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  1. Here is one of the better, more level-headed assessment of Wikileaks to date:

  2. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    With all the interest in the Wikileaks goings on…I would be remiss and irresponsible if I did not put this out there…
    If you choose to be one of the over 100,000 who have downloaded the “insurance” file from Wikileaks please be smart and do so to a jump drive and not to the hard drive of your computer…and use a yahoo or such type e mail to receive your code (if they decide to send one) and not your personal .com e mail…you would probably be better off going to a public computer and downloading it to a jump drive there…and if and when you receive your code to unlock it do so at a public computer as well…be smart, be nosey, be informed, be what ever you want to call it…but don’t be an asshat of stupidity… the powers that be, regardless of what side of the road they walk on, are rarely there for your benefit or concern…I’m just sayin’

  3. And interview yesterday of Tarpley says this has to do with tightening/shutting down the web, just as Rosanne contends. Sites like Rosie’s would probably be a target as well for shutting down this kind of speech.
    Here’s the new Tarpley interview:

  4. Much better assessment of Wikileaks, this 3-part video from Webster Tarpley from 4 months ago, runs down the other characters in Wikileaks — all of whom have CIA backgrounds, and all of whom are anti-9/11 conspiracy. Fascinating:
    Be sure to watch all three parts — makes a great case that this is an attempt to crush 9/11 conspiracy theories which are a direct threat to the government, if enough people started questioning.

  5. dashus christ says:

    It is all about the Peace Tree/Tree of LIFE now-Eternity lives in all Brightness!

  6. dashus christ says:

    well, i must say i have killed the satan inside me-my comment above is meant for the evil parts of the cia and all other evil attacking me and what i love, that i’m really tired of fighting ,but i will never stop till it is gone {turn to stone},as you stated already. it is completely said in our church prayer. every thing has changed in the way of the very very bright is distributed out all at the same time now-no longer divided, but all together.the evil will accept the light being given it, or if not accepted it will become stabilized,which means death to evil. hope my words ring true-i stumble w/ them at strong suit right now is mostly w/ heavenly bodies-knowing how i can nearly destroy a sentence w/ one word.i know what i mean,but it does not always translate that way. This stuff is as serious as it can get. There are droid/robotic things that have moved in very close to where i live.The One Word that holds TRUE IS ENLIGHTENMENT!

  7. we have to hope for all of the satan to die, which is not just the cia–sometimes the cia is on the right side–our prayers should be to keep them on the right side, and just to kill the evil everywhere inside of us…that is our weapon. kill what is evil in you now. lessen the power of the beast over the human. most cannot do this. most cannot fight evil because they are addicted to it. can you kill the satan inside of you? What can you repent of? It must be stated publicly.

  8. dashus christ says:

    That putrid/gross CIA is behind SOO/TOO MUCH of the filth being spewed out,and definitely TIME for its VERY GREAT HALT/END! Devine spiritual Gold Dust All Over {THE CIA] NOW! these robots are filled full up of evil fecal matter and slime. Yes the Satan/CIA DIE,DIES NOW! and none too soon.