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oprah arm wrestling me for one million bucks to go to charity:


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Marc finally arm wrastled with me. i cheated with two hands he won. I am hanging my head with shame.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am trying to get my show co-host to this with me but he will not. Chicken.

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Hey have you tried to go on oprah,s show?. You have untill may i hear, try it bechuse i wanna a re-match.

  4. i’d chip in 50 bucks to see this happen!
    where did the million go to?

  5. ‘oprah cheating at arm wrestling’ ….. those be fightin’ words ;>
    Be careful, the big O may pump iron for a few months ….. along with a sprinkle of, shall we say, anti aging hormones! Then proceed to make mincemeat out of you, yikes.

  6. Thought you might like this Roseanne…

  7. ROFL!! That was too funny to watch!
    I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to arm wrestling, being a lefty!