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stop S510! Stop poisoning our food!!!


  1. dashus christ says:

    these evil killionares can never stop the Good Psychic Spiritual Energies that BE and Will Always BE!!!

  2. dashus christ says:

    Thx R for posting this link-phone lines are all busy-computer is still working,so at least that for now.this govt has gotten away one thing after another for way to long now.this poison food S510 has passed-but Obama should not sign it in to LAW.WE The people (THINKING)of GOD/Good and cosmic powers (OLD&NEW) shall help us find a way to stop this outrage!Our R Meditation will advance our need at this time! We WON’T,CAN’T and WILL NOT Back Down.i’m thinking the govt planned this to keep us busy fighting this bill,in the hopes we won’t be looking for all the other filth laden ills that lie beneath,but will also be exposed.,and Soon.,Because Roseanne is on to them!