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the day my whole life changed: I just found out I got the tonight show with Johnny Carson:

the day my whole life changed.jpg


  1. That is a great photograph! And the black & white somehow depicts the moment even more. My Dad took us to the Johnny Carson show when it was in NYC. Never will forget that day either. Robert Goulet & Charro were guests. I grew up with Johnny & remember your first appearance. You were great!

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    A Star Is Born!

  3. You’re always beautiful, but I love these older photographs of you just before everything went into the stratosphere.
    Love you to bits…

  4. thank you so much for kind words–yes i found myself caught in quite a time warp!

  5. dashus christ says:

    i agree w/ your words completely Q-and you speak for so many,esp me-Thank You! Roseanne you always bring/share such beauty and the warm and cold Truth/Fact also.and you are so creative in everything you do-something very very rare! I Love this photo and of course YOU and All you Love!

  6. This is an amazing moment in your life! It’s so cool you have a photo to look back on. At that point, you were embarking on a journey that would not only change your own life–but one which would empower you to change the scope of the representation of working class women forever!!!

  7. Nice u look so trim there

  8. That is so cool.