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Debating Ted Nugent on CNN Anderson Cooper 360

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  1. I posted this video to my FB Page and 2 of my friends commented:
    FB Friend #1: ‘Oh Look.. Uncle Nutjob!’
    FB Friend #2: ‘I don’t agree 100% with ANYBODY, and I disagree with a lot of what Ted believes, but he makes many valid points in this clip, and I completely agree with him from @ 3:30 to 5:00. (Up until his TeaParty comments.)
    PS: Roseanne is correct in pointing-out that Goldman Sachs and The Bankers OWN Washington DC, and Ted is correct in pointing-out that it’s a bi-partisan cluster F**K:
    Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary was Robert Rubin, who was previously co-Chairman of Goldman Sachs.
    George W. Bush’s Treasury Secretary was Hank Paulson, who was previously Chairman of Goldman Sachs.
    Timmy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, is a weasel from The Fed; he’s Goldman Sachs’ and the Bankers’ lapdog.
    William Daley, Obama’s new Chief of Staff and the gatekeeper of the Presidency, was formerly Midwest Chairman of JP Morgan.
    Washington DC politicians are merely puppets for GS, JP Morgan, Haliburton, General Electric, Exxon, The Bank of England, The Rockefellers, The Rothchilds, et al.’

  2. the guy is so desperately just trying to get laid in my opinion. He is all bi polar and sad.

  3. Ted is a legend in his own mind. I personally know hundreds, if not thousands of males like him, arrogant, patronizing and extremely ignorant. These fools don’t research and understand history because deep down they are afraid of the reality they helped create and perpetuate. When presented with factual information, morons like Ted CHOOSE to dismiss, distort and deny the facts presented to them and that is cognitive dissonance at its finest. Roseanne, you’re a well read, educated critical thinker and I know it had to be frustrating trying to reason with Ted, but just know and understand that Ted and all the idiots like him are so insignificant to those living their truths.

  4. Ted probably wishes he was more like Alec Baldwin. What is that thing on Ted’s chin?? A rat’s ass? He’s a good ole boy to the tee. It sounds like he believes what he’s talking about. I LOVED it when you scolded him Roseanne. Underneath his pro American talk, it’s clearly apparent he’s rude & childish. I think it’s great for Americans to hear you debating people like Ted. ‘Chicago people don’t look very helped to me’….. what an arse! You are fast on your feet Roseanne & I also loved hearing you raise your voice to his level!

  5. dashus christ says:

    ted nugent must have sucked up all the air in the room and you said he whispered something so vile during a break,he is extremely repulsive/worthless(reminds me of my 2nd ex husband) and it had to be very unsettling to your Brightness of being-so if you regret doing that show,then i regret it also-but must say you handled it shouldn’t have had to be subjected to a worm like that did get your Truth/Point across though at least and well. Roseannearchists Love you and we don’t want you to be around any evil men or women.

  6. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    Wow. You are so great, Roseanne! You can hold your own, your are a great debater! And you went right into their dens. You spoke the truth!
    Stewart and Cobert have to get you on their shows. You are hot. I love ya.
    Ted Nugent. I never cared for his music. He’s a hunter! Kills animals for fun. He’s a redneck asshole!
    I loved how you got him with blaming the victim. You are so beautiful.
    I hope O’Rielly comes through for you. You could actually create jobs with the farms.
    Peace and love be with you.
    May God’s Grace protect you.

  7. You don’t belong with the liars and thieves….

  8. dashus christ says:

    ted n would give anyone of Good the creeps-i’m glad you did this show though.You look and sound outstanding-You tell the Truth always! your common sense approach will always win regardless of other worthless garbage air heads that try opposing you.

  9. yeah–thank anderson cooper, i regret going on that show.

  10. Ted is an obsolete turd. I’m humiliated for you, Roseanne, for having to talk to such an absurdity, such as mr. wangdang…
    Almost as absurd as Tom Arnold even having a name at all…..
    kind of in the same category…. u know?

  11. Politics aside, can or will someone PLEASE tell me who the designer is of the red eyeglasses and the model number? If you know where I can purchase them, that would be great too.

  12. I already submitted this I think:
    How great it is to hear what you said on tv!!! No one is telling the truth like you! Ted didn’t hear a word you said cause it’s above his energy vibration. You are righteous and he isn’t. Righteousness is about really caring for people. Ted cares for $ because that’s his god of fear.