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crimes against the lakota nation by the US government:

your taxes are going instead to fight wars in afghanistan.  You are next.  Capitalism is an economic and NOT A POLITICAL system!!


  1. daniel.gerdes says:

    Thank you Roseanne for posting this. I visited the reservation several years ago and helped a family paint their house, put in new doors and windows and fix their electrical systems. We brought some new toys and books for their kids. Then we gifted them and several other families with money to send them to the Red Cloud Private school from K-12 grade. I think it’s things like that, that can give the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation hope and help them regain their land, their confidence, their lives, and their heritage! Once again, I thank you dearly for posting this video!

  2. This is a very well done & powerful message. I posted it in the ‘old forum’ on the 12th. I didn’t realize you had already posted the vid here until tonight! The treaties that were based on dishonesty, by the U.S. govt. should be righted. That is the least we can do for the people who were here FIRST, for thousands of years. They were openly murdered, robbed & dehumanized. Give them all they were promised! If you don’t, the Great ‘Mother’ is probably going to take you down in 2012.

  3. thank you for posting this. thank you so much.
    this is also a good film:

  4. Also against the NaKota/Dakta later to “French” it up they had to become LAkota….
    …i think NaKota is the original?