bit far fetched at first, however as the picture unfolds before us here we need to realize that there is more than just humans to consider anymore!
    The Creator himself has described to me this material universe, comparing it to a very large “sand-box” where they, one Father and seven Mothers, have designed overtime many inhabited planets to exist upon. Some of these have since expired, no longer in existence. Several of these world’s have developed to date, now united into one Federation of Planets. These are the benevolent neighboring planets to our Earth. There does however exist as well a few of the more destructive planets, beings attempting now to take complete control here, killing-off the inhabitants presently in exsistance now. This will be allowed to happen only by our own choice in this next planned election.
    Our Creator has explained to me when asked, what the purpose for my own lifetime here and now was for other than just stubbing my toe?
    We all are granted a series of incarnations over time allowing for many experiences on the physical plane. We are supposed to learn from these experiences, then teach our friends and neighbors these exact lessons during the later portion in each lifetime.
    The judgement-day, spoken of in the Book of Revelations, is the time when this mortal existence is finished for each of us! That is, we will each have our recorded lifetimes reviewed before us at this time. If we are found wanting, that is we did not learn from our own mistakes, then the Creator’s will have no other choice than to have our spirits dissolved forever. This is much different than the “lake of fire” used to describe where the demons and all the rest who deserve this final treatment will end up for themselves.
    The rest, the ones who make the grade on their own personal judgement day, will then be given a solar system within a galaxy already prepared for themselves with a planet similar to our Mother Earth. The eight of them(1 male 7 females)will then be taught to create their own planet of beings, allowing them the same amount of time delineated incarnations for each individual in order to decide which ones will make the grade for themselves in time and space. In the exact same fashion that we have been allowed here in our many incarnations overtime.
    One of the biggest problems many gay-men, as well as women(considered dikes by birth)are experiencing presently, is this lack of information concerning themselves spiritually! They must realize that all spirits created in material bodies must experience both male and female incarnations at sometime over their many lives. Each incarnation, depending on your given physical form, should dictate your own personal behavior, but this has been lost with time. Now days it’s all up for grabs, that is any person can decide for themselves just what sex they wish to be, who they wish to live with, what they want to do, at anytime at all!
    This however is the farthest from the truth as you could get. We now need to re-asses our own existences, making the changes now necessary within ourselves that will allow our own growth in areas not yet approached at the current moment in history.
    I have had many schoolmates overtime, friends and close associates in many walks of life honestly tell me of their total disillusionment recently concerning themselves and their own personal experiences in this hostile environment. No one anywhere seems to have any solutions, or reasons for these exacting problem…but our own Creators. It is their will that we all allow for everything here to happen and exist, as long as it doesn’t try to control or dominate our own spiritual educational process, thus causing any harm to any other individual being. This will not be allowed to continue for much longer. It is only by understanding and patience that we can all learn to exist in a harmonious state and continue this material experience together. Otherwise only the worst is in store for your future here.
    Once again, Rosanne you have made my day!

  14. DrDecharge says:

    Recently Rosanne I have been speaking with Mark Fishman, the author of the Fishman’s Framework for Tax Reform about declaring a year of “Jubilee” such as in the Old Testament days of the Bible. This was done in order to clear all old debts, starting a new-cycle within the ancient Israelite communities. It also kept the money changer’s from control of the monetary system. This practice was done every fifty years regularly. I suggested declaring a year of Jubilee after the election on the international and domestic level, one time only to allow for a restarting of our economic machine once again.
    Along with the Sub-prime Mortgage Solution our solvency could well be realized in a very short time!
    With the military recalled world-wide and used to repair our deteriorating interstates and bridges, we could have the room swept clean in no time at all!
    Redesign of our cell-phones is now necessary, so you won’t contract brain-cancer, dying like Johnny Cochran. Also the frequency on cell phones needs to altered, not to disrupt the honey-bees homing signal, exactly the same frequency now being used! Removal of all fluorides from the tooth paste/drinking water is next. Then all microwave ovens shall be destroyed forever.
    There are even more things that deserve our attention, but for the moment these are some of the most urgent to accomplish. May we all soon begin our spiritual journey back to that place where we all once began.

  15. DrDecharge says:

    I certainly would enjoy being the Captain aboard our very first starship named Enterprise! But to work out our everyday problems requires the focused efforts of many people solely committed to the good of the whole. Many of the people now listed as independent candidates this next fall may have many great new ideas! This is the hope we all must have for our future. To unite our vote in 2012 is the most important point to now realize, while there is still time. To speak out is my entire life’s purpose presently, to make the big difference in this next elections outcome, will be my blessings to all.

  16. GENIUS!!! the upper worlds are roused to positive action each time a human devises a workable solution to a solvable problem! You rocked it!!

  17. DrDecharge says:

    Our housing industry is presently in a complete state of dis-repair, caused to happen by the inherent greed of our real estate companies and the dishonest methodology the bankers have used to inflate mortgage loans the last twenty-five years.
    Most recently I have been given the plans to save/work-out this country financial problems, by using the “Sub-prime Mortgage Solution” a plan proposed by Mr John Ostfield of Minneapolis Mn.
    Within this plan all residential homes purchased for up to $850,000.00 will be refinanced by lowering their price by 40%. This leaves the mortgage holder with $0.60 cents on the dollar. The federal government issues a new mortgage to the homeowner based on a 30 year plan at 5% interest. This allows the holder to pay substantially less for their monthly payment, freeing up income to be spent else where. The 20% down is still a requirement for the purchase of this property but as time dictates the increase of the property can be borrowed against by the home owner.
    When the property is sold, 50% of the profit is then returned to the Social Security Fund from which these homes are now financed. This is a win-win situation for the present home owners and the country as a whole.
    By prohibiting financial institutions from re-selling residential mortgages that are not 30 years fixed rate mortgages will force these institutions to keep onto them selves all of the risk inherent in promoting risky financial instruments.
    By using the Fishman’s Framework for Tax Reform in hand with the Sub-prime Mortgage Solution, I truly believe that we can reach once again a state of National solvency.

  18. DrDecharge says:

    Please view: Purviance Pyramid-Earthquake protection quick fix(
    This device is now being used in Los Angeles California and having a noticeable affect. I live in Venice Ca. and can tell somethings happening here since the rain falls regularly now at night! Chem-trails filter “barrium” into the ground and water which cause the crops to fail as well as to poison the populace. This is now being done by our own military air planes with the consent of President Obama!
    For more mind blowing information such as this just check-out the “Free American” hosted by Clay Douglas on “” at 7:00 am PST Monday through Friday’s. It’s the real ground breaker now!
    Thank you once again Roseanne Barr now and forever.

  19. DrDecharge says:

    May 6, 2011
    I would like to introduce to you my economic recovery plans for the future! It is contained within a book that I received recently from a friend. It is called “Fishman’s Framework for Tax Reform” and is the building blocks we now need to rebuild our fallen economy before it is too late.
    This plan lowers personal, business and capital gains taxes. It eliminates the tax on personal income as well as the interest for over 98% of Americans. It resolves the funding problem in our Social Security fiasco.
    It creates fully funded National Heath Care and expands our education system to include college FREE of charge. It protects American jobs, the environment, ends our dependence on fossil fuels and helps each State with their own fiscal responsibilities.
    This may well be the most comprehensive economic stimulus plan yet proposed. This method places the three most important areas for funding first. That being Social Security, National Health Care, and Education. After these have been funded, then and only then will the others areas be considered. In this fashion the recovery will work but only by the direction of labor can this plan succeed. We must all realize our deteriorating roadways and interstates presently. This can and will be rebuilt by our military as soon as they are summoned back to this country. Our industry needs to be rebuilt as well if our production is to succeed.
    All of these realizations will be ours if we now pull together like a team playing for all the marbles!
    or send an email to:

  20. DrDecharge says:

    Most recently the storms that continue to now flood our country have been discovered to be initiated using the HARRP systems located in Alaska and Nevada. These rain storms are then excited by the use of the Scalar technology which is used to induce tornadoes, hurricanes and earth quakes as seen in the world to date. These storms halt the planting of crops this summer, driving the availability and costs up. This next year you may have to choose between eating or driving since a loaf of bread will be worth more than a gallon of gas when you can find a station still open.
    How about removal of all Senators, congressmen and Presidents from the retirees pay plan? I also have just read the new tax plan proposed by Mark Fishman. In “Fishman’s Framework for Tax Reform” the elimination of taxes on interest, estate tax for over 98% of Americans, eliminates personal income taxes, resolves Social Security, expands public education to include college free of charge, repairs our deteriorating infrastructure, protects American jobs, ends dependence on fossil fuels as well as preserving our countries freedoms that you have come to know!
    Sounds like the only way to get things started now.

  21. Clay Douglas has recorded four videos now placed on the of my first announcement as an independent candidate for the 2012 Presidential elections at DavidKaasEvening1.wmv( Watch and see now what you really need to know before this next election rolls around again! This is something You now need to know!

  22. I know it is all about money. Notice how you can smoke a joint and then you may not smoke another one for a month. Now if you smoke the LEGAL cigarettes the gov allows. Well let’s say I have tried to quit for 10 years now on and off and am scared I will get Cancer and still can’t quit.
    WHY?? The Gov wants us sick, there is alot of money in Tobacco with all the additives that keep you addicted. Just like alcohol should be legal over Weed. WTF???? Have you ever seen someone go beat the crap out of their loved one from weed??? NO!!! But Alcohol will take a normal brain and over time make someone have Bipolar and sociopath tendencies. Go figure, Thanks US GOV, You are always looking out for our best interest.

  23. Did I mention that I was born and raised in Iowa?

  24. Please access now: A New Cure for Cancer Then go to:
    A New Cure for Cancer & everything else! Finally enter:
    A New Cure for Cancer Lesson 3
    This new-molecular south-spun fluid concept actually dove-tails with the famous “7 year cellular rebuild cycle” in your own body! Now you really can learn how to “Live long and prosper!”

  25. Dear Rosanne,
    My name is David Kaas. I have decided to run on a independent ticket in the 2102 Presidential Elections. My platform will be one of great-change in view of the coming planetary-flip scheduled for September of 2015. Many changes now need to occur in order that this race survive the seven year drought due to follow this readjustment. All incarcerated individuals for drug offenses will be released from prison and have their full rights restored. All convicted murders, rapists and child molesters shall humanely be put to sleep. All military worldwide will be recalled and stationed along our southern border states. Hemp will be legalized and put into immediate production. All engines shall be converted to a hydrogen or electric system. All international as well as domestic debts shall be considered null and void. All present home-owners shall take full possession of their lived in property under the re-enactment of the “squatters rights bill” to take affect immediately. All currency will be reprinted and redistributed on a equal basis. All men and women will from that moment on be recognized as having equal rights and only their own job responsibilities will differentiate from now on. My plan is to rebuild this country from within once again. No products manufactured outside this country will be purchased or used for seven years. This is in order that our own small and larger companies can once again begin to compete. Although these moves are drastic, they are the only alternative that we have, if not total destruction of our fragile economy as well as nation is closer than we now think.
    There has been present here upon the Earth since the 1930’s a race of beings now known as the Grey’s/Renticul, now housed at the underground base located at Dulce New Mexico. After signing a treaty prior to WWII with FDR they shared the sonar technology with us at that time. It was this information which turned the tides and allowed our allied forces a victory over the German war machine. Since that time they have taken our children and hooked them up to machines which drain their pituitary glands to provide a “cocaine-mix” which is then added with chemicals to provide a food source for these alien invaders. They are now addicted to our children’s hormonal sections. They intend to eliminate 3/4 of the planets populace by 2029. They have taken complete control of our Presidents in either party since that time. The JFK incident was directly intended to silence any resistance to their plans. Monsanto, Proctor & Gamble are only 2 companies run by this group. Our monetary system, as well as our stock market is also under this direct control. Cocaine was smuggled onto the Bush oil-platforms before being brought to our major cities, all being conceived by this rogue group of aliens! I have been contacted to date by a group known as the Federation of Planets who have offered their support depending on the outcome of this next election! If I am elected then my administration will rid this planet once and for all of these alien invaders and any others who wish to present a problem for our continued existence here. This will be done with weapons provided by our friends from this inter-galactic group.
    I wanted to send you this email in hopes that you will see things from this new perspective. Your vote is only one, but your voice is heard by many! I will look for your support in 2012. May the force of our Creator be with you always.
    The New David

  26. Jewel Mathieson says:

    Roseanne, I own a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Patient Group. I’m a breast cancer survivor and cannabis activist. My husband is on the city council in Sonoma Ca. Thanks for your attention to this critical issue. You rock!

  27. Roseanne, iowans love you!! As an Iowan I must share that in my early 20’s I was pulled over & the cop said my insurance wasn’t current, giving him the right to put me in his car and search my car. He found a couple of joints, impounded my car, and took me to the cop shop. I watched him photocopy all of my documents including my “expired” insurance. When my ride picked me up I found that my insurance was valid & I had an illegal search and siezure on my hands. In court the cop lied on the stand and said he never made photocopies (destroyed evidence) & the female judge, said that he ( stuttering on the stand) was more credible then me and my witness! Son of a b!
    Also, I like the idea of grocery stores that have their own greenhouse to produce their own veggies and fruit. What do u think? Much love you damn hippy:)

  28. Amen!