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Booksigning in Atlanta Wed:


Reading and Q&A

Wed, Jan. 19, 2011

6:00 PM at


991 Piedmont Ave NE

Atlanta, GA. 30309



  1. JeanineRagel says:

    are you coming to minneapolis, minnesota? i wanted to meet you since i was a little kid!

  2. already did LA, sorry!

  3. although i like victorville, I will not be coming there anytime soon. Cities like Chicago and Cleveland are good and also Minneapolis is good and Iowa City and Des Moines and Eldon. I like the meditators down there in Iowa a lot.

  4. Time to come to Victorville, CA. But I would drive to LA to see you too.

  5. Hi Roseanne, are you coming around to the Mass. or Connecticut areas? I couldn’t make the NY event unfortunately. Would love to meet ya!

  6. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Without disrespect…”stomped”…my question would be…why you are still there with such a person?

  7. Oh no! I missed this. What a total bummer. I’m so lame.

  8. I cannot wait to see you later today, my books are already purchased at Outwrite! By the way, just happen to be watching an episode of Roseanne right now (as I do every night before I turn in). So excited!!!!!!!

  9. Will you be coming to the D.C. Baltimore area? I definitely want a signed book.
    Besos para ti.

  10. I hope nothing tries to stop me from getting there.
    lol I wasn’t aware you had a tribunal of
    Good for you. To be surrounded by women instead of men.
    you have the life.
    Why is it that I am right more then 90% of the time but my husband still makes all the decisions.When I rise up i get stomped or told I need medication.

  11. When are you coming to Miami,Fl??

  12. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I will be sure to let my ATL family and friends know to come support you Roseanne!
    Im excited to see you and Monique interact together, as POTUS & PM of Israel (a two’fer) she would be a great person to serve in your tribunal of women.