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Roseanne’s Friend Cathy Bilsky and Her Prayer for Light

What I am doing–breath meditation, and ‘ascending the throne’…much here about that, search it.


  1. “I am Just so inspired by you AND all the light working you do!”

  2. This is fantastic and I am going to listen to it everyday. I felt my body rising in vibration. Does Cathy have any more videos? or a website?
    Can you please post more videos like this? PLEASSSSEEEEE.
    I am new (just joined today) and its so refreshing to see you going public with videos like this. You are deff the only person from hollywood I trust enough to be interested in and I just am so inspired by you all the light working you do! If you ever decide you want to mentor please let me know!!

  3. I love you Roseanne and thanks to you and Cathy for this beuatiful prayer.

  4. dashus christ says:

    i’m still in the remarkable “AWE” of the very moving and very Powerful strength of this amazing/outstanding Prayer/Meditation! it is Extremely uplifting and i’ve been relishing in the Brighter Light being sent! Energies while practicing with Roseanne,Cathy and all the other Brilliant/Light is steady and lingers in between the newness! VERY ENLIGHTENING VERY!

  5. Bilsky is an effing rock star! We all need a Cathy Bilsky in our lives.

  6. This is really powerful! I think I’ll listen to it before bed every night..
    watched it last night and it really got me through the day thinking back to it.

  7. we think it got s510 overturned though–it’s all like crazy horse’s ghost dance…powerful words are what everything is strung together with.

  8. You guys look like two cute little souls.
    This post is particulary sweet.
    I like the banishment of the bad-ies too…..
    Like two little girls wearing their moms “wizzard clothes”

  9. that’s part of the meditation too.

  10. I’m doing breath meditation. Holding breath and moving it down deeper might look funny, but its really awesome–

  11. It’s her poetry that I find fantastic. She really empowers words with spirit

  12. i found this trying to look for the magenta pixie i saw folks mention. this lady is pretty awesome –>

  13. sorry epals trying to leave my message but I guess only the vibes go if you put in >>> … here it is as words…..
    YEA prayer time sacred vibes entwine
    that we see and transform and evolve
    with compassion and joy into action
    that it be for the good of all

  14. roseanne, you can drive out deamons just by looking at people

  15. although, roseanne some of your facial expressions in this are pretty humorous :) really cool video

  16. Ladyjane Green says:

    wow its cool to watch yall praying together. i feel great female energy here, and now the light is shining a little brighter….”i see my light come shinin, from the west down to the east… any day now, any day now, i shall be released!…” b. dylan

  17. thank you so much for posting this-i found this fantastic, mostly because i’m not sensitive to tones of voice, nor do i laugh at inappropriate things. like i said before, cathy’s voice is soothing and comforting. she makes such a powerful command seem like a gentle caress, but it is still so effective.

  18. thank you Roseanne! Your beautiful face & Cathy’s words ….. just what the doctor ordered. xoxoxoxoxo

  19. I was laughing out loud from beginning to end. Sorry Cathy I had to mute you because of your accent and the pitch of your tones, they were all over the need to pause some more between sentences.
    Roseanne, you have a strong energy, I thought at one point your mind was going to jump through my laptop screen. Actually, maybe it!! By the way, you look very natural without make up.
    Anyway, that was good you both.

  20. Amen.

  21. Pele!

  22. <3

  23. dashus christ says:

    Thank-You does not begin to cover what you/both All are sharing w/ Our church prayer, here. What a Beautiful Gift to have Given Us!! IT IS Truly completely AWE INSPIRING/ENLIGHTENMENT!
    Best of Warm BRIGHT Surprises