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get some mac nuts and plant them

in your homes in little pots.  they are manna from god.  they bloom all the time too.  they grow on trees and are the perfect protein, no carbs, high in the good fats that women need for sanity.  trust me –nuts agree with me!!  store water and beans now in air tight containers.  repent with all your might. 


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Mac Nut Pesto, instead of pine nuts! Ono(delicious)! Also crushed they make a great crust for scallops..Raw foodists make alfredo sauces and raw pie crusts too! Skys the limit with macs, also nice mixed into chix salad!

  2. It is not my intent to ask for money. I would not do such a thing!!

  3. I was inspired by you, Thank you

  4. I want peace and food.
    I also saw u on the factor.
    First I have to say. You look amazing!
    Forgive me I dont know how to navigate here.
    Here in the city of Seneca there is a community garden and it feeds who will come to harvest.
    For 3 yrs I have dreamed of a county garden,Farm. Clemson university is just next door and they are exsperts in organic farming.I am a 45 yr old mother of eight.I still have the amazing isnt it! But I havent found the way. I am willing to give all I have to make it happen.
    I would be greatful if you would give me a few minutes of your time.

  5. Just saw you on Craig Ferguson, did some research, adn they sound amazing! That’s a lot of trees to cut down to save the nuts. Can we purchase your nuts support all the effort??

  6. Hawaii Photo Guy says:

    My wifes grandma and my cousins wife harvest mac nuts.
    If eating and growing them doesnt bring peace you can always throw them with the shell on at the people that piss you off. Ouch.

  7. Jason Bagshaw says:

    I wrote that down and put the note in a shoe box.

  8. With White or Brown Chocolate …… wooooooooohoooooooo. Talk about Heaven

  9. Macadamia’s certainly are manna from heaven. That’s a great suggestion to grow them indoors. I LOVE them, Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m going to post macadamia recipes in the ‘old forum’ for Mac lovers. Not sure if there are many recipes but will have fun discovering. Store beans, water & repent … that’s intense.

  10. So…Sis, are these nut trees easy to grow indoors? My yard resembles tundra these days.
    Are they rich in selenium? Thats what us B.P.’S need to help keep level. (+some folic acid)
    Sometimes I feel like a nut… Sometimes I think I’m going bananas.
    I am beginning to feel the ascent. Where are my pills!
    Hey folks, there is room for all of us here in this good land if we just learn to tolerate each other. Peace is possible. It just ain’t probable.

  11. Mac Nuts will bring peace. I go to Puna a lot and they’re the best hot of the tree.

  12. dashus christ says:

    Love mac’s and in chocolate chip cookies-devine!-and or brownies! YES Roseanne,We want PEACE! We Need You!

  13. And they make some good azz cookies, too.

  14. I will read the whole book not just lkn for juicy parts.
    I read my lives too. I’m kinda a dyslexic readerr
    I did a school cooking project in 5th grade using the macadamia nut. I love emm

  15. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i am going to get soe mac nuts. Thanks for the idea. and i look forward to seeing you on tavis on friday right?. can i come see your farm sometime?.