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it is so unbelievably cynical to call it the FOOD SAFETY ACT!!

When it destroys children’s food and leaves them to eat plastic and petroleum derivitives—cancer will increase in children due to the FOOD SAFETY ACT—everything this government says and does is a complete lie and total bullshit.  They call it net neutrality when it’s about shutting down freedom of speech and investigative journalism too–yesterday I drove by the mall, and there were thousands of cars circling and circling trying to find parking spaces so that obese parents could take their young daughters–all dressed like whores–into stores to purchase more SHLOCK AND BULLSHIT while they are in danger of losing their homes.  There really is nothing anyone can do to wake up the american people at this point.  They stand in line to eat plastic and oil based snacks!  Anyone with half a working brain in their head needs to take a step back and unite and organize in order to survive the next two years here.


  1. I had a hunch – when I read this, I started watching monsanto stock. In the past 10 days it’s jumped from $60.49 to today’s close of $68.92
    Soros buys 897,813 shares Nov 17, 2010
    Approx 4,817,088 shares
    Total holdings 312.6 ML on 11/17/2010
    Total holdings 331.993 on 12/29/2010
    I’m not a trader. My numbers could be off, but I think my picture is accurate.

  2. they are not using their brains as their brains are under mind control–endless and useless consumption, and desire desire desire. they won’t make it.

  3. We are getting farther and farther away from nature. People either don’t realize it or they don’t care. The world is selfish. Roseanne, I don’t think they are using their brains!! These are the same people who think advertisements are really trying to help you. Buddhist learn not to want.

  4. dashus christ says:

    i love that-Roseanneworld island!

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Im in, the Philipines has a good dollar exchange rate, and with over 7000 islands, one must be up for grabs. Similar ecosystems as hawaii, but more humid. Now there are direct flights from Hawaii to the Philipines. Will be headed there anyway when martial law hits continental US….. Have marriage connections forged in karaoke rituals that cannot b ripped asunder. But the thought of a Roseanneworld island, now thats a tempting alternative reality. Marlon Brando did it in Tahiti…and rumor has it Captain jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp) has his own island too!

  6. it’s all over the world now, which is the double sad part of it. forsure the US is going down fastest and hardest, but just the other day canada approved some satanic law that essentially will help pave the way to have natural supplements banned AND allow the police to search your house without a warrant (!), and the UK has now said cloned beef is perfectly fine to eat and wants to open it’s first GMO “mega dairy”.
    can we all not chip in and buy an island somewhere and start our own sustainable country?

  7. Orwellian doublespeak. It seems to work well.

  8. The “Peverse Reverse”…… as I always say.
    If it’s the “clean air act”….you know they’re polluting somewhere…
    If it’s the “Martin Luther King Voting Act”… you know they’re doing something evil to the Black community.
    If they say, “YES WE CAN”……. then our answer should be
    “No you won’t mutha fuckers!”