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the big lie from repiglicans obscures truth:

this is the truth: socialism is what creates a middle class, not free enterprise!  wake up!  no regulations=rule by pirates.


  1. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    While we are talking “crazy” here for a second…had to share this with ya’ll… when I was a kid my grandfather would make all of us get in the middle of the room and sing this song to us at Christmas time while we danced around in a circle and acted like ass-hats… being the baby of ten I think I enjoyed it the most…I sometimes whished I had never grown up.

  2. that was years ago–catch up y’all!

  3. People mix up having socialized programs with being socialists. And they also confuse free market economics with freedom.
    That’s argumentum ignoratium, y’all.

  4. Henry,
    I found it on, (which is some good readin’) but it was written for Esquire.

  5. is there a place online to read this interview? I yahoo’ed it, but can’t find the interview itself.

  6. I just read the Mike Sager interview and it blew me away. So I came here to find out more.

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