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I told you that Mormons really oppose this bill, as well as gay marriage:

They want child marriage to be legal, and gay marriage not to be.


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    The government of Amerikkka disgusts me. Women, gays, minorities, the poor are all targeted for population reduction. Us “unnessesary eaters” andt free thinking objectors are the new targets as the” war on terror” takes aim on its own residents. Meanwhile the mormons are really organizing in places like the philipines, africa, and other lands where the corrupt governments have left their people to pretty much rot. Like R sez, those mormons clothe and shelter people and give em a network to function in, all things our government thinks are of minimal importance. Crafty Polygamous Bastards! Who would want to stop a “life affirming/”babymakin” ” institution such as child marriage when you can focus on denying marriage to gays who will never have children to marry off into mkultra like sex slavery. White men deciding the future of women of all races, again. Grody. And Sad.