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write your representatives tonight!:

THIS IS THE WORST BETRAYAL OF THE CHILDREN OF AMERICA EVER DEVISED BY SATANIC GOVERNMENT MINDS!  IT WILL BECOME ILLEGAL TO GROW GARDENS AND USE NON GMO SEEDS!  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN STOP IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS!  DO NOT LET THIS PASS!!!  GET BUSY PROGRESSIVES WOMEN AND CITIZENS!  this is the opposite of food safety–it destroys safe and nutritious food and replaces it with plastic cancer causing big business farming!  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!  These traitors in the senate snuck this by you!  They should be impeached tried, convicted and beheaded for attempting to poison america’s children!!!!


  1. dashus christ says:

    i Love your comments on this page-and how moving it is to know about the speech you talk about here-Powerful! and Thx to all others here for their sharing!

  2. that’s some powerful shit right there – both to lady jane and roseanne.
    i’ll remain on my feet, thanks, and i’ll do the right thing – always.

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Wow, you and Sharpton sharing the same stage…. Sounds Charged From The Get Go! Can feel the power in the images…..Truth, Justice, and Mercy, Hashem bless us in our Fight for the Light! That has a great ring to it! Would have loved to see the crowd go wild at the Calling of the Truth….. Thanks for the sharing of this fiery” Act in Magnetic Courage!” As Dr. Mary Daly sez, in Quintessance
    “the Ontological Magnetic Courage of Creative Crones calls forth courage in others. As Millicent Garrett Fawcett put it in 1920: “Courage calls to courage everywhere, and its voice cannot be denied!”. We aint goin down without A FIGHT. And we sure wont go down ALONE… Damaged and poisoned, we still have our minds enough to come here, learn more and hopefully act…..

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    thanks for posting that link, tc, keep rockin tha boat, your words have relevance here..Resistance is Not Futile…..sometimes it just takes a long fucking time! That activist dude on yr link just gave me more motivation..Brings out the david and goliath mentality in me..i just wish our sham of a government would stop pretending it gave a rats ass about “protecting” its citizenry. Call it what it is Total Control of the Food Supply Act. And not one dissenting vote on that Austin City Council, or the us senate vote Not one! WTF! Wish yr 420 restaurant was round tha korner…..that really is good food medicine, i highly advocate……

  5. the people rushed the stage in agreement with me, i must add–they were ready to be led by Truth, which is the very first attribute of the Goddess (Hashem) and her second attribute is Justice, and her third, Mercy. These three things are the upper triangle of the star of david.

  6. here is the truth, and it is so powerful a thought, that I rarely speak it. The last time I spoke it in public, at a speech, all 3000 people rushed the stage and I was escorted out the back door by five incredible bodyguards who saved my life—this was in cleveland with rev. al sharpton. I hesitate to say it again, as its power unleashes a great energy in people. After I meditated to remove my own ego, and just be a vessel for the Truth of Light, I just opened my mouth, and said this, and i like the audience was hearing it for the first time—We must die on our feet, and not on our knees! We may not win, but WE ARE RIGHT! I believe that the power of the right thing done at the right time for the right reason is the weapon that God has given to us, and we must use it now.

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    i am going to be praying for the cosmic shower of conscious that you speak of, Henry.Here in nwo-amerikkka the individual will systematically be crushed as a result of its highest held virtue,corporate greed. Food Safety, Homeland Security,these are some of the new oxymorons “gifted” to us by our revered ” leaders”. the spin established by calling it the “food safety act” turns anyone who questions this bullshit into a potential terrorist. Are You Questioning The Steps Were Taking to Keep YOUR Food Safe? Off to the camps with ya. Growing your own food will be the ultimate act of dissent and rebellion. Start your seedbanks today, soon tobe their own blackmarket commodity. fight, fight, against the dying of the light!

  8. it’s just unreal… like a really freaky, really horrific episode of the twilight zone.
    as if being forced to live underneath a TOXIC BELLJAR thanks to the spraying of our skies isn’t bad enough, so now we’re ripe on our way to being FORCED to eat it, too?
    not on my goddamn watch.
    and i know you’re looking out for us all, too, and you do a hell of a good job of it.
    can we just pray that something comes bursting out of the milky way and showers the earth with the consciousness of our higher selves? or something like that?
    i mean what other hope is there at this point.

  9. I do, and so do you—but the american people are allergic to truth, and addicted to bullshit. Their religions and their politics work like a pair of vice grips on the minds of a critical mass of the masses.
    Auschwitz is their model city. Auschwitz had slave quarters, incinerators and ovens, etc…but–the unknown of it is– it also had a nice area for it’s rich people and a zoo for their kids! Slavery was the bottom line there, as it is everywhere that uses the dollar as it’s base currency. Capitalism is a vampiric murderous system that runs on slavery, gangsterism and war–the left does not really exist at all here, and that’s what’s wrong.
    The left has now gotten into bed with Islam, and that is the very worst thing that could have ever happened.

  10. sorry, by “huge audience” i meant huge POLITICAL audience is all.
    i’m just so, so, so tired of these useless fucks distracting the nation with their blue VS. red garbage, with their wikileaks garbage, meanwhile i’m sitting here as i type this under a HEAVILY chemtrailed sky on the verge of tears knowing this bill was passed.
    they’ve killed god’s blue-skies, now they’re killing god’s gardens.
    and no one says anything.
    no one.

  11. i am in shock.
    those death-worshiping wastebags pushed this through AGAIN so SOON?
    would be nice if people with a HUGE audience like michael moore used it for important things like this instead of playing the old, boring blue VS red card.
    well, at least we have roseanne who truly cares for the people.
    thanks for the link, figgy.

    Click the link below and you can email them AND call them!

  13. no need to be sorry.. i totally agree, sometimes i feel like theres no point in fighting for this or anything else because the government is going to do what they want to do, but then again I figure it’s either you stay asleep and die, or at least fight for something you believe in and stay alive and make more and more people aware… I do believe the more you get the word out there the more something is bound to happen and change… we need to stay positive and make our voices heard. Thank the lord we have people like Roseanne who obviously have a louder/public voice so we can all be heard through her.
    Stay positive :)

  14. Everything we do seems to fail, even on a local level.
    America doesn’t need to wake up because the plan is to reduce population. We should stay asleep or move to another county…
    …and even that seems futal
    this link is relevant to the topic…i..think…
    sorry about the defeatest attitude this evening…

  15. This is truly very upsetting… I will definitely be contacting my representatives… many health problems I had have been cleared up ever since I switched to organic foods. This bill is going to make the cancer rate double, if not triple. More people need to be aware of what these toxic foods are doing to our bodies… we need more powerful women like you Roseanne and Suzanne Somers to speak on organic foods… we are the sickest country in the world, and this year cancer will be the biggest killer.. bigger then AIDS.. wake up america!