i want to be a charity farmer:

and start some food business like my idol the gorgeous paul newman did.  I am growing heirloom veggies, organic goat milk and local honey, pineapples and lychee, and “Roseanne’s Nuts”…the mighty manna –macademias.

prince william will free the people of ireland.  I predicted that in 1995.


  1. Where the F is Roseanne?
    I’ve watched Rosanne’s Nut shows over 3 times now.
    There’s a new one Wed. nite.
    But does she ever come on here?. She’s nuts & that’s what I love about her.
    I quit her blog once before because there was never anything new. Now it’s the same of’ same ol. again.
    Guess she’s busy grown her medical Mary Jane! LOL
    She needs a Sirius Show; sit home & talk ib the radio; without Johnny. He’s too smart; we need LAUGHTER!!!
    And Sirius is great.

  2. Will there be more episodes of Roseanne’s Nut Farm? I’t just great; laugh & laughed at Diller!!