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chemtrails to control the weather, and poison crops:

in Hawaii.  Monsanto (as I mentioned on A cooper–and he then made it a point to say those were my own opinions and not the opinions of cnn…(even though its not an opinion, but FACT that monsanto seeks to destroy all organic crops in hawaii and all throughout the us–senate bill S510). Monsanto is at least partially  responsible for all flying and swimming forms of life dying, as is BP). By the way, Monsanto loves Palin and so does BP…she supports their freedom to kill taxpayers.


  1. jane you should send those photos to the links above – tell them that they only started appearing 10 or so years ago and incrementally have gotten worse since.

  2. did you guys see this?
    all the major outlets now want chemtrail photos, and all their contact info is in that link.
    i am SKEPTICAL of this as i think the bastards will just do their little 2 minute review and then have their corporate-owned meteorologist or ‘weather expert’ say that they’re just contrails, that we had no idea what skies used to look like before all this started. or some similar bullshit.
    either way, better than nothing i guess?

  3. And we can also thank Monsanto for all those genetically engineered veggies we are consuming. Let’s face it folks… We’re screwed.

  4. Hi Henry, yes I’ve gained weight, etc. Here’s to the vid going viral! I posted it on my FB page & some FB buddies pages too. ;-> Thank you Henry!

  5. so sad to hear, soleil.
    let’s hope this gunderson statement goes viral.

  6. I’ve missed my neighborhood walks for about a decade now. I’m afraid of breathing the poison falling from our skies via chemtrails, so have given up my cherished walking habit. I’m always somewhat amazed when people say they haven’t noticed them.
    It’s FANTASTIC to read Ted Gunderson’s statement!!!! Thanks for posting about Chemtrails, Roseanne.

  7. this just in… former FBI chief ted gunderson says “chemtrail death dumps must be stopped”:…stopped/33301/
    “Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson, makes a statement regarding the chemtrail “death dumps”, otherwise know as air crap, on January 12, 2011.
    Ted says the following: “The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout the United States and England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Europe.
    I have personally seen them not only in the United States, but in Mexico and in Canada. Birds are dying around the world. Fish are dying by the hundreds of thousands around the world. This is genocide. This is poison. This is murder by the United Nations.
    This element within our society that is doing this must be stopped. I happen to know of two of the locations where the airplanes are that dump this crap on us. Four of the planes are out of the Air National Guard in Lincoln, Nebraska. And, the other planes are out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma. I personally have observed the planes that were standing still in Nebraska – Lincoln, Nebraska – at the Air National Guard. They have no markings on them. They are huge, bomber-like airplanes with no markings.
    This is a crime: a crime against humanity, a crime against America, a crime against the citizens of this great country. The must be stopped. WHAT IS WRONG WITH CONGRESS?
    This has an affect on their population, and their people, and their friends, and their relatives, and themselves. What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with the pilots who are flying these airplanes and dumping this crap, this poison, on their own families? Somebody has to do something about it. Somebody in Congress has to step forward and stop it now.
    Thank you. I’m Ted Gunderson.”
    but he’s wrong on them all being bomber style planes – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hollowed out commercial style jets they use for this… so i’m uncertain why he didn’t mention this.

  8. I’m not sure why I had to digress like that…

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    mmmmm can you say, “The Sex Monster”…..??
    look that one up on youtube….
    Muriall Hummingbird at her best…

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  11. It’s great to see this link posted here….
    and great to see people like Murial Hemmingway and others speaking truth to power about a very important matter……
    maybe the most important matter of our time….
    and yes, the spraying here in Southern California is daily.

  12. i pray that the goliath gets taken down swift and hard. the farmers, and we the people, need to unite more than ever and shoot it right between the eyes.
    this truly should be one of the biggest concerns for humanity right now as no one can escape it – and the toxic mix could change at any time to something far more lethal for people and the soil.

  13. it’s out of control and absolute insanity. they’re spraying more than ever now – almost daily – and blotting out the sun and turning the blue to a filthy haze. it’s like you’re not really outside, like they put a big, toxic outdoor roof over you.
    i miss the unobscured sun, blue skies, and natural, puffy clouds.
    never would i have imagined having to type that.