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now i see the real hardcore stuff of wiki leaks:


our national lobbyists and ghouls/satanists trying to punish people who do not want to destroy the food chain and the web of life for a payoff! The entire Monsanto family must face arrest for crimes against humanity and be tried in a court of law under the laws of the Haig.You cannot poison an entire generation of humans!!


  1. dashus christ says:

    Thx for this post Roseanne-i was so glad to see this info come into the light,and also extremely angered at the same time over it,that i could not comment on it. this family must now face their crimes,as i have been studying this link/leak. nature was NEVER ever meant to be tampered with. Yes Smiles,very much shame on the greedy!

  2. i thought Cristiano de Barros’ comment in the comments section was right on:
    The monsanto corn is engineered to excrete a TOXIN to insects but people ingest that… they r so disgusting playing God with nature. I see like this: Nature (billions of times more wise than the bio creeps) took millions of years to make corn perfect with a perfect food chain interaction, a creepy greedy company aiming to become the world’s $eed Bank develop many GMO plants without even know what’s going to happen with those in 100 yrs ahead. It just make me sick when people and companies like that think they can do better than Nature the one who’s around for billons of years. Go for Organic! Avoid at all costs GMO’s and their pretty boxes at the supermarket. Great nation France and other Europeans who knows that NOBODY can copy Nature and its Creations. Shame on you greedy!

  3. this guy looks like karl rove.

  4. Subque-that’s so we, the people, are so busy with non-issues that we are distracted from the real things that are going on. It’s a “Wag-the-Dog” mental state in the White House, Congress and Senate. Distractions are run as main news stories so that bull like the Food Safety Act can get pushed through without resistance.

  5. Yes Karen-Andy, I surely do agree–we have to. At the same time, it feels like we’re constantly having to run around putting out fires set by elected arsonists.

  6. Ultimately, it will be up to us, as American citizens, to get this so-called Food Safety Act repealed. We cannot have corporatism rule how we eat.

  7. I’ve been thinking more about this, and to me the greater crime is that gov officials bent over backwards to enable Monsanto to do this ‘legally’. So who is really ultimately at blame?

  8. It’d be nice if appointed and elected officials worked even half as hard to protect the people’s interest. How interesting a corporate need raised such a red flag concern.