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food for thought: (i always say that satanists are behind religion)…

People who do the right and good thing for the right reasons are on the right and good road!
Those who do the right things for the wrong reasons are not!
Those who do acts of kindness and mercy because they want a jackpot in heaven are not kind or merciful at all!
Those who do acts of mercy and goodness out of fear of god are on the wrong road too!
it’s quite simple:  there is no pay off for righteousness, and there is no punishment for evil here.  
WE MIGHT NOT WIN, BUT WE ARE RIGHT.  right makes right.  right is good.  the right things are not the wrong things done for the right reason.  The right things are not the wrong things done in the right way either.  The right things are known to everyone and are simple, and they work.  That is why they are so dangerous to the wrong doers. The righteous wrong doers are in control right now.
Soon, those who want the right things for the right reasons will take the right action to make things right for all, and not a few at the expense of the many, as now.
Soon, the pope will tell the poor they can use condoms too, not just to prevent aids, but to limit population growth.
The dawning of rational self interest comes even to the mind of the Pope these days!
Rational self interest is the name of the new Goddess for these times.  Her aspects are sustainability and permaculture, as developed by the last Human Goddess/Queen–the genius named Cleopatra.  Her libraries uncovered 2011–that is my prediction/prophecy.  we will see if I am right or wrong this year.  


  1. dashus christ says:

    really f#@#ing COOL!

  2. Occulas, to finshish our thought thread, yes, i did think that was your family tree! This is the reason that email, and words in general, never seem to communicate how we really feel.
    P.S. Thank you….Row Row Row your TippyCanoe, gently down the stream…
    Merily, merily, merily… LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.

  3. insulting? I didn’t find what you wrote insulting at all. I just got the impression you may have thought this was my family tree!! lol. Anyway, I think now, maybe my post is now off line from the original topic!!
    Ps..your username is really cool “TippyCanoe”.

  4. (((whew!)))) I really hate insulting people for free, or by accident.
    Good thing as I was thinking that the….. oh, well , you know what I thought.
    Just glad I can take this damn foot out of my mouth now…

  5. oh! well the only connection I have with knowlton. Is that I have visited this place a few times. Actually, the more I read the link I gave you, it seems it is merely a family home page. I just thought the photos were good. I am not a Knowlton. Here is a lovely photo:
    This is the only place I have ever seen glow worms.

  6. Oh, boy, put foot in mouth.
    I hope I din’t just insult Occulas as I’m looking further into this website.
    I don’t mean to associate anyone’s family name with the PR firm in the above mentioned rants….
    my advanced appoligies.

  7. Oh, yes, I checked… 876-936 Duke of Saxony and German King….Otto 1 Duke of Saxony 912-973.. Just two out of 11 that I’m regretfully related to. The name “Saxony” meets up inside the link you gave me.

  8. Hill and Knowlton comes to mind, and for those who don’t know what we speak of, yes, it is still on topic.
    just click occulus’s link.
    Indeed an old name….
    anchient I think….
    but a modern application of that name comes to mind…
    Hill and Knowlton, a PR firm who to me is mostly famous for a PR stunt, that had found themselves a young middle eastern woman who claimed to have witnessed the brutality of Iraqi soldiers who ripped babies from incubaters in hospitals, of course under the order of Saddam Hussain.
    It was later redacted on the 23rd back page of the NY blah blah blah…
    as the woman was the daughter of Kuwaiti diplomat, who just by “chance” got to make her plees before congress…and the story about the babies, all a lie.
    Definetly worked in getting the US to support Desert Storm.
    This link was the beginning of my “other education”…as I went falling way down the rabbit hole”..
    …As you all can tell I failed spellying ovah, and ovah..

  9. Oh……Occulus, I’m……. smitten…. with.. your brain.
    I have quite the controversial family tree myself. It definetly didn’t branch out enough….and… much royalty I’m embarrassed for more than one reason i’m afraid…. It stops in the year 807. Further than the internet could verify….
    I’m greatful to come to the understanding that your DNA has not everything to do with who you are as my family came from some crusading freaks…….and that’s putting it mildly.
    and I’d like to think my choices are ultimatly my own free will and not that of the “apple falling closely to the tree”…
    I do enjoy esoteric knowledge,
    “Tanks Andy”….

  10. Tippy, found something that might interest you..

  11. Type in “bamphomet uncle sam” into a google search and hit “images”….
    You will be suprised to see how much those two look alike.
    Very satanic indeed.

  12. ~Just sayin…

  13. Food for thought: I heard……
    that inside every large Cathedral in the world, below the alter and actually below the entire church, is a Satanic Alter…..!
    just to make sure that all who are praying, can pray….the right way?