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as president I will:

forgive all student loans, offer single payer universal health care, abolish the IRS, kick out the fed and institute a new currency that rolls over when the dollar tanks.  I will also stop each war immediately and invest in farming the breadbasket of the world, the good old usa.  I will do everything that right thinking folks want me to do.  I will quite simply, repazzent for them in the hallowed halls of government where the public’s dollars are dividing amongst the already rich.  I will step forward, knocking every other woman alive in the room out of the goddess picture for at least one full moment.  My dress will be made by marina rinaldi, the greatest designer ever for the more womanly figures.

I will legalize marijuana and stop the war on drugs that is killing so many innocent young girls in Juarez.  Nafta is just about benefitting drug lords!  Bill Clinton, man you made a bad mistake, and ACORN let you know it.  


  1. The Us had the highest amount of it’s citizens incarcerated, on the face of this planet.
    Within our United States, Louisiana has the highest rate of incarcerated, in all 50 states.
    Angola State Prison has and does just what you suggest. Decades of white prison guards work this turn of the century plantation turned Correctional Facility and it has a 2million dollar a year RODEO and HOBBY business.
    With Prisons being privately owned, what are the terms in which these prisons get their “Hotels beds filled”?
    Prison, is for the poor.

  2. There are very few people (a hand full, maybe) in this country who truly ” get it”, and you Miss Barr are one of them. I am behind you 100%. How does one join your campaign and or become your running mate? I would love to apply for any position in your quest to fix shit that needs to be fixed.

  3. BarbaraLightgiver says:

    I agree with you Roseanne! I’ll vote for that.

  4. Roseanne, it looks like you will have someone that will run against you! An anti-abortion, women and gay hating man! Randall Terry…I got this article from CNN. He has met his match!

  5. I think something is terribly wrong with our judicial system and those that are in prison. Besides this, I think that states could reduce money going into prisons by turning the prisons into self-supporting companies. In other words, they should grow their own food (farms) and produce an American-Made product that they can sell and use for their room & board. The idea that prisoners are just sitting there wasting time without being made to be productive is counter-productive. I’ve seen some of the work done by prisoners and many have talents but have made bad choices. Just my take on giving some relief to the states.

  6. dashus christ says:

    Oh LADY JG-you have such a talent for combining Truth w/ Humor-men esp the gay ones,yeah LOL -plenty of great vibes heading my way w/ all you say.i know for sure you and myself are not men haters,and i HOPE you didn’t think for a second i meant otherwise by my comment 6:09.i can be so clumsy and goof w/ wording-i was really just agreeing w/ you.i don’t always have knack when typing here.i do know you are indeed very friendly toward all concerned-ROSEANNEARCHY includes everyone, and truly hope you did not mistake my comment.Yes spread the word-UNITY,LIKE you say is what we need NoW-and i see it heading our way! BARR 2012! Reply was to you,and you had already included gentlemen in the whole of us.i’m sure you were famous in your past lives as well. Love U dear Lady,and will see you tonight via MEDITATION!

  7. You have my vote and im willing to work on ur campaign here in arkansas please tell me what you would like me to do.. You are awesome

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    Men are so included, D.C. especially the gay ones! lol ! I am pretty sure i was a famous bifriendly dangerfag from history in terms of reincarnation…..Nero, or perhaps Caligula, ….Lol. …. i am not a man hating heterophobe, au contraire, to any past impressions i may have given, i am one of those gay/bifriendly dykes who has” grazed a few…” in my day, as the phrase goes….. We need everyone to support a third party alternative, The Green Tea Party has my vote. We need unity and compassion…..Spread the word! Empathy creates Understanding…Material austerity lies ahead in the future, invest in your relationships with real live people today. We might just have to preserve our traditions orally again in the near future….we will huddle around our post pulse campfires and recite aloud the Roseannarchy Writings…. Will Bard for Food….

  9. Count me in! Especially getting rid of student loans. Did everything I was supposed to and still have over 50k in student loans and I’m in my 60’s! Just wish they would agree to lower payments instead of wanting my whole check! Should have stayed a barmaid.
    So glad i found your book.

  10. dashus christ says:

    Yes LJG,i am seeing where Matriots everywhere are Hearing and Agreeing w/Roseanne style solutions-not to leave out the Men that are also!-it is happening Now!

  11. How about Bio diesel for heavy equipment, so neighbors do not to smell it first thing in the morning?

  12. Ladyjane Green says:

    of patriarchy that almost closeted me forever in drunken machine shop style marriage, where i was destined to marry my boss in an 80s style kokewedding that was going to happen, whether i liked it or not…..sorry didnt mean to submit in fragments ooops!

  13. Ladyjane Green says:

    People are listening to the Matriot! Our true leaders today are few and far between.. R Barr speaks to many kinds of people. Especially those posessing a wicked sense of humor! we who admire her know she has survived and thrived in light of some serious hardcore obstacles, just read her book(s) and learn a soul survival journey, to hell-ywood and back….. This is the time for a real voice representing real solutions. I think r has got people thinking and talking about critical issues. not to mention a renewal of positive energy via free meditation tips and links that create a cyber framework for self- repair and integration. Really appreciate the student loan forgiveness. There couldn’t be a faster way of dumbing down Amerikkka than attaching a huge pricetag to a college education. I, like many, many, others signed the paperwork for these loans so we could get out of our small suburban hells. I knew,as film/fine arts major i stood little chance of paying the almost fantastical numbers back….but i just had to go to school to escape

  14. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    You SO have my vote. even if you are not on the ballot I will write you in and it wont be the first time. the last mess we were handed for Albany NY made me write in you for Gov. and Cher for Lt. Gov.
    Women offer solutions , the men in this nation are going to have to hand over the remote control to the women in this nation or its curtains for us all..