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best defense (ozone) of the body:

to give is to protect yourself from evil–our best defense for our soul: pray for another who is unlike you.
best way to enter 2011–repentance.
My book “Roseannearchy” is about repentance.  I am using high satire as the device to explain that in my book.  I am trying to ready myself for the smarmy and unintelligent analysis that will come to my book’s reviews.  I hope smart people will buy and read my book so that I can continue to speak out as a socialist and as a feminist and an activist in America.  I am not Roseanne Connor, but she is me. 
  In my book I tell about how after the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life–the fallout and fear caused by starting the national anthem in too high a key–I was redeemed by a great artist, Mr. Tony Bennett. 


  1. Same LG couldnt believe the backlash. WHen i think about it now its still hilarious. I for one was never offended.
    Roseanne i didnt mean to be flip about it. of course it would be traumatic. With fame and money like u have. the highs r equal to the lows. i sposse.
    I feel like god i feel like shit the paradox an even splitt

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    sed it here once will say again….that song is damn near impossible to sing, u were set up by that commish of base ball. its easy to start on the wrong key, then it just gets higher and louder. Damn ugly song! Theres a reason people like mariah and whitney do sing that unholy piece of crap well. They have Multi octave range in their vocal “.instrument”. Your a comedienne, and a satirist and a damn good one…. They wanted you to ” bring humor ” to a terribly written piece of crap. i slng too, sometimes in public, so i know how nerve wracking people can be, but Nothing like A Full Baseball Stadium. Testosterone Grand Central Station! One lone Matriot in a sea of gynocidal a- holes. How could that not be traumatic?Even when that song is sung to societies standard, those rude bastards almost always start yelling for the game to start b4 singer has even finished! Sorry so Testy! but the fact that that stupid song caused u so much grief blows my mind. Couldnt believe the backlash….Comedians are funny, Singers Sing Songs, the two can come together well…Steve Martin and his banjo, Chong and his guitar, cheech on vocals,adam sandler, Judy Tenuda, accordian, but not on no baseball field with one of the worst songs of all time. Only Hendrix has ever covered that and brought life into that musical zombie !

  3. Is that moment what traumatized u into marrying Tom?

  4. What were u doing singing the anthem anyway?? jus curious?? LOL
    They must know.. shall i say your shrill voice (teehee) from the roseanne show. Im just not sure what they were lkn for.
    DO u think u could have sang it beautifully?? on pitch whateverr.. i just dont think that is what was xxpected. Then when a joke goes too farr well thats what comediannes r forr. F_k em as they say
    LOL it was your madonna momentt.

  5. You know, I’m still trying to figure out what the problem was with your rendition of the National Anthem. You’re a comedian–it was hilarious. Why was it so wrong for you to sound like that in jest, when so many drunken sports fans sound like that in earnest?

  6. Christopher Michael Ward says:

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