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NYT magazine recognizes Mary Daly today:

It has been almost a year since the greatest woman genius I ever knew or met or read died.  
also-RIP- Teena Marie, “Ivory Queen of Soul”


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    Tell us more about ” Hedge Schools”, The time is right for a Re-Surging of Radical Feminisim for all Womyn..Mary Daly was and is the reason many womyn have awoken from the Haze/Daze that is the Patriarchal Prison- Playpen. It was the loss of Mary Daly, Nag of Nags, Hag of Hags, that brought me ( and others searching for Matriot Strength) right to R Barr, and Roseanneworld! This place stands as a gathering point for all free thinkers, here you can ask the questions, and get the answers you need! As womyn gain and surpass men in our nwo economy,,, a more pernicious return to misogyny is being witnessed in media and pop culture. Our Physical Bodies are under attack more then ever via external and internal means.Media Mind Control has us dissoriented and divided, using retail therapy in replacement of actual life affirming activity.

  2. I will miss her dearly myself, as she was my friend and mentor, the last real hope for women’s consciousness awakening and real revolution. I believe I spoke with you about her on your show a few years back and I simply adore your idea of a “council of grandmothers.”
    In one of our last conversations, Mary spoke of you as an enlightened woman and strong ally in the fight against patriarchy. She mentioned the importance of “hedge schools” and her surety that women everywhere were waking up and joining together in new ways.
    She was such a positive and fiery spirit and this article is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I always forget to press “reply” before I answer you LOL

  4. yeah it was funny back when she 1st began to become a star in her own right, in the pre MTV days you usually heard an artist on the radio FIRST, before you saw them on either American Bandstand ,Solid Gold or Soul Train.
    I think Black audiences were kinda shocked she was white also , Portuguese actually.
    Although Rick James was her mentor in many ways , Teena held her own in singing ,songwriting and musicianship as well.
    Also another obstacle in her success was her timing in the mainstream media which also in 1980 was at the beginning of Ronald Ray-Gun and “DISCO SUCKS!”
    (which was just really thinly veiled racism , sexism and homophobia on the part of a bunch of Dristan sniffin heterosexual college puke program directors at Top 40 FM radio refusing to play songs by artists that were Black , female , gay or all of the above)
    Her hit songs would always chart much higher on the “Soul” chart than on pop. Black radio was so progressive back then.
    “Lovergirl” which, ironically was one of her biggest hits was not even her best work by far, Teena even said she included a blistering guitar solo on it in order to get white stations to play it !.
    Before there was Lady Miss Kier, Fergie Ferg,Lady GaGa or that other useless idiot billionaire “M” whose name I refuse to speak there was Teenna Marie paving the way for the funky “vanilla child’ in all of us.
    Transitioning quietly in her sleep on Christmas night.. the same day the Godfather James Brown left us..
    we should all be so lucky..
    thank you for answering my ??’s Roseanne.

  5. i never met her, but you are right, she was a groundbreaker. Her voice is better than anyone’s. Racism works in a weird way–white people thought she was black and kind of ignored her!

  6. Thank you for mentioning Teena Marie , I was curious if your paths ever crossed with her Roseanne?
    she was a phenomenal groundbreaking talent.

  7. “She prided herself on being problematic, disagreeable, defiant. She coached other women to do the same.”
    “Hail Mary”! and thanks, I’ll be sure to do just that!
    I’ll b sure to reprint this under the “one week til 2011!
    hurray!! resolutions: no more controversial.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    Mary Daly is more relevant and needed now than ever. Radical Feminisim is back, and her fury is still unquenchable! thanks for printing this great tribute! Great womyns words are kept alive by fearless nags, furies, crones, gyn-anarchists, and MATRIOTS!
    “Even if I were the only one, I would still be a
    Radical Feminist!”
    The late, great Mary Daly!

  9. RIP- To all great women who have died.