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I am madly in love with monique!

and I will marry her if she asks me to.  She is really beautiful in person, and looks almost just like me.  

  I am right now praying for two of my other black women idols, etta james and aretha franklin, both of whom changed the moral temperature in American Culture.  Great Pioneers, brave brave artists, women who could sing it blue and heal the hearts of listeners. As Etta writes in her great song, Life Love and the Blues, “when you have the Blues you are never never alone.”  Genius.  Making people feel empathy.  Great Great Great Women.  I pray for your painless and speedy transition into the eternal arms of the Mother of all mothers.  I pray that your generous and awesome souls be replicated in the millions of hearts that you have touched around the world.  The trifecta: to be a woman artist who is heard and appreciated by both men and women.  Rare indeed.  Thank you for hanging out with us for a time, sharing the Light of your God given creativity!!


  1. also–she bankrolled Martin Luther King—so thats where it comes from.

  2. that bugs me too-the animal thing, but its not that different from eating meat really.

  3. Trying to figure out the high praise for Aretha Franklin when she drapes her body with the skins of tortured animals. Props to her for her music, otherwise. And I’m sorry about her illness. But anyone who callously buys fur to wear, without a thought for the obscene suffering of the innocent animals that were killed for that, makes me disgusted.

  4. dashus christ says:


  5. True, so true..

  6. I agree with R, Monique is Amazing, smart AND BEAUTIFUL…. just like Roseanne….
    Women are just more interesting with wisdom and age.
    Take it from me!