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join me tomorrow night

in meditation to counter all forms of mind control.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    How do i join you do i come to the site or are you saying do it at home>

  2. a lot of people who join me see me during the meditation. remember one thing: I’m you!

  3. last month i couldn’t wake myself up for the meditation but the next morning i remembered dreaming of seeing you (roseanne) sitting cross legged just chillin, it was so weird yet cool.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Is that 10 pm eastern?. if so i will join you from ohio state university

  5. dashus christ says:

    i must Thank-You R for always sending me such Powerful Clear Very Brightly Lit Cell Cleansing Energies!Your Meditation keeps evolving/expanding my awareness! You know i will be there also to join in to counter all forms of mind control.-i always Love your Ideas! and Thx for making this year so special for me!- and for posting this link.

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    Will be there…this has been the craziest year, learning about mind control has been a big part….Meditation is helping with focus, a big issue previously. Seeing improvements in my life and those of others around me. Definitely will be present.