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abortion rights are under attack:

we need better birth control methods in order to rid ourselves of the need for abortions, which are ghastly and pre historic.  Birth control in the water supply is a complete necessity.  


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    i think it is always the woman,s choice not the men bechuse women have reasons men sometimes do not understand. i surrport women in this topic, not always men.

    Interesting. Some are fighting for our reproductive autonomy…

  3. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Henry, It is not bothering me at all…like I said, I am beginning to take it all with a “bit of humor”…

  4. i have the ability to read through satire, which is why i questioned the issue of ‘population control’ itself and noted my distaste for those who seem to think we’re overpopulated rather than horrifically and, in some cases, forcedly uneducated, but i did not question the one-sentenced comment of it being adminstered through the ‘water supply’ as i, personally, interpreted it as a bit of humor.
    maybe you should ask roseanne again if it’s bothering you so much?

  5. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Oh Henry…lighten up dude…maybe she was “joking” about the “camps” too…where is your sense of humor and self proclaimed ability to read through the constant use of satire that you shrug off as a comedians “joke” when I or others see a big flashing warning light and stop to ask important questions? I think you should take it as a “joke”…I know I am beginning to…I am reminded of when I was a kid and mom took us to Woolworth’s …they would have a big hot pan of nuts…constantly stirring in hot and oily salt…hot nuts…get your hot nuts here…and that is all that “machine” did…stir the nuts…stir the nuts…all day long…over and over again…day in and day out…

  6. tippy, I had five kids in the past, when I really was following internalized cultural and religious instructions that I received as a young girl. This is now though, and once I recognized the problem of feminism and over population, I stopped being part of the endless congratulations of women who think breeding is the most creative thing they can do.

  7. yes Lester, the truth will confound those like yourself who have no idea of what is actually happening in the world. Everything I write about is happening right now. Coming here to blather your repulsive stupidity is just your attacking the messenger. You like doing that when the messenger is female, but you do not posess the balls to confront any male, let alone any male who is responsible for helping to poison, and fleece the american taxpaying mothers. You’re a toad.

  8. henry, re-education schools! thanks, i get what you are saying

  9. tippy we in the daks. treat our gals very well the only thing we think more highly of are our lil ewe’s

  10. i interpreted the water supply part of the blog as a joke – a little sarcastic and bitter – it is and she is a comedian.
    but roseanne you used the word ‘camps’ – “It is also the religious Catholic women who have the most abortions,per capita, and so should be sent to the camps for re-education too” –
    don’t say that!
    call them schools or academies or anything that doesn’t make them sound like the people would have shaved heads and be force-fed heavily fluoridated water.

  11. Under state rights, that’s exactly what would happen. Places like North and South Dakota get worse… for women
    ….like under the Nazi-Bush Reich when all of our social services and access to women’s gynecological needs went by the way side, and Viagra sales are pushed by every bodies favorite doc….

  12. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Well…something is definitely going on…

  13. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Let me get this straight… You are against chemtrails, Monsanto, dumping etc etc… but yet you advocate placing something (regardless what it is) in the water supply?

  14. If sterilization drugs were added to tap water wouldn’t the people with $ switch to Perrier, Pellegrino & make their coffee with purified water? I like your education ideas but the word CAMP is a scary one & I’m not Jewish. Big Brother/Big Sister is going beyond our Constitutional rights when they force sterilization drugs on us. Now voluntary temporary or permanent sterilization is fine. I think If people understand why it’s a good idea, they would agree to have fewer or no children.

  15. Right on, Roseanne. Can’t argue with that bottom line.

  16. i would say it becomes a tyrannical dictatorship when religious men decide that women cannot have safe and expert abortions.

  17. the middle class is suffering because they did nothing to help the working classes when they collapsed. The middle class could care less about poor people. They started talking like rich people saying how they hate to pay taxes. that’s simply what happens under capitalism, one group sells out another to try to extend their voracious consumerism until they too hit a wall. If I am elected, I will make sure that no one gets something for nothing, especially those who need it least.

  18. Roseanne, I believe that not one of us human beings has the right to decide who can or cannot reproduce; we simply cannot appoint someone to play “God”. You stated that middle class people of the caucasian, asian, and black “races” are the least beneficial to the earth, yet you have also supported the struggles of the middle class. The middle “class” in America is becoming poorer & poorer due to the way our country has been sold out to the private bankers. We are all, no matter what shade of darkened or lightened pigments, of the “human race”. I really do not understand this statement:
    “It is also the least prepared people who reproduce–those who were too drunk to pull out at ejaculation. They will be tested for fitness and issued a license to raise a child. If they do not pass the requirements, adoption will be arranged to someone who has been sterilized but really wants a baby. vote for me. I have solutions.”
    So, does that mean, if these “regulations” you propose were in place when you became pregnant, you too would have to submit to testing and licensing to raise your five children? Who decides what the criteria for something like this? At what point does a society become a tyrannical dictatorship?

  19. I agree, Tippy, that forced sterilization isn’t what a free society should impose on its populace.

  20. speaking of Pedo-pontiffs….. pulling out….can’t we get a sound bite of J’s “Big Dick’s Halfway Inn?”

  21. “It is also the least prepared people who reproduce–those who were too drunk to pull out at ejaculation.”
    “Wait, Roseanne, Is that why you had 5 kids?”
    Cant’ believe you were too drunk to pull out that many times!!!!!

  22. LesterBallard says:

    That is some of the most fucked up shit I’ve ever read. I can only hope you’re not serious.

  23. cost vs benefit analysis–it is the middle class white and black and asian consumer’s offspring who uses the most resources and with the smallest of returns to community and planet, so it is they who must first be sterilized until their re-education kicks in and they learn to be more of service, more self sustaining and to consume less. This can be accomplised in a matter of one year, and if coupled with forced manual labor perhaps in a week or two.
    It is also the religious Catholic women who have the most abortions,per capita, and so should be sent to the camps for re-education too—there they will study the history of the Priest class of the Vatican, and how Greek Pedophiles influenced the Pontiffs.
    It is also the least prepared people who reproduce–those who were too drunk to pull out at ejaculation. They will be tested for fitness and issued a license to raise a child. If they do not pass the requirements, adoption will be arranged to someone who has been sterilized but really wants a baby. vote for me. I have solutions.

  24. Yes, education is the key.
    Example 2 ladies, both my neighbors….
    One from Brazil, the other from Sweden.
    Brazilian ladies says to Swedish lady, “Why don’t you just not take your pill, like I did, then you tell your husband later”…..
    The Swedish lady says, “Don’t take my pill, get pregnant and not tell my husband until later?
    The point of this story is cultural: The Swedish lady said, “In my country, women who are sexually active, or when are young, appear to be sexually active, they get birth control with absolutely no judgment.
    We have the right to abort in Sweden, but we think it’s better if that doesn’t happen at all….and the birth rate in teenagers is staggeringly low……
    And I doubt there are any “Reality shows” about teenage pregnancy being glorified on TV there either.
    In brazil, where abortion is frowned upon by a predominantly Catholic nation, some women “trap” there husbands with pregnancy, and this is completely acceptable.
    I guess I’m trying to say the Pope Sucks, and education is the key.

  25. I don’t think sterilization is the answer either because usually it’s some poor folks gettin the sterilizin….
    Native Americans Black and Brown people always have a great tale (with evidence) of white sterilization being carried out under US government orders.
    Sterilization for reasons of over population is always the precursor to Eugenics and usually it’s the Elites who are worried that there wont’ be any resources left for them!
    So rather than come up with a soluble solution which according to a world economy that is dependent on consumption and not sustainability….
    Sterilization is just another form of oppression.

  26. these pigs want a lower population solely for means of control, not for the benefit of the planet because of it being “overcrowded” – i don’t buy that overcrowded thing for a second, and, in fact, i’m really tired of hearing it. we’re UNEDUCATED, not overcrowded.
    i think as messed up as this place is that we do a pretty good job of living in close quarters with one another. if only we had leaders with actual CONSCIENCES, who weren’t puppets for bankers and the like, then the world could easily sustain billions more people if it was all done right.
    so i say to the those who run the prison matrix of this sad sideshow we call life on planet earth, fuck you.
    if america’s children weren’t deliberately dumbed down and poisoned from the getgo, if governments REALLY wanted to go green and made organic farming the LAW and actually harvested our sun’s energy for power instead of obscuring it with chemtrails, and a billion other obvious things i can’t be bothered to list, then it would be a great place to have lots of children as there would have to be plenty of people to reap and propogate the glorious harvests for millenia.
    but it’s not that, so i kind of get what you’re saying.
    who the hell decides who would be sterile and who wouldn’t be? how could something like that even work unless we were all microchipped and cyborgs?
    if only we could count on education for this instead.

  27. curious as to why you disagree with sterilization? explain, please!

  28. I agree, because I have seen what abortions do to the women, both psychologically and physically. The scientific communituy has been more concerned about making sure that males can still get erections at age 86. The research and implimentation of reliable birth control that doesn’t harm women (or men) needs to be the focus. Sterilization isn’t the answer either.