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i want to be a charity farmer:

and start some food business like my idol the gorgeous paul newman did.  I am growing heirloom veggies, organic goat milk and local honey, pineapples and lychee, and “Roseanne’s Nuts”…the mighty manna –macademias.

prince william will free the people of ireland.  I predicted that in 1995.


  1. Where the F is Roseanne?
    I’ve watched Rosanne’s Nut shows over 3 times now.
    There’s a new one Wed. nite.
    But does she ever come on here?. She’s nuts & that’s what I love about her.
    I quit her blog once before because there was never anything new. Now it’s the same of’ same ol. again.
    Guess she’s busy grown her medical Mary Jane! LOL
    She needs a Sirius Show; sit home & talk ib the radio; without Johnny. He’s too smart; we need LAUGHTER!!!
    And Sirius is great.

  2. Will there be more episodes of Roseanne’s Nut Farm? I’t just great; laugh & laughed at Diller!!

  3. Hey you’re welcome. How’s the goat window shopping going? Goats have a human smile when they flash those big ‘pearly whites’. They make me laugh and I love it when they suck on my finger…too funny.

  4. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Thank you !

  5. carries heirloom and organic seeds.

  6. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Roaeanne…any suggestions on where to buy seed from? I have used Johnnys…anything else I should look at?

  7. Forgot to mention MAry Janes delivers haha.

  8. Speaking of 420 hope u dont mind.
    Theres a pizza place in Denver CO. calld MAry Janes. They dont open till 11pm and close at 420am
    Its the cutest and freshest idea.. I think.
    They def have the munchie crowd coverdd.
    they sell hot wings and candy bars too hehe.

  9. I want to open a 4:20 restaurant!

  10. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Ok Roseanne you have inspired me…I am going to look at some goats today…I found a guy a few miles away who has some…I have never been goat window shopping before…this might be fun! I might bring myself home an early Christmas present or two…or three…or…

  11. also roseanne
    while on the topic of farming
    “Mainstream media agrees that food safety bill will do nothing to improve food safety”

  12. yeah man the candles will rock the big one – what a meditation – i mean you can’t get more OF the earth and of nature than that.
    rolling the candles i hear is easy, and when you feel like being trickier, try pouring them, too.
    there’s also a NATURAL way to dye them white if you only dig white candles for meditating, but to be honest their golden-ey color is so nice and the flame they give is the most godly on earth i think.
    let us know how it goes when you try it!

  13. Music makes the people come together. Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel.

  14. Ladyjane Green says:

    i meant that one for r, dc …sorry!

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    is there any song inparticular that they like more?music can do the coolest things, bridges gaps between the worlds…..

  16. I just had a flash of a bunch of goats just standing around watching you sing, did they eat your stash? Stoned goats…..ah, that was good. Best laugh of the day!

  17. dashus christ says:

    Roseanne, in your comment here @10:09-i thought i saw you singing-Enlightenment!

  18. what a good idea henry! I tried to make candles out of the hive last time we made the honey. I could do that again…you just roll them around a wick. I will post pics of my goats and sheep when I figure out my camera a bit better.

  19. don’t goats have the most amazingly clear eyes?
    they are one of the most underrated animals in terms of physical beauty.
    would you ever think about making candles from your beeswax for meditation?

  20. dashus christ says:

    What a lovely vision here of your farming/family life,and really good to know about snickers,and also love the idea of mac nut butter!

  21. i just keep my goats mixed in with some sheep and they are in movable paddocks–they are great workers who mow the grass down, and when their paddock is flat, we move them. They like fresh shoots that are soft and green, not yellow (hay is not their fave either, but they like their grains and ti leaves). I will take pics and post them–they are fantastic folk. They like to listen to old granny sing! They stand there transfixed when I do that, kind of in shock and awe! My grandson is 18 months and he likes to honk the horn on the kawasaki mule, and the goats and sheep run right up to us to get their hand picked long grass and our leftover salads. talk about fast food delivery!

  22. i just heard that snickers does not use corn syrup

  23. Ladyjane Green says:

    i never would have believed in the white squirrel, if ihadnt seenthe white squirrel. Thanks for sharing yer world……glad u see value in this back to the roots movement. Here in hi people use tha goats as living lawn mowers, only problem is the indiscriminate nature of their grazin, will total your other plAnts if not monitored, or tethered …..

  24. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Roseanne…Ok, how did you learn about gaots…I need some good old fashioned goat lessons…any resources you reccomend?

  25. Esspresso Impressive resume u have there.
    And to leave it all for the farm. winkk
    Break a leg

  26. great picture.
    what a thrill to see wildlife like that on a regular basis.
    fantastic way to live.

  27. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    In the same vein as starting a farm…Snapple, seen here in my driveway,
    has learned to pick my brussel sprouts as they are coming into maturity on their stalk…he only seems to take the mature, ready to pick ones…maybe I should start a separate garden for him seeing that his mother also loves the tomato patch in the summer…

  28. and guys
    while we’re talking food
    roseanne posted a recipe for her homemade carrot/roasted pepper soup with organic macadamia oil some time ago – i made it, an i can confirm it is AWESOME.
    i never woulda thought to use a nut oil like that in a soup, but it totally works, and it gives it a richer, slight nutty flavor – and the cool thing is macadamia does not lose its flavor in intense heat like olive oil does.
    really good stuff.

  29. Roseanne once again as the Big Kahuna in the Church of Common Sense , you are offering solutions that work, its so wonderful !
    Gardening is something everyone can do to sustain themselves, even from the fire escape outside my window here in Harlem USA this past summer I grew flowers, fresh basile, tomatoes , cucumbers , & tiny pumpkins. so having the space is not even the issue! its not that hard to do !
    I used old coffee cans to grow most of my plants in , reducing the waste thrown out there too.

  30. i’m convinced they use corn because they want an abundance of it as most is genetically modified and nutritionless(monsanto evilness at work). they’d rather our nation’s fields produce that then things that will nourish.
    and yes newman’s product’s are generally The Shit –
    Newman-O’s blow oreo outta the water any day – and they come in lots of flavors.
    and the organic peanut butter cups – gotta give them a shot out again as they rock my world hard.
    would love to see roseanne join in. she can make her equivalent of snickers but without high fructose corn syrup and the rest of the junk.

  31. I like charity farming & love Newman’s products! It does seem silly that midwestern farmers want food used as fuel. especially corn-why not use something for fuel that has a quicker turn over-like the grasses & stuff?
    oh well.
    do it roseanne-it’s a great idea!

  32. all the stuff I say here –as johnny says, “You can’t eat money!” it’s good that americans return to what is real, and stop living lies and fantasies…living a lie or a fantasy really only means that one is getting fucked over by people who are predators looking for the weak to vampire off of. I’m pleased to hear you have left Satan’s Capitalist Matrix!

  33. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    I tend not to make public “predictions’ on the economy simply because it is so volatile right now and anything I seem to say publicly seems to cause such a stir that the arguments that ensue are more of a distraction than the original comment I might make… but I have in my third and last book made it well known that have no shame carrying the sign, of what they call in my profession, a “doomtard” sign on my back…
    I think that the worse is still yet to come…lurking around the immediate corner…and that the best we can do as a solution is to get back to basics, live within our means, stop calling ourselves middle class when we are not, and rewrite the charts and graphs to show a correct evaluation of percents of classes, and all that stuff most folks don’t like to hear… With all that being said I think we will see a rigorous growth of people going back to living like they used to back in the days when the memory of the 1930’s were fresh in their mind which would include home gardens, cooking from scratch, and in the process enjoying their lives more so than they do at present… through a necessary breakdown of economic and societal woes people will learn to care again… it will seem like an unfair ass whooping at first, but we all deserve one and have had it coming for a long time now…about 40 years… we will once again learn that we don’t “deserve” to be anything more than what we as a human being put into our own lives directly and that to depend on any source, other than ourselves, for sustenance or economical conditions is just plain silliness…
    I have been working in DC since the day I came out of college…at first I thought I was going there to save the world…then I though I might be part of the solution… but, for a few years I participated in the type of rhetoric that most of you on Rosie’s blog would despise… One day a few years ago I had a long conversation with myself (it’s a healthy thing to do. Despite what they might say) and I came to the conclusion that it was time to expect more from myself than simply playing the game… My colleagues didn’t like it, but being in the position I was in at the time their opinion didn’t matter so I went out my front door with a new found strength to do the right thing, regardless of their opinions, and began to correct the damage I felt I did in not doing so earlier in my career… I can say that within my circle of colleagues who used to think I was insane, they are one by one coming to realize the same understanding for themselves and it is being magnified bit by bit as the days and years go forward… (sorry I don’t mean to babble on and on…)
    Long story short, a few years ago I came back home to a place my grandparents left me outside of Asheville, NC way up in the mountains… in a state of total disrepair from years of being abandoned…and one board at a time put it back together… planting, building, paying attention to how I did things to the best outcome of productivity and trying to be a good steward of the earth… by doing so I received a better education in Economics than all my degrees and awards combined… my choosing to retire next year has created much of a stir within the folks I deal with… but I am settled with it, for the first time in my life a actually feel settled and balanced… I imagine I will still be in and out of certain doors within my career life but it will have to come at the allowance of my farm, animals, and apple trees… I owe this place where I live more than the remainder of my life here could ever repay…

  34. Havnt tried those peanut cups thanks for the tip.
    Kate middleton is his cousin?? Shes so pretty like a new MUse. Interestingg..

  35. newman’s own organic PEANUT BUTTER CUPS are the best there is. they come in dark and milk and both are insanely fantastic.
    how is prince william, who’s coveniently marrying his cousin on the 66 anniversary of when hitler married eva braun, going to save ireland?

  36. Ladyjane Green says:

    i can see your label “a la paul newman” but roseannearchy style..its a great idea…maybe a mac nut butter?Ill use dem roseannearchy nuts in a tropical snack mix with my “special paka oil” mmmmm ono-lishious! spicy or sweet!

  37. Ladyjane Green says:

    pretirement is what me and my genx(1966) firehorse partner call it…. Economically forced to live in the new jack agrarian method. growing your own food cuz you have to, not just cuz its a relaxing lovely hobby. we moved to a place ( HI) where people believe in ” growin their own ” and are doin it in their own unique ways. thats why the attempts to stop home agriculture via bullshite legal maneuvers. An independent, informed, self- supporting and healthy populace is truly the enemy of our “government”. We The People Are Pissed, and planting crops as an outlet. take back control of what goes in your mouth, and mind! The Revolution Will Not Be Industrial!
    Agriculture is now the ultimate subversive act.
    Plant the seeds today……

  38. Espresso Dude SEB says:

    Sounds like you are off to an awesome start…When I retire from the DC circuit next year and am able to spend the majority of my time back on the farm in the mountains I will do my best to give ya’ a run for your money…Right now I am only able to have Fresh eggs, a few heirloom tomatoes and honey from my bees and an apple orchard…I am waiting to add goats until I am around a little more…I will be getting sheep this spring…It will be fun to start my life over again in my mid-forties…It’s been a long and crazy ride and I can’t wait to get off…

  39. They broke the mold when they made Paul Newman!
    As for Prince William, I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt he would be a noble man. Time will tell.